Chick Fil A In Lee’s Summit, MO “Busy All Day” And NOT EVEN OPEN YET

The Chick fil A at the Summit Fair shopping center in Lee’s Summit Mo, was very busy on Chick Fil A Appreciation Day. Dozens of tents were set up in front of the restaurant, and families camped out while waiting for the grand opening.

Amazingly enough, the restaurant’s grand opening isn’t until  tomorrow.

The following is an on site report from Mr. Nice Deb:

I spoke with a Chic Fil A employee out front sporting the bright blue uniform. He was on his  first round of parking lot trash patrol. Of course, there was no trash to be seen anywhere. Two young men approached him, shook his hand and asked if they could sell raffle tickets for their team. It looked like the whole team was in the vicinity enjoying the moment.  The Chain was breaking one day revenue records across the country I was told by the employee. A popular Dallas branch where he normally worked set an all time high, early on.

Local police were on hand for the usual crowd monitoring, one cruiser and two uniforms. I spoke with one of the officers who was presently engaging a family in a light hearted exchange. “Been this busy all day”.  This is gravy patrol for them. No protesters in sight just lots of families. A group of 6-8 year olds zoomed by on scooters.  A family of four were picnicking in a tent that had all flaps up. The closed drive through lane became a place for some college kids to toss a football. It was more reminiscent of a church picnic. More restaurants should speak up for family values. Worked out great for Chick Fil A.

The first 150 customers got free chicken sandwiches, tonight, ahead of the Grand Opening.

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