Reince Priebus Calls Dingy Harry a “Dirty Liar” (Video)

Ya gotta love the Dems’ strategy, here. Just keep making things up about Romney’s taxes, (while the media plays along) until Mitt finally gives in and releases 20 years of returns for the jackals to pick through. At which point, Obama’s media henchmen will treat us to story after story making mountains out of molehills no one in their right minds care about, while  they try to stir up religious bigotry about the millions of dollars he has allegedly given to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Obama camp very likely already knows what’s in those tax returns, but can’t say anything about until they’re released:


And that to their minds would give them the green light to go after him on religious grounds.

Does that help explain all their increasingly desperate tactics?

Via Elisabeth Meinecke, Townhall:

Top Republicans on Sunday accused Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid of lying by passing along an anonymous claim that GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney hasn’t paid taxes for 10 years. Republican Party chairman Reince Priebus called Reid a “dirty liar.” Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said, “I think he’s lying about his statement of knowing something about Romney” and he contended Reid was “making things up to divert the campaign away from the real issues.”

When Stephanopoulos asked if Priebus would “stand by” that characterization, the RNC Chairman replied, “I just said it.”

John Hawkins came up with a great idea a couple of weeks ago:

Mitt should prepare his taxes, get them ready to show the public, and then say he’ll release them the same day Barack Obama lifts his claim of executive privilege in the Fast and Furious case.

What does this do?

It ties the two issues together. Every time someone asks about Romney’s taxes, Obama’s sleazy Nixonian claim of executive privilege in the Fast and Furious case will come up. It also shines a spotlight where Mitt wants it: on a major Obama scandal that emphasizes the administration’s poor performance, lack of transparency, and culpability in the deaths of over 300 people including a border patrol agent. Mitt’s request for information would be serious and legitimate, while Obama’s would look political and frivolous.

Let’s see what the American people care more about – Mitt’s donations to the Mormon Church, or Obama and Holder’s complicity in Fast and Furious.


Weasel Zippers: Baghdad Bob Shamelessly Defends Harry Reid’s Absurd Lies About Romney Not Paying Taxes…

Gateway Pundit: Horrible! Axelrod Refuses to Repudiate Harry Reid’s Lies Against Mitt Romney (Video)

Of course not – this whole thing is being orchestrated from Chicago. (I hope Bill Kristol and George Will are proud of themselves for giving Ax  free propaganda points to spew on Sunday talk shows.)

Doug Ross: Crikeys: Former Obama Press Secretary Robert Gibbs Demands the President Release His College Transcripts


The Other McCain: ‘Harry Reid … Boxer?

Doug Ross: EXCLUSIVE PHOTO Must Credit @directorblue: Alleged Harry Reid Pederasty Victim Comes Forward!

Newsbusters: Bob Schieffer Compares Harry Reid to Joe McCarthy

WHD: Reid: Credible Source Says Romney Owns a Pet Elephant:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said today that “extremely credible source” has revealed to him that Mitt Romney has a pet elephant.

“I cannot disclose the source, but he – or she – is extremely credible,” Reid said.

The elephant, according to Reid, was shipped in to Boston from the planet Neptune last March and his been living with Romney at an undisclosed location ever since.

Reid, who earlier this week charged that a separate “extremely credible source” had alleged Romney didn’t pay taxes for ten years, said the tax and the elephant allegations were completely separate matters.

“The is an outrage!” sputtered Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) in an outburst during Morning Hour on the House floor. “I mean, a pet gazelle, maybe. But an elephant? It’s just too much.”

Reid denied he was making up outrageous, unsubstantiated charges just to get the Romneys to disclose their veterinarian records. Some Democrats believe the records will show that the Romneys, in addition to putting their dog on the roof of their car, also put their cats up there and drove them from one end of Utah to the other.

Reid said he has it on good word from a second source, whom he describes as “credible, but not extremely credible,” that large crates of peanuts were seen being transported into the Romney home in the Boston suburbs.

