Video: Romney Blasts Obama For “Contemptible” Foreign Policy Leaks – WH Responds – Feinstein Backtracks

In his speech to the Veterans of Foreign Wars convention in Reno, Nevada,  today, Mitt Romney highlighted the differences between his foreign policy vision and Obama’s.

Most notably, he called for “a full and prompt investigation by a special counsel” for the White House security leaks, which he called, “contemptible”.

Transcript via Fox News:

It is reported that Bob Gates, the President’s first secretary of defense, bluntly addressed another security problem within this administration. After secret operational details of the bin Laden raid were given to reporters, Secretary Gates walked into the West Wing and told the Obama team to “shut up.” He added a colorful word for emphasis.Lives of American servicemen and women are at stake. But astonishingly, the administration failed to change its ways. More top-secret operations were leaked, even some involving covert action in Iran.

This isn’t a partisan issue; it’s a national security crisis. And yesterday, Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein, Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said, quote, “I think the White House has to understand that some of this is coming from their ranks.”

This conduct is contemptible. It betrays our national interest. It compromises our men and women in the field. And it demands a full and prompt investigation by a special counsel, with explanation and consequence. Obama appointees, who are accountable to President Obama’s Attorney General, should not be responsible for investigating the leaks coming from the Obama White House.

Via PBS News Hour, here’s Romney’s full speech. The comments on the national security leaks start at 11:48:

Whoever provided classified information to the media, seeking political advantage for the administration, must be exposed, dismissed, and punished. The time for stonewalling is over.

It is not enough to say the matter is being looked into, and leave it at that. When the issue is the political use of highly sensitive national security information, it is unacceptable to say, “We’ll report our findings after Election Day.”

Exactly who in the White House betrayed these secrets? Did a superior authorize it? These are things that Americans are entitled to know – and they are entitled to know right now. If the President believes – as he said last week – that the buck stops with him, then he owes all Americans a full and prompt accounting of the facts.

And let me make this very clear: These events make the decision we face in November all the more important. What kind of White House would reveal classified material for political gain? I’ll tell you right now: Mine won’t.

The harm done when national security secrets are betrayed extends, of course, to the trust that allies place in the United States.

You can read the entire transcript, here.


Damage control….

Via The Political Ticker:

– Feinstein pushes back on Romney’s use of her comments –
DIANNE FEINSTEIN IN A PRESS RELEASE: “I am disappointed by the statements made by Mr. Romney today regarding a question I was asked yesterday at the World Affairs Council. I was asked whether the White House might be responsible for recent national security leaks. I stated that I did not believe the president leaked classified information. I shouldn’t have speculated beyond that, because the fact of the matter is I don’t know the source of the leaks.”

Romney reportedly said that Feinstein must have gotten “the Cory Booker treatment.”

The White House responded by saying, ” Obama has zero tolerance for leaks.”

Right, that’s why they keep happening, and always designed to make SCOAMF look tough.

Spokesman Jay Carney says Obama has made it clear that leaks are “damaging to our national security interests.”

Obama himself has rejected the notion that his White House was behind the leaks. When questioned about the allegations in June, he called them “offensive.”

If it’s so offensive to him, why doesn’t he do anything to get to the bottom of it?

Back in June, Chartles Krauthammer expressed his  belief that  the president’s response was a misstep.

“I think he’ll regret having made this statement the same way he’ll regret the idea about the private sector doing okay,” said the columnist.

He continued:

If it is offensive, the idea that it would’ve been leaked, when we know that in the report itself it included White House officials, then let him prove it by having a special council appointed. From what you said, they would’ve said ‘appoint a special council’ (had it been the equivalent of a “Scooter” Libby investigation).

So what does Krauthammer think is the next step in this growing story?

“The key here is (Senator) Dianne Feinstein. If she demands it, it’ll be done,” Krauthammer said.

“And she’s the Democratic Chair of the Senate Intelligence [Committee],” Fox host Chris Wallace clarified.

“She’s the democratic, liberal chair. She’s extremely angry over these leaks, she should be, and she’s the one who needs to speak out right now,” Krauthammer added.

Well, we all know how that is going to go, now.


Mark Levin’s thoughts on Romney’s speech today, via


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Obama: “I Didn’t Say What You Heard Me Say”

By Paul Sakuma, AP

When Obama denigrated business owners at a campaign event in Roanoke, Virginia, a week and a half ago, he did’t mean for it to become the firestorm of approbation it became.

