Your Sunday Hymn: Missa “Ego flos campi”: Kyrie

Missa “Ego flos campi”: Kyrie by Juan Gutiérrez de Padilla (c. 1590-1664), performed by the Early Music Ensemble, Vicente Chavarria, Artistic Director, conductor.
Soloists (L to R): Amelia Tobiason, Bronte Ficek, Joel Nesvadba, Ryan Tani.
April 30, 2012 • United University Church, USC Los Angeles, CA.

Simply sublime:

About the composer:

Juan Gutiérrez de Padilla (ca. 1590 – 1664) was a Spanish composer in what is modern Mexico.

He was born in Málaga, Spain but moved to Puebla, Mexico, in 1620 to compose music in the New World. At the time New Spain was a viceroyalty of Spain that included modern day Mexico, Guatemala, the Philippines and other parts of Central America and the Caribbean. Padilla is one of the more important composers represented in the manuscripts at Puebla, Mexico and the Hackenberry collection in Chicago, Illinois. He worked at Puebla de Los Angeles, Mexico, which in Baroque times was a bigger religious center than Mexico City itself. He was appointed maestro de capilla of Puebla Cathedral in 1628.

He is to be distinguished from a younger Juan de Padilla, who was maestro de capilla at Zamora, Spain (1661-1663), and Toledo (1663-1673).

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