Why Obama Has No Intention of Losing This November

I have to confess I have a nagging fear about the upcoming election. Even though all indications point to Romney winning in November, I worry that the usurper currently in office has no intention of leaving and will be manipulating events to keep himself in place. Whether through dirty tricks, voter fraud, a Wag the Dog scenario, civil unrest leading to martial law, or a combination of all of those things, Bam is planning on staying.

Tyrants don’t go quietly.

Obama tells his audiences that he’s not through transforming the nation into…..whatever it is that he’s trying to turn it into. But beyond that, there is another powerful motive for him to cling to power.

Think about it. If Mitt manages to triumph in November – if we are able to cleanse the executive branch of the filthy commies who have taken root there, the aftermath will look a lot worse than it did when the Clintonistas left in 2001. That flurry of last minute pardons by the outgoing Clinton ( aided by Holder), the  vandalism to the White House by outgoing staffers as well as the the missing White House artifacts pale in comparison to what we would see in the wake of an Obami expulsion.

The slimy residue that will be left behind by this current crew will result in not only massive scandals but possibly prison terms when the extent of the treachery becomes known.

The only thing that protects them now, is the firewall provided by Obama’s thoroughly corrupt and compromised Justice Dept. With Holder no longer there to protect him, things could go very badly for Obama and co.

Do you think Obama’s looking forward to no longer being able to assert  executive privilege to protect himself and his fellow partners in crime?

The “Fast and Furious” gun-running fiasco which led to the assertion of executive privilege by Obama  is only the tip of the iceberg.

There is also the question of the horrendous White House national security leaks, that we know  came from Obama’s inner circle.

Not to mention the Solyndra/Green energy boondoggle of which even the cautious Romney campaign is making an issue.

And the infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood into the State Dept and the White House.

Jon Corzine’s “MF Global”, which disappeared $1.6 billion in client funds, was represented by Eric Holder’s law firm.

Then there’s the question of Obama’s birth certificate,  selective service card, and SS# – all of which have been deemed fraudulent by Sheriff Arpaio’s  criminal investigation.

The point is, without a doubt, all of the scandals mentioned above barely scrape the surface.  We’ll have to get rid of him and put a Republican administration in place to see just how criminally corrupt his administration has been.

And that’s why he is going to do everything he can to make damn sure that doesn’t happen.

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31 thoughts on “Why Obama Has No Intention of Losing This November

  1. Assuming Obama is not able to steal the election (no way he could have an honest victory), there is also the matter of all the Executive Orders that should be rescinded. Clinton’s crowd may have left a mess in the offices – but Obama’s legacy will be much worse. It may be a true test of Romney. Will he clean the slate?


  2. I see your point, and agree that Obama will resort to anything. Also don’t rule out internet shutdowns based on cooked-up “cyber-security threats.” The groundwork for this has been amply laid.

    But Obama has little to worry about as to blowback once he loses. Romney and the GOP will even not think of recriminations or follow-up investigations. Indeed, I imagine that one of Romney’s first order of business will be “healing” speeches and actions, or inaction. Of course this will only invite more Leftist contempt, but that’s the way it is with the modern GOP. They crave the approbation of WaPo editorialists far more than conservative respect our Constitutional probity. They have no idea what they’re fighting and never have. Romney thinks all he has to do is hold on a defeat Obama based on the latter’s Jimmy-Carter incompetence. He wishes. Romney hasn’t a clue to the historic nature of this conflict or the tenacity and viciousness of the enemy. So Obama loses. Is that the end of the left? It may in fact be the best thing that could happen to them. They will pivot on a dime and set out to Bushify Romney, beginning a merciless four-year campaign to set the stage for Hillary. We need a candidate who understands this long-term war. We don’t have one.


  3. Sorry, but I give Romney much more credit than Robert-add a slew more Allen Wests in Congress and there’s distinct possibility Obama will swing(figuratively of course)


  4. Deb, I speak for no one but myself here, so please keep that in mind. If Romney wins the election but Obama pulls some extra-Constitutional stunt in an attempt to remain in power, I’ll march. I won’t care if there’s anyone alongside me. I’ll march –and I’ll be armed for bear.

