Romney Asks For Apology After Obama’s Dishonest and Over the Top Bain Attacks, New Obama Ad Basically Gives Romney the Finger

We knew this was going to be a hellish election season. But my God. We’ve got Obama campaign officials smearing Romney now as a  possible felon over absolutely bogus and absolutely discredited allegations, and not only does this classless, graceless POTUS not apologize for a campaign smear one of his own surrogates called “a little bit too far”,  his ridiculous  “truth team” puts out this “Up Yours” video as their justification.


That video should be shown far and wide. Everything Mitt said in those attacks was true. Too bad the radical Marxist doesn’t like having the light of truth  shined on his radicalism. We understand the rage of a malignant narcissist squirming under the spotlight. But nothing Mitt said was over the line. Nowhere does Mitt suggest that Obama is a felon, or has even broken the law. Maybe it’s time to really take the gloves off and start talking about Obama’s impeachable offenses.

Obama wants to play hardball, let’s play hardball.


The top comment under for this video is typical Obot stuff so content warning:

Mitt needs an apology. Wahhhhh.

Oversensitive little pussy ass rich boy.


John Nolte, Big Government: Obama Unloads Vicious Attack Ad: Romney ‘The Problem’ with America:

Commenting on another nasty Obama ad, “Firms”:

….this Obama attack is extremely heavy-handed and even uncomfortable to watch. It’s a vicious, demeaning, and mean-spirited ad meant to humiliate its target. This is far from the inspirational, hope-changey Barack Obama voters fell for in 2008 and a very different approach than the Bush campaign’s towards Kerry. Though they mocked Kerry, it was with a much lighter touch. Whether you supported Kerry or not, you almost had to laugh.

Far be it for me to question the wisdom of Obama’s Chicago operation, but if any of this is hurting Romney, it likely isn’t or won’t be the Bain stuff — it’s how the Romney campaign responds. Obama’s trying to get into Romney’s head, keep his people on defense, and make them look incompetent. And this is where Romney could really hurt himself.

In many ways, John McCain lost in ’08 because he looked hapless and erratic instead of like a leader. The mismanagement of his campaign fed this narrative, especially near the end. This, I think, is the arch-narrative the Obama campaign is aiming for with Romney. If Romney’s campaign can be made to look defensive and ineffective, that undercuts Romney’s compelling biography as a competent, effective leader more than any offshore account or SEC filing.

The Romney campaign needs to put above all else — not rebutting charges that have already debunked — but running a competent campaign.

I want to see an ad showing all the ways Obama has “outsourced” and otherwise killed jobs. They need to get on that, STAT.

Weasel Zippers: No Joke: White House Says Obama Wants A “Highbrow” Debate Same Day Campaign Releases Ad Mocking Romney For Singing “America the Beautiful”…

Their arrogance blinds them.

Via The Hill:

The White House said Saturday that President Obama wants to have a “highbrow debate” with Mitt Romney, even as it touted a new ad hitting the GOP candidate’s business record and mocking his singing of “America the Beautiful.”\

Uh huh…Mitt tried “high brow” already: (“Obama’s a nice guy who’s in over his head.”)

I think those days are over.


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