White House Spokesman Calls Miniter’s Bin Laden Bombshell “a Fabrication”, Miniter Responds: “Let’s See the Timeline”

Oh yeah, this is getting good.

The White House’s principal deputy press secretary, Josh Earnest, filling in for Jay Carney, at today’s WH press briefing, dismissed the revelation in Miniter’s book,  Leading From Behind: The Reluctant President and the Advisors Who Decide for Him, that Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s closest and most trusted aide, talked Obama out of executing the bin Laden operation on three separate occasions.

Neil Munro of The Daily Caller reports:

“That is an utter fabrication,” Earnest said.

“It seems pretty clear that Mr. Miniter doesn’t know what he’s talking about,” he insisted, adding that Jarrett “was not ‘read in’ on the operation on the mission against Osama bin Laden.”

“So I wouldn’t put any stock into that vignette — or into the book itself,” he added.

Earnest’s answer was focused on Jarrett’s role. He did not explicitly deny Miniter’s revelation that the raid was delayed three times.

Miniter, a well respected investigative journalist, and best selling author, responded by demanding that the white House back up its denials with some documentation.

“I call on them to release the full [planning] timeline, starting in October 2010, of each of the major decisions that the president made relating to the bin Laden mission,” author Richard Miniter told The Daily Caller.

TheDC asked Miniter if his inside sources might go public with their accounts of presidential indecision. “Yes, yes,” he replied. “There is a chance.” (RELATED: Book: Obama canceled Bin Laden ‘kill’ raid three times at Jarrett’s urging)

Any confrontation between national security officials and President Barack Obama in the months preceding the 2012 election could hamper to his chances of winning a second term.

That is putting it mildly. The administration and its media flunkies spiked the football, and repeatedly called the decision to take out bin Laden a “gutsy call” by Obama.
Their partisan end zone dance  cheapened what all Americans should see as a national security triumph -sadly for this administration, its only foreign policy triumph.
Read the rest of the report at the Daily Caller as Munro makes the excellent case  that Obama’s claims of national security competence are severely undermined by the rising power of Islamist political parties, and by Iran’s rush to develop nuclear weapons.
Linked by Doug Ross and  Michelle Malkin, thanks!

8 thoughts on “White House Spokesman Calls Miniter’s Bin Laden Bombshell “a Fabrication”, Miniter Responds: “Let’s See the Timeline”

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  2. What good would seeing a timeline from this administration do? They would fabricate it just like they fabricate employment numbers, memories of certain events (like, “What did you know and when did you know it?” when asked about F&F), the tremendous success of the stimulus bill, etc., etc., etc.

    The only way anyone will ever see what has really happened during thid administrations run to ruin is by our grandchildren 75 or 100 years from now when the records are partially unsealed.

    Even that won’t tell half the story of the skankiness, skullduggery and outright fraud perpetrated by these political sluts.


  3. jarret was in chicago the 4th time and not available.

    And we didn’t send the Winston Churchill bust back the the UK. Another total fabrication.


  4. Hey there little Truth Teamer. Are you “fact-checking” me? Jarrett was what – in the shower in Chicago or something — nowhere near a phone?

    The Churchill bust Obama rejected was sent back to the British Embassy.

    The British Embassy said in a statement: “the bust now resides in the British ambassador’s residence in Washington D.C.”

    As the British Embassy explained in 2009, the bust “was lent for the first term of office of President Bush. When the President was elected for his second and final term, the loan was extended until January 2009. The new President has decided not to continue this loan and the bust has now been returned.



  5. A totally impossible allegation to prove or disprove. But one that may get legs as the paean to Obama rolls out this October. We shall see.

    But I am very amused. For once, Obama has been undercut in the manner most famous of democrats. Spread a story that cannot be denied or proven, and the more you deny it, the more legs it obtains.


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  7. The Marxist’s treatment of the military has resulted in what any normal person would have expected. Obama thought this could be ekept secret?


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