    Is anyone else willing to make the same commitment?


  5. I’ve worried about it since 2008. I’ve known people who hang out in his circles and they don’t believe in giving up power peacefully.


  6. It’s not just Obama we have to worry about, it’s his storm troopers – like the SEIU. Besides them, there are the legions of Obamazombies, marching around chanting “Oh_bah_mah” and “Four more years”.

    We’re never going to change their minds (assuming they have minds), we’ve got to outnumber them.

    And don’t forget that November is about more than one man. There are plenty of local elections.

    Just one more triumph for the regulatory czars in D.C.:

    New federal law forces Vallejo roll-your-own cigarette business to close

    “… the Obama Administration’s new federal highway bill passed containing the manufacturing language. (redefined cigarette manufacturers to include roll-your-own businesses)”

    Of course that has a lot to do with Federal Highways.

    [and related articles:]
    “On Friday, President Barack Obama signed a two-year transportation funding bill that included a small snippet which basically codified this agreement in federal law.”

    ” It also included language requiring roll-your-own stores to obtain a federal cigarette manufacturer’s license, which can reportedly take up to a year to get.

    Is there any doubt at all that Big Smoke (Reynolds, Philip Morris) had some slight input into that decision?


  7. I’ve been sayin’ well over a year now I don’t expect an election this year, maybe never again in my lifetime. Duh-1 will manufacture some national crisis that will allow him to declare martial law and suspend the Constitution, suspend Congress and the elections.

    Who’s gonna stop him? The military? Those over-suckled wimps running the military are so wrapped up in politics and making sure they end up on “the right side” of any political dispute they’ll help Obhammud any way they can.


  8. Just to set the record straight, that “vandalism” to the White House you’re referring to consisted of the Clintonistas removing the “W” keys from all the computer keyboards. The Bush administration denied many times that the White House had been “trashed” by Clinton’s people.

    There is enough about this administration itself to provide fodder for weeks of columns. Why drag the Clintons into it? And no, I am not a Clinton supporter. I would never vote for Hillary. But the last time my checkbook wasn’t stressed to the max, Bill Clinton sat in the White House. Yes, Newt did much of the work but Clinton was smart enough to go along with it.

    The current occupant of the White House is an utter imposter. It’s my goal in life to see this man leave Washington in January and to live long enough to learn the truth about Barack Obama.


  9. Just to set the record straight, that “vandalism” to the White House you’re referring to consisted of the Clintonistas removing the “W” keys from all the computer keyboards.

    No, you’re wrong, it was worse than that:

    “The GAO says the damage included 62 missing computer keyboards, 26 cell phones, two cameras, ten antique doorknobs and several presidential medallions and office signs. The damage estimate was about $20,000. Clinton critics say the report proves that the departing Clinton staff members acted recklessly and disrespectfully. ”


    It was just one more insult Bush had to face during his already difficult transition.

    The outgoing Clintonistas deserved every bit of scorn they got for their disgraceful conduct.

    But my point was – -it’s going to be much worse with the outgoing Obami.


  10. Absolute power, once gained or built by fiat, is seldom relinquished without a fight. Obama has demonstrated to my satisfaction that he wields absolute power over Congress and over government institutions. Except for the courts, which command no armies, Obama meets little opposition in any “official” capacity. The “watchdogs” are now his hirelings.

    No matter what the man says, he still does not act like a man that is worried about getting re-elected. Everyone that is hopeful is seeing just what they want to imagine: Romney up in the polls, Obama struggling and sweating to raise cash, it’s all good!

    I think that after the amazing usurpation of power by this criminal in the White House, any thoughts of a free and fair election must be tempered with a solid skepticism.


  11. That’s the sinking feeling I have. Tyrants don’t allow themselves to get voted out. It’s why we have an Atty Gen suing state after state for passing voter integrity laws. We’re going to see massive numbers of illegals voting, this year, on top of the usual ACORN style voter fraud. I think Obama’s counting on that to put him over the edge.


  12. You people need some mental health assistance or something. Do you all really believe all these ridiculous scenarios?


