As Media Jackals Hound Romney in Poland, a Star is Born (Video)

Charles Dharapak/AP

Okay, I’m a little late to this story because I’ve been too busy to blog, today, so even though you’ve  already heard about this,  I’m going to have to get some licks in myself. (Thank you for bearing with me.)

Apparently, the journolisting left-wing media is trying to turn their own disgraceful behavior near the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Poland  into a gaffe for the Romney campaign:

What you can’t quite make out at the end of the tape was Romney’s traveling press secretary’s furious response:

“Kiss my ass; this is a holy site for the Polish people,” said aide Rick Gorka. “Show some respect.”

Gorka then told a reporter to “shove it.”

Gorka subsequently called a pair of reporters to apologize, saying he lost his cool.

As John Nolte aptly pointed out,  this media ambush was designed to be a lose lose for Romney:

What this gaggle of locusts did do, though, was to obnoxiously shout, scream, and holler questions from Pilsudski Square — just a hundred yards from where the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is laid. And there really should be a law that requires crybaby left-wingers to actually kiss an ass after doing something so craven and disrespectful.

The media’s behavior was childish and disrespectful, but most of all it was obviously an organized attempt to “create a moment” designed to hurt Romney by furthering The Narrative that his trip overseas has only been made up of gaffes.

Even if the Romney guy hadn’t popped off, if you watch the video of the moment (below) what you see is a conspiracy playing out where a gang of Obama-supporters disguised as journalists attempt to embarrass Romney by hurling shrill questions about what they perceive to be gaffes.

To me, this was another Joe Wilson moment. Back in September, 2009, just when you didn’t think you could stand another insufferable speech from the Liar in Chief spewing his obvious  lies about ObamaCare, one man stood up and said “You lie!!!”,becoming an instant hero to the right.

Rick Gorka’s “Kiss my A$$” to the Obama-loving media is the new “YOU LIE”.

A guy who says, “kiss my ASS” right to the faces of the journolisters who are doing everything they can to stack the deck against our candidate, is my hero.

Yes, Gorka would later apologize for his “inappropriate” comments”, just as Joe Wilson eventually did, but after watching that tape, I’m sure few Americans would find fault with Gorka for exploding.

As @iowahawkblog deadpanned: “If there’s anything the American public won’t abide, it’s someone who insults screaming reporters and Palestinians.”


“What about your gaffes?” That was some reporter’s idea of a question? “Do you have a statement for the Palestinians?”

Why would Romney have a statement for the perpetually outraged Palestinians? How about this: “lighten up, Frances.”

Those weren’t serious questions –  those were journolisting media jackals heckling the big bad Republican, Occupy style. It wasn’t long ago that occupiers were  hounding the Republican candidates at their events throughout the primaries… They shouted similarly obtuse questions and slogans at the candidates… Similar tactics. Similar goals. The only thing missing, here,  was a mic check.

More must read Nolte, today: Ugly Americans: To Justify Appalling Behavior, Media Distorts Romney’s Overseas Press Availability

Question: Which is worse? Screaming shrill, partisan questions in a sacred place or being told to kiss an ass for doing so?

Less than a hundred yards from Poland’s Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and in obvious coordination with one another, the media conspired to fabricate a gaffe to feed their insatiable anti-Romney narrative about his overseas trip.

What we’re seeing now is that in order to justify their screaming of shrill, partisan questions within throwing distance of a sacred place (talk about epitomizing the Ugly American stereotype), the media is now lying through an act omission by fabricating the idea that this was all Romney’s fault because he refused to make himself available to the media.

and Politico Exposes Romney Press Corps as Partisan, Petty, and ‘Bitter’

Even though consumer spending dipped again today and we just learned that 60,000 crimes have been committed by illegals Obama refused to deport, if Their Precious One is going to get reelected, the corrupt media knows it must ignore all of that and do everything in its power to keep the blistering spotlight on Mitt Romney. This is why, this morning in Poland, our Ugly American media disrespected Poland’s war dead in order to fabricate a Romney “gaffe.”

And be sure to check out Ace’s: New Dance Smash, Presstitutes (“What About Your Gaffes?”)

There’s another one at the link.


Rush’s take via The Daily Rushbo: Reporters Are Harassing Romney, Trying To Create Gaffes. On Behalf Of Obama:

He also said Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for all intents and purposes endorsed Obama: .Rush: Romney’s Trip Has Been So Successful Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Endorsed Obama:


The Jawa Report: Is the White House Orchestrating Lies About Romney? I’d Bet On It:

I find this all too coincidental.

First, the White House accuses Charles Krauthammer — and, by extension Mitt Romney — of being a liar. When caught, they double down and use the “fake but accurate” defense. But when that didn’t pass the smell test the White House was forced to apologize.

Remember, the real attack here was not aimed at Krauthammer, it was squarely at Mitt who, while abroad, had brought up the Churchill statue.

So, the White House calls Mitt a “liar” when, in fact, it’s the White House that lied.

Keep reading….

Linked by Doug Ross, and Michelle Malkin, thanks!

11 thoughts on “As Media Jackals Hound Romney in Poland, a Star is Born (Video)

  1. I’m only sorry he apologized. I hope Romney and his team take a lesson from this experience: that the media is vicious and dedicated to their destruction. Something RINOs have historically or genetically been unable to comprehend.


  2. Caught the CNN reports from a distance on an airport monitor (last night) and they were distorting/spinning this thing beyond belief — with misleading headline banners – pure Obama propaganda – on screen for extensive periods of time. MSM has got to be exposed and taken out – as they shill with abandon.


  3. The correct reply is, “lighten up, Francis.” It was addressed by drill sergent Warren Oates to a “psycho” recruit in “Stripes.” Good article!


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