Ben Howe and Gay Patriot Share Their Harrowing Experience at Chick Fil A on YouTube

Oh boy….Ben Howe and Bruce Carroll (Gay Patriot) took a trip to their local Chick Fil A to show their support for the Christian franchise and free speech….but what transpired when they got there was not at all what they expected.

Howe warns that what you’re about to see may change your perceptions of Chick-Fil-A …. FOREVER.

In case you missed this last night….

A “purposeful” anti-hate crusader went through the drive thru of his local Chick Fil and badgered the girl at the window. He then posted his video on YouTube, and  took it down when he saw that the reaction was about 1000 to 1 negative.
There are no special effects in his video, but the guy’s excruciating douchiness seems almost supernatural.

See Also via Ace:

Chick-fil-A Demotivators: First, Johnny Douchechills. Second, Chick-fil-A’s employee of the month.  One more of Johnny Douchechills.

Here’s a cute  cartoon.


Oh man. Now there’s this.

5 thoughts on “Ben Howe and Gay Patriot Share Their Harrowing Experience at Chick Fil A on YouTube

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