Mitt Defends Catholic Church Against Obama’s Attacks: “I Feel We’re All Catholic Today”…

Via The Weekly Standard:

At a townhall-style campaign event in Ohio on Wednesday, Mitt Romney was asked by a voter about his views on Barack Obama’s “attack on religious freedom.”

His answer earned him  a 20-second standing ovation.

The question comes at 6:50 in:

Okay, he’s starting to grow on me.

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Beandog-Like Attacks on Conservative Female Bloggers Linked to Kimberlin Krew.

Rauhauser’s “beandogs”:

Using his “WingNutWatch” Twitter account, Rauhauser had “organized a group of E-Thugs meant to harass, threaten, provoke, disparage, intimidate, verbally assault, berate & employ hate-speech against those not in agreement with his brand of politics,” as conservative blogger Patrick Read said at the time.

When my blog was submitted to the  Circle of Moms Top 25 Political Moms contest last Spring, it had already been going on for days, and I had been promoting The Lonely Conservative on Twitter. No thanks, I told the contest organizer, “take my name out of contention.” I wasn’t interested in being last place in some online contest.

Unfortunately for The Lonely Conservative, she has been under siege by far left lunatics ever since she entered the contest.  Zilla of the Resistance, another a contender in the contest, has also suffered abuse such as identity theft  from people who take these things way, way too seriously. Contests are supposed to be fun, right? But when the left gets involved, it turns into a nightmare.

Karen (The Lonely Conservative) writes:

It all started when a few of us conservative bloggers noticed that the progressive bloggers were extremely far-left and they were telling their readers to vote for their blogs because they wouldn’t want a conservative winning and spreading “dangerous family values.” Well, that got our ire up a little bit, so we responded in kind, and dubbed some of them “commie mommies.” It’s not like one or two of them didn’t already refer to themselves that way, so we didn’t see any harm in it. No big deal, right? To make a long story short, they tried to get us disqualified, so we all agreed to remove any negative posts about the competition.

You would think the story would have ended there, but it didn’t. That’s where it begins. (This is the “civil” left we’re dealing with, remember.) Before the contest ended, people using fake IP addresses started trying to post vile, rotten comments here. The comments all were put in a cue awaiting moderation and each was automatically emailed to me individually. On the night I found out I had won the contest I was at an event at my son’s school. I checked my email and the first one that appeared was a comment calling me the “c” word, and it wasn’t “commie mommy.” It turns out that was one of the nicer comments they’ve left.

Since then I’ve amassed nearly one hundred pages of disgusting, hateful and threatening messages. They’ve said that I (and all of you conservative readers) have no place in this world. They’ve told me to slit my own throat. They’ve called me every foul name you can think of. They’ve insulted my husband, accused me of molesting my children and threatened to report me to my local school board. They impersonated my husband and contacted a local divorce attorney. They tried to have pornographic sex toys catalogues sent to my home. They have sent emails on my behalf to my elected representatives advocating for policies I disagree with completely. They’ve signed me up for more email spam than anyone could possibly do in his or her spare time. (As of this moment I have 1630 emails in my spam folder.) They’ve called my home using Caller ID spoofing software or websites. They’ve let me know they know where I live. There isn’t time to list everything, but you get the gist of it.

The blog that came in second is Monologues of Dissent, written by Heather Dubois Bourenane. The Lonely Conservative discovered that  Heather is good friends with a woman named Jeanne Devon, who is the editor and founder of The Mudflats. 

Here is where the linkage comes in:

Jeanne attended Netroots 2010 with Brad Friedman, who is also a contributor to her Mudflats site. Brad’s blog is linked on Heather’s blogroll. It looks like a pretty tight knit group.

Now, if you’ve been following Stacy’s coverage of this story you’ll know that Brad is tied to Neal Rauhauser. Rauhauser is an online menace, hacker, Democrat operative and associate of Speedway Bomber Brett Kimberlin. He has bragged about teaching his techniques of online terror to other liberal activists. He was a featured speaker at the same 2010 conference that Brad and Jeanne attended. Can I prove that my harassers are tied to Heather, Jeanne and Brad? No, at least not yet. I strongly suspect that they are, and someone is bound to screw up sooner or later, which brings me to what happened yesterday.

