David “the Red” Axelrod: “I Never Said ‘Recovery Summer’, Show me the Tape” – Romney Camp: “Ask and You Shall Receive”

Axelrod, appearing on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, this morning, gave the Romney camp much to work with. It’s going to take several posts, I think, to slog through all the bull he gurgled forth, today.

This was vintage Axelrod, though, employing the Obama camp’s  outrageous,  “the truth is whatever we say it is” campaign strategy. You can’t fact check me right now, so nah-nah, my brain dead minions are stupid enough to believe me.

David. It was only TWO YEARS AGO.  Are even your most addle brained supporters that amnestic?

Ask and you shall receive, David.

David Axelrod: “We Also Have More — Many Of The Recovery Act Projects Around The Country Are Taking Hold This Summer, By Design.” AXELROD: “The president has recommended the steps that he thinks Congress should take now. We also have more — many of the Recovery Act projects around the country are taking hold this summer, by design. That will involve a lot of private industry construction, and so on.” (NBC’s “Meet The Press,” 6/13/10

via Romney for President Comms Shop

For good measure, via Joe Gerarden, Townhall Tipsheet: Reporter Asks Obama: Do You Regret Calling This “Recovery Summer” (in Sept 2010 when it was obvious “Recovery Summer” had flopped):

From The Heritage Foundation, here’s President Obama’s Recovery Summer Vacation:

This summer, President Obama promised a summer of recovery, which never arrived. This failure is a natural result of trusting and empowering government over average Americans.

A good party apparatchik, Axelrod, wants the American people to forget the epic failures of this administration.

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