  13. I wish I’d been imagining all of Obama’s lawless power grabs, his criminally corrupt Atty Gen suing states for trying to preserve voter integrity, and his criminal DHS refusing to enforce immigration laws….
    But it’s all being done right out in the open for those of us with eyes to see…


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  15. “The condition of the real property was consistent with what we would expect to encounter when tenants vacate office space after an extended occupancy,” according to a GSA statement.


  16. {where was I before I so rudely interrupted myself?}
    The above quote is from the GAO report, available for viewing here:

    Click to access d02360.pdf

    While I do not condone the destruction or theft of any property, the list of missing items seems paltry.

    Sorry, Deb, but I have a lot more to get incensed about than whether Bill Clinton left the White House with a government phone.


  17. I have a lot more to get incensed about than whether Bill Clinton left the White House with a government phone.
    Okay, now you’re minimizing what happened…but my point wasn’t to get people incensed at Clinton.

    Did we hear any reports like that after the Bushies left? No, we didn’t because they have more class than that.
    My point is lefties are a classless lot, especially the current miscreants in the WH.


  18. Well, my “above quote” went to moderation, making these posts even more incoherent.

    Let me simply say that I agree with you completely re: the possibility that Barry-O won’t leave. Now THAT is something worth getting exercised over.


  19. The above quote is from the GAO report, available for viewing here:

    Actually the above quote was from a letter by the acting GSA administrator in 2001. It was mentioned in the report as one piece of evidence, and was caveated by the addendum: “(Real property includes the physical structure of the building and not items such as telephones, computers, and furniture.).”

    The acting administrator’s statement did not at all match the conclusions of the GAO report.The actual conclusions were:

    Damage, theft, vandalism, and pranks occurred in the White House complex during the 2001 presidential transition. Incidents such as the removal of keys from computer keyboards; the theft of various items; the
    leaving of certain voice mail messages, signs, and written messages; and the placing of glue on desk drawers clearly were intentional acts. However, it was unknown whether other observations, such as broken furniture, were the result of intentional acts, when and how they occurred, or who may have been responsible for them. Further, with regard to stolen items, such as the presidential seal, because no one witnessed the thefts and many people were in the White House complex during the transition, it was not known who was responsible for taking them. Moreover, regarding other items reported missing, such as doorknobs, cellular telephones, and television remote controls, it was unknown whether all of them were thefts, and if they were, who was responsible for taking those items and when they were taken. Further complicating our attempt to determine the amount of damage that may have occurred was the lack of documentation directly corroborating some observations and our inability to reconcile certain observations only a few hours apart in locations where some people saw damage, vandalism, or pranks and where others saw none.


  20. @carlito: Ahhhh, can’t we wait until all that “free” health stuff kicks in before repairing to some shrink’s office for the mental defect of expecting elected grownups to control the animals they appointed to help run the people’s business?

    But, because our expectations are so low due to past experience with lefties, it must be a raaaciiiist thing about expecting Duh-1’s people to thoroughly trash the People’s House, should he not be able to steal this election, too.


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  22. I agree with your premise that Obama is NOT going down in the coming election even though he should legally,”by hook or by crook” he will stay in power. What you fail to realize the VAST DAMAGE that will have been done to America, will not allow you to just go back to business as usual,America will be in total chaos! Also you don’t realize the corruption in government involves BOTH PARTIES COLLUDING TOGETHER! The Republicans are NOT the solution,both parties MUST BE DISOLVED FOREVER! Most of their members banned from politics forever! This is the time to RE-BOOT the government based on the constitution and start fresh!!!


  23. I don’t see much in the way of scandals coming if Obama loses.Republicans have a history of “forgive and forget” and also of being very reluctant to uncover Democrat dirt.


  24. A former Russian philosopher once said, “It doesn’t matter who votes. What matters is who counts the votes.”

    There will be even more drives to prevent any sort of voter ID requirement. They will push for online voter registration, and once that’s done, they’ll say, look, online registration turned out OK, now let’s have online voting.

    One aspect of that is the it would be giving voting for office to little more importance than voting for American Idol.

    And of course Obama – and the forces behind him – are going to want to stay in power – because they still have work to do. There are still some vestiges of freedom left in the country. There are still some small businesses left.


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