Zilla takes it from there:

The freaks who have terrorized Karen (and even attacked her family) have been stepping up their cruelty. Earlier this week, they sent her a fake email “from” Wombat-socho of The Other McCain that supposedly contained an excerpt of an email that was “from” Stacy McCain which said vile and disturbing things about Karen, obviously in the hopes that it would destroy friendships and ruin Stacy’s reputation as well. The identity thieving stalker trolls likely expected for Karen to see it and publicly lash out at Stacy in response, but these criminals underestimated their targets and the hoax was quickly debunked, and important clues about who may be behind the criminal acts that have been ongoing since April have revealed themselves. The vile cretins failed in their wicked ploy. Here are some responses from the Dextrosphere to these latest acts of evil:

Wombat says that those jerks have messed with the WRONG people and now it’s Game ON.

Stacy holds Neal Rauhauser personally responsible, and invokes the dreaded War Oath of Clan Cameron: How’s Your Gaelic, Neal Rauhauser? Also be sure to read the following related posts at The Other McCain: Because Liars Hate Truth, Poison Pen E-Mail and the Harassment of The Lonely Conservative, and of course, The Kimberlin Files.

WJ Hoge correctly calls those responsible for this wickedness Cowardly Thugs.

Maggie at Maggie’s Notebook has been brought up to speed about all of this, and she is not amused. Read: Harassed and Hacked (Hacked Off): Unreal Saga for My Blogging Friends.

Your humble blogress has so far been left mostly unscathed by these lowlifes. Perhaps they think I’m too “nice” to attack, lol.

I have had one rather disgusting correspondent in the DC area who doesn’t like to see his Lord and Master Obama criticized. He’s left comments that are so disturbingly vile, they require an immediate deletion and IP ban, but since the IP constantly changes, the banhammer has needed to come down again and again on the same creature (I won’t call this thing human, if you saw the comments, you’d understand.)

But that’s the demented, unhinged  left for you. You just never know what the hell you’re dealing with.

Zilla has started a Roll Call list of bloggers who are banding together to support fellow bloggers under siege by left-wing online predators.

We need to stand together with those who are fighting for freedom, and for good against evil. We need to make sure that they know that not only do we have their backs, but also, we need to show those who will stoop to the lowest of low tactics to destroy the righteous that we will not be cowed.

Please join me in showing support for The Lonely Conservative, who is being unjustly attacked, by sharing, Tweeting, emailing, re-blogging the message that the enemies of freedom will never ever silence the truth tellers. Send me your name (or username) and/or the name of your blog (if you have one) and I will update this post with a roll call of those who stand in solidarity for goodness and against evil. You can post in the comments section to this post, at the A-C page or the Zilla page on facebook where this post will appear, you can Tweet me or email me to say you want to be listed here and I will add you to the roll. I will make sure that Karen knows that we are with her. Also, please keep in mind that another great way to encourage a blogger is by rocking that blogger’s tip jar.

And don’t forget Zilla’s tipjar as she continues to battle systemic Lyme disease.

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By the way, Stacy, I wasn’t the first blogger to invoke “beandogs”…

ATF Director’s Warning To Whistleblowers: “If you don’t find the appropriate way to raise your concerns… there will be consequences”

ATF Director  B. Todd Jones, formerly the U.S. attorney in Minnesota, took Kenneth Melson’s place after he was reassigned to another position at the Justice Department’s headquarters in Washington.

He was brought in to reform the embattled Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in the wake of the Fast and Furious gunwalking scandal.

The following videotaped message, obtained by the Washington Guardian, was distributed to ATF employees this month warning there would be “consequences” for reporting wrongdoing outside their chain of command.

“Choices and consequences means simply that if you make poor choices, that if you don’t abide by the rules, that if you don’t respect the chain of command, if you don’t find the appropriate way to raise your concerns to your leadership, there will be consequences,” Acting Director  B. Todd Jones told the employees in a  video distributed July 9 by email and closed-circuit TV and obtained by the Washington Guardian.

