BOOM: Mitt Romney: “It Is Deeply Moving” to Be in “Jerusalem – The Capital of Israel” (Video)

And the crowd roars ….

Via Gateway Pundit:

Start listening at 4:18:

Take that Ba-rack.

Compare that to this pathetic performance by Obama’s Propaganda Minister, Jay Carney:


Daniel Pipes: Romney’s Remarkable Speech in Jerusalem:

Mitt Romney, the all-but-official Republican presidential candidate, delivered a stem-winder of a speech to the Jerusalem Foundation today, packing emotional support with frank policy statements. The contrast with Obama could hardly be more dramatic. Indeed, one could go through the speech and note the many refutations of Obama. For example, the opening comment that “To step foot into Israel is to step foot into a nation that began with an ancient promise made in this land” directly contrasts with Obama’s crabbed statement in Cairo about “the aspiration for a Jewish homeland [being] rooted in a tragic history.”

Also, in contrast to the nonsensical Obama administration stance on Jerusalem – sneaking in changes to captions that identified it as such and going through verbal gymnastics to avoid calling it that – Romney came out and plainly called Jerusalem “the capital of Israel.”

Freedom’s Lighthouse: Gov. Mitt Romney Visits the “Western Wall” in Jerusalem – Video:

Romney in Israel today where he visited one of Judaism’s holiest sites – the Western Wall, also called the “Wailing Wall.” It is a “remnant of the ancient wallthe surrounded the Jewish Temple’s courtyard.” Romney paused to pray at the Wailing Wall.Well-wishers wished Romney luck, and one person can be heard in the video below calling him, “President Romney.”

Twitchy: Left enraged that Romney called Jerusalem capital of Israel:

Call the Waaahmbulance.

Doug Ross: Highlights: Romney’s Speech in Jerusalem



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