“I’m not saying the elephant is there,” Reid commented while doing a handstand for reporters during a briefing on Capitol Hill Thursday. “They could be making peanut butter. But it’s very suspicious.”

The allegation has already created an uproar among animal rights groups, who are charging Romney with animal cruelty.

Guy Benson: Surprise: Obama Campaign Explicitly Approved Reid’s Anti-Romney Lies:

As far as Reid and Obama are concerned, the more we’re discussing this foundationless rumor, the less we’re discussing the president’s egregious record of economic failure.  Three quick points:

(1) Even if Reid has  special “source” inside Bain, which I sincerely doubt, said informant would have no access to Romney’s personal tax returns.

(2) A former McCain aide who vetted Romney as a potential Vice Presidential pick in 2008 has reviewed many years of the current presumptive nominee’s tax returns.  He says everything was totally in order, and if anything, Mitt overpaid.

(3) Here’s a quote from a “top Reid confidant,” explaining Democrats’ thinking on this smear campaign:

“What Republicans don’t get is the more they fire back at Reid, the more he will fight, and in the end, what will the topic be? Romney and his taxes.

How does one effectively combat an opponent with no shame, no decency, and not even a tenuous commitment to the truth?  One option is to take the high road, fight the smears, and continue to push your message.  For the record, this is the road I would personally recommend.  (“Oh, that’s interesting Harry — get back to me when you have some evidence.  Incidentally, have you seen the latest jobs report?”)  Another option is to get down into the Democrats’ mud and fight dirty.  As amusing as the Reid/pedophilia “accusation” saga is — and we still haven’t seen firm proof that the Senate Majority Leader doesn’t fondle little boys — it won’t break through and capture the narrative spotlight.  If Republicans are interested in getting nasty and force-feeding Democrats some of their own repulsive medicine, they would need to make it about Obama.  Here’s what they could do (not an endorsement, just an illustration):  Get a senior and high-profile Republican member of Congress to give an on-the-record “scoop” to a site like, say,  Let’s use Sen. John McCain as an example; as a former presidential nominee and a media fixture, he’d do the trick.  McCain could say that he’s heard from “a source” inside the Justice Department that President Obama exerted executive privilege in the Fast & Furious scandal because he didn’t want the public to discover that he himself ordered the operation.  McCain might add that he isn’t totally sure if the leak is true, but he still believes it to be accurate — and that it is up to Obama to release every single document pertaining to Fast & Furious to prove that he didn’t directly order it.  After all, the president has been extremely secretive about the program, even as hundreds of its murdered victims’ families demand justice.  Romney wouldn’t have to comment on the allegation, aside from affirming that Americans “deserve answers” about the lethal gun-running operation.

Keep reading…

The People’s Cube has all the latest rumors about Dirty Dingy Harry’s perversions, including this scandalous shocker:

4 thoughts on “Reince Priebus Calls Dingy Harry a “Dirty Liar” (Video)

  1. More to the point and extremely more relevant to the presidential campaign, the Repubs should start saying Mittens will release the last 30 years of his tax returns when Duh-1 releases the last 30 years of his school transcripts.

    Then we’d be able to see which one is the supreme lying jackal – the one who has overpaid his taxes, or the one who could stay in school only because of affirmative action guidelines that allowed him to flunk out and still stay in and advance in school.


  2. First, how much did Reid give to his church (Mormon)?

    Second, Reid is a despicable coward: he knows he’s protected by Senate rules that say he can’t be sued for anything he says, no matter how damaging (except in this case, nobody believes him).

    Third, the GOP campaign seems to be nonexistent – all they’re doing is dodging Democrat bullets (true, rubber bullets, but just the same….). When Clinton beat GHW Bush way back when, he did it with a simple campaign: mostly, “It’s the economy, stupid!”. He kept at that (and a couple of other things) day and night, and GHW Bush’s polls went down from the high 80s to the mid 40s, and it was “Clinton by a length!”.

    I hope you out there see more of it than I do.


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