The 3 minute, 22 second videotape was the last of eight  “Changecasts” that Jones distributed to ATF employees in recent weeks to describe how he planned to run the agency, improve morale and instill a new culture in the aftermath of one of the agency’s worst scandals.

ATF officials in Washington and rank-and-file agents told the Washington Guardian that the tape was interpreted by many  as a warning not to pursue the path of the Arizona agents who went outside the agency in 2011 and reported concerns to Congress about the bungled Fast and Furious gun probe that let semiautomatic weapons flow to Mexican drug gangs.

Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, whose investigative work uncovered the Fast and Furious investigation, on Wednesday called the video message outrageous and a threat to lawmakers’ ability to interview whistleblowers.

“It ought to be a wake-up signal for everybody in Congress who wants to do their job of constitutional oversight,” Grassley told Sinclair Broadcast, which reported the story with the Washington Guardian. “You can’t put up with agency heads like this having this attitude.”

“It is outrageous that a leader of a major organization of any department, particularly law enforcement, would have the temerity to make those sort of comments.”

Whistleblower advocates said the effect of the message was to discourage ATF employees from coming forward.

Read their full Report.

Here is an open letter to the DC Bar Association from a fed up agent who is choosing to ignore “Jones’ order not to air ATF’s dirty laundry” as posted at Clean up ATF:

To the D.C. Bar Association:

US Atty General Eric Holder needs to be held accountable according to the ABA’s Model Rules because rules are rules for everyone.  According to the ABA rules (that have been adopted by the D.C. bar), he should be disbarred.  Holder was held in contempt, the ABA rules demand he be sanctioned.  The aggravating factors listed in the ABA’s Rules demand that the sanction be severe. Where is the public media in researching and publicizing this information?

What has Holder done since he supposedly learned of F&F?   He appointed his close personal friend, US Atty for Minnesota, B. Todd Jones to be the acting Director of ATF.  He is allowing Jones and ATF to retaliate against the whistleblowers of ATF that broke this news story by coming forward to Sen Grassley and Congressman Issa.

Holder is allowing those who oversaw the operation to remain as high paid federal government managers yet not be punished in accordance with ATF policies that require them to be on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigations by ATF IA and DOJ OIG.  Holder refuses to appoint an outsider such as Louis Freeh, a Democrat, to conduct an complete and full external investigation of F& F.  Holder is the head of the snake apparently in the F&F chaos that has cost lives on both sides of the border, as well as violated international firearms trafficking laws.

Holder needs to be recognized for his continuing involvement to coverup this scandal, for punishing those who are truthful, and for defending those who are deceptive and culpable such as Lanny Breuer and Weich, Melson, Rubenstein, Chaite, Newell, McMahon, Hoover, and Voth. Holder is truly where the buck should stop in this deadly, unlawful international criminal act (Janet Reno understood this). Holder’s behavior would lead people to believe the White House is involved, but this is actually highly unlikely. Perhaps the one guy who was sent to Iraq had some knowledge from his personal friend Newell, but probably not the facts and dangers and problems of the actual operation.  However, Holder’s actions clearly demonstrate he was involved, he had knowledge, he was ok with Breur and Weich providing the go ahead approving nod to the poorly planned operation by Voth and Newell. Holder tries to divert this to Wide Receiver, yet that was a totally separate type of operation that was ended because it proved impossible.  Voth’s plan did not use any technical or intense surveillance efforts to keep track of the firearms.  This plan was ill conceived and Holder approved it indirectly, then directly when he failed to read his emails and failed to inquire further when the initial leaks of this grossly mismanaged operation was leaked.  Eric Holder did not care enough to worry himself over dead Border Patrol and ICE agents, much less hundreds of Mexican citizens.  They were collateral damage, expendable. Voth’s broken eggs for the Holder omelet.

The ABA needs to be pressured to enact their own rules by suspending Holder’s law license because he has been held in contempt.  Their rules are for everyone with a law license, so they must be applied to everyone equally. Disbar AG Holder now!


ABQ Journal:Editorial: Give ‘Fast and Furious’ Documents to Public:


U.S. Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. says of the vote to hold him in contempt of Congress, “you have to be exceedingly naive to think that vote was about … documents.”