He meant for it to be received like most of his watered down class warfare rhetoric is – embraced by the left, rejected by the right. But without his teleprompter to guide him, he let the mask slip a little too far, and found himself making utterances 72% of Americans disagree with.

So now, very predictably, the President is running with the Media Matters/MSNBC talking points defending his anti-business rhetoric. He’s claiming that he was taken out of context, as if only one line of his speech was objectionable: “If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that.” The President and his praetorian guards in the MSM want you to believe  that he was talking about roads and bridges, not businesses.

Last night, to an audience in Oakland, CA, he went with this “out of context” defense..

“Frankly, the other side can’t sell their ideas so what they’re going to do is distort my vision. Earlier today, Gov. Romney was at it again,” Obama said, according to the pool report. “Knowingly twisting my words to suggest I don’t value small business.”

“In politics, we all tolerate a certain amount of spin,” he added. “I understand those are the games that get played in political campaigns. Although, when folks like omit entire sentences of what you said, they start kind of splicing and dicing, you may have gone a little over the edge there.”

Here’s his weak “Truth Team” ad:

Ain’t buying it, Skippy.

Your “Jedi Mind Tricks” may work with the drones, but they don’t work with most Americans who still have working brain cells.

Whether or not, he was referring to roads and bridges or peoples’ own businesses (and from the transcript it definitely sounds like the latter), his entire argument is still repellent to most Americans.

What he said, one more time, “in context”:

“Look, if you’ve been successful, you didn’t get there on your own.  You didn’t get there on your own.  I’m always struck by people who think, well, it must be because I was just so smart.  There are a lot of smart people out there.  It must be because I worked harder than everybody else.  Let me tell you something — there are a whole bunch of hardworking people out there.

If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help.  There was a great teacher somewhere in your life.  Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive.  Somebody invested in roads and bridges.  If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that.  Somebody else made that happen.

“The Internet didn’t get invented on its own. Government research created the Internet so that all the companies could make money off the Internet.”

Yeah, you know what? It still stinks to 73% of the people.

And  no one has been more effective at smashing Obama’s “out of context” argument to bits than Mitt Romney, himself. He joined Larry Kudlow last night on the Kudlow Report to discuss the context of President Obama’s ‘build that’ statement. He said: “Well, just read the whole speech. I found the speech even more disconcerting than just that particular line. The context is worse than the quote.

You think you’ve been successful because you work hard, a lot of people work hard. This is an ideology which says hey, we’re all the same here, we ought to take from all and give to one another and that achievement, individual initiative and risk-taking and success are not to be rewarded as they have in the past. It’s a very strange and in some respects foreign to the American experience type of philosophy. We have always been a nation that has celebrated success of various kinds. The kid that gets the honor roll, the individual worker that gets a promotion, the person that gets a better job. And in fact, the person that builds a business. And by the way, if you have a business and you started it, you did build it. And you deserve credit for that. It was not built for you by government. And by the way, we pay for government. Government doesn’t come free. The people who begin enterprises, the people who work in enterprises, they’re the ones paying for government. So his whole philosophy is an upside-down philosophy that does not comport with the American experience. And if we want to get people working again–and that’s my priority–if we want to get people working again, we have to celebrate success and achievement and not demonize it and denigrate the people who have worked hard, who are smart, who have made the kinds of investments to build a brighter future.”


Now, laughably, NBC is bending over backwards to manufacture a “you didn’t build that” moment for Mitt Romney:

Of course. NBC (or, the online news source formerly known as MSNBC) is trying to equate President Obama’s recently infamous “you didn’t build that” remark about Americans and their businesses with Mitt Romney’s “you didn’t get here on your own” remark about the Olympic athletes during the 2008 opening ceremonies. While President Obama was making the argument that the wealthy should pay even more in taxes because they need to stop thinking they’re “just so smart” or that they “worked harder than everyone else” and instead realize they could never have accomplished anything without some degree of dependency on government, Mitt Romney reminded the athletes to be grateful for the parents and coaches who loved and supported them — and NBC tries to posit that they’re both merely making an “it takes a village” argument. It’s cute, really.

Read Romney’s remarks at the 2008 Olympics, and compare them to Obama’s anti-business diatribe. There’s really no comparison for those of us with working brain cells.

NBC is really scraping the bottom, these days.


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