Some Rumors are More Worthy of The MSM’s Time Than Others

DaTechGuy asks, Can we stop calling the Washington Post a “newspaper” now?

…and officially declare it a propaganda organ?

Mind you the Washington post isn’t citing an unnamed source that has talked to them, they are reporting that someone else (Harry Reid) claims that an unnamed source said something.

I don’t claim to have been in this business all that many years, but I know enough that I can’t report hearsay.

He’s referring to this recent headline from WaPo: Citing unnamed Bain investor, Harry Reid claims Romney didn’t pay taxes for 10 years

Stacy McCain adds:

Instead of doing some, y’know, reporting on this remarkable claim, the WaPo’s Ed O’Keefe lets it go with this bland acknowledgement:

Neither Reid nor his aides would identify the alleged investor, HuffPo reported.

Grant that Reid’s wild accusation — “financial McCarthyism,” you might call it — is newsworthy even if it is absolutely false. And it almost certainly is false, Dan Primack of Fortune says. But is it now an accepted practice at the Washington Post just to repeat whatever politicians say (in interviews with reporters for other publications) without bothering to do any independent reporting at all?

Actually the MSM is quite fastidious about not reporting hearsay or even interesting biological facts  in cases where doing so doesn’t help their chosen candidate.

As I’ve noted on a number of occasions, two anonymous sources alleged that the Obama’s used former Weatherman domestic terrorists, Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn as babysitters for their two girls when they lived near each other in Hyde Park. They didn’t want their names revealed for fear of retribution. (Which given the treatment Joe the Plummer got for simply asking Obama a question, is very understandable.) The media was well aware of the rumor in 2008, but kept it under wraps to protect their Precious.

But that’s not all.

To this day, they have no interest whatsoever in exploring the implications of  Obama having card carrying Communist, Frank Marshall Davis as  mentor during his teenage years.

They yawn at Obama’s ‘Born in Kenya’ author’s  bio, even though if he did  not write it himself, he certainly approved it.

They yawn at the fact that it has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Obama was a member of the Socialist “New Party” in Chicago, even though in 2008, the Obama camp vigorously denied the truth at their  “Fight the Smears” website, smearing the respected researcher, Stanley Kurtz in the process.

The MSM snickers at Dan Pfeiffer’s fraudulent “Fact Check” re the Churchill bust . That’s just a silly distraction. What about Mitt Romney’s gaffes!!!!

They have no interest in talking to Dr. John Drew who knew Obama as a radical Marxist Leninist who advocated violent revolution back in the day at Occidental college, or John Lott, who knew Obama when he was teaching at the University of Chicago, and claims Obama told him, ‘People Shouldn’t Be Able ‘To Own Guns’.

The President of the United States literally has an enemies list. When Is The MSM Going to Condemn it?

They think it’s amusing that Dem ‘Trackers’ Tape and Post Videos of GOP Incumbant’s Homes Online.

They looked the other way when the  Obama Campaign Disabled Credit Card Verification on its website.

No interest whatsoever in Obama’s sealed records,his questionable Social Security card, Selective Service Card, and birth certificate except to label people who demand answers, “birthers”.

Here’s a fun rumor the MSM pretty much ignored:  In Ed Klein’s book “The Amateur,” he revealed that Friends of Barack offered Wright  “hush money” to shut him up for the rest of the 2008 campaign. Yet another: Obama passed on the Bin Laden kill three separate times at Jarrett’s Urging.

And how about that  Khalidi tape, LA Times? Obama attended the going away party of pro-PLO radical Rashid Khalidi that is rumored to have been an anti-Semitic Jew bash. The LA Times could clear up the ‘confusion’ by releasing the tape, yet they cling to it still.

I understand there’s a $50,000 reward for a copy of that tape.

See, in Obama’s America, you literally have to BRIBE the media to report  news that doesn’t help their precious.


I see some of us are having a little fun at Harry Reid and WaPo’s expense…

Twitchy: #HarryReidFacts: Some guy totally told Truther Harry Reid a thing about Romney’s taxes; Media repeat; Update: #HarryReidIsAPederast

AoSHQ: #HarryReidIsAPederast

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