Prove it, sir. Put your documents where your mouth is. Because if the Justice Department and the White House truly believe a Democratic government should be accountable to those it governs, then releasing all documents in the botched “Fast and Furious” gun-running operation is necessary.

While there is little doubt there is plenty of embarrassment to go around in the decision by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to allow 2,000 guns to walk away, believing real life is like a Hollywood movie and law enforcement would be able to track each of them to powerful Mexican drug cartels, there is no doubt the operation went horribly wrong.

Two of the guns were found near the body of murdered Border Patrol agent Brian Terry.

Yet Holder says it’s all about him, and he has “become a symbol of what they don’t like about the positions this Justice Department has taken; I am also a proxy for the president in an election year.”

Keep reading…

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Video: Romney Releases New Ad Hitting Obama For His Attack on Small Business Owners

The Romney Campaign released a powerful ad today in response to Obama’s anti-Capitalist rant against small business owners.

The Hill reports that Democrats are arguing that Romney is taking Obama’s comments out of context.

Poor Obama is always taken out of context, isn’t he? Whenever the mask slips a little, he was “taken out of context.”

We saw that repeatedly during the 2008 campaign, and now that he is perilously “off prompter”, we are going to be seeing even more examples of  SCOAMF being misunderstood by the  masses.


It would appear that  Journolist 2.0 is up and running, with many of the same actors from 2008 still running cover for their man:

Tom Blumer, Newsbusters: AP’s Peoples Tells Readers What Obama ‘Intended’ in ‘You Didn’t Build That, Somebody Else Made That Happen’ Remark

On July 13, President Barack Obama told a campaign audience in Roanoke that “If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” As Geoffrey Dickens at NewsBusters pointed out on Wednesday, it wasn’t until July 17 that any of the Big Three broadcast TV news networks recognized the existence of the remark — and two of them failed to run the actual quote.

Part of the reason for the avoidance is that the Associated Press, aka the Administration’s Press, which seems to be serving as the establishment press’s signal caller and official Obama administration water carrier, has given the remark little heed — so little that, as is so often the case with controversial remarks made by leftists or Democrats, Obama opponent Mitt Romney had to force it into the news by incorporating it into his stump speech. At that point, as seen in Steve Peoples’ Tuesday writeup carried at (HT to an NB tipster; the story is already gone at the AP’s national site), the wire service went into “mean Republicans attack” and “what he really meant” modes….

According to a number of independent media fact-checkers, for the last few weeks, Obama and his campaign crew have not only suggested Mitt Romney might be a felon, but their attacks have been based on lies. And yet, because the media refuses to make Obama pay a price for these lies, the attacks continue to this day.

Finally fed up, the Romney campaign went on offense yesterday, ripping Obama for crony capitalism, Fast and Furious, and Obama’s own past which includes admitted cocaine use, his association with more felons and notorious characters that can be counted on both hands, and a shady land deal worked out with convicted felon Tony Rezko that won the Obamas their swank Chicago home for $300,000 below the asking price.

For weeks now — even though the corrupt media has admitted Obama is lying in his attacks — all the corrupt media has done is report on how effective these dishonest attacks are. And now that Romney’s fighting back, using rules created by Obama himself, we’re seeing the corrupt media whip out The 2008 JournOlist Playbook once again to declare valid criticism of Obama as “racist”  and “dangerous.”

Gabriel Malor, AoSHQ: GIGANTIC HORROR POLL: Obama Favorability In the Dumps, Bain Attack Ineffective:

Quite suddenly people aren’t afraid to say they just don’t like him. (The columns in order are Total, Rep, Dem, Ind.)

What took so damn long? I’ve been despising him since 1/2008.

The overall numbers are bad for Obama, a twelve point deficit. But just look at the independents. That’s catastrophically bad for Obama, a twenty-four point deficit. And he used to be so likeable.

What happened? Five things.

Continue reading at the link for Gabe’s spot on analysis.


Here’s a new American Crossroads ad hitting Obama on his miserable  record.


Obama’s weak counterattack video reveals(you guessed it): He was taken out of context!:

Ace: As I Said: You Didn’t Build That Quickly Becomes I Didn’t Say That

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit