Ethically Challenged Harry Reid Getting Dinged by Hometown Newspaper For Corrupt Green Energy Deal + Where’s Dingy’s Tax Returns???

Reportedly, Harry Reid is using the power of his office as the Senate Majority Leader to harass Nevada Energy (NV Energy) the main supplier of power for the state in order  to help a Chinese “green energy” client of his son, Rory’s law firm. The Chinese company, ENN Mojave Energy LLC is planning  a billion-dollar solar energy manufacturing and generating plant in the state, while Reid is trying to strong arm NV Energy into buying their overpriced product.

Because they are treacherous Democrats neither Dingy Harry nor Emaciated Rory Reid feel the slightest hesitation to help a Communist country destroy an American company, even one in their own home state.

The Las Vegas Review Journal reported on Reid’s history of “beating up” on NV energy:

In the closing days of the George W. Bush administration, Reid blocked plans to build coal-fired power plants in Nevada. He said in April on the “Nevada Newsmakers” show, “I don’t think NV Energy has done enough to allow renewable energy to thrive.”


Steve Tetreault quoted Reid in Tuesday’s Review-Journal saying the project “would start tomorrow if NV Energy would purchase the power,” but the company “has not been willing to work on this and that’s such a shame.”

Reid added: “NV Energy is a regulated monopoly. They control 95 percent of all the electricity that is produced in Nevada and they should go along with this.”

They’re not, at least not yet.

And there are some legitimate reasons: Power costs are passed directly to consumers, and green energy currently costs more than power generated by coal-fired or natural-gas burning plants. State law mandates NV Energy buy power as cheaply as possible, except when it’s required to buy more-expensive green energy to meet state-mandated quotas. But the more green energy you buy, the higher bills climb.

NV Energy has already met its quota, and the PUC has already turned the company down when it proposed contracts that would have exceeded quotas. And when the company does buy power – which it plans to do next in 2014 – it does so by analyzing competitive bids.

Reid says those weak excuses. He said in that April interview that if “NV Energy wanted to do more with renewable energy, they could.”

There’s another factor, however, one more personal to Reid: His son, Rory Reid, is one of the attorneys for the ENN Mojave Energy project. A Reid spokeswoman said the senator did not suggest Reid’s firm – Lionel, Sawyer & Collins – to ENN, nor has the elder Reid spoken to this son about the deal. (Reid imposed a strict ban on family members lobbying his office in 2003 after the Los Angeles Times asked him about lobbying by three of his four sons.)

But success for ENN in finding customers helps Rory Reid, and its failure could cost him a client. It’s an undeniable conflict that Harry Reid should keep in mind as he twists arms at the PUC and NV Energy, lest he earn himself an ethics complaint.

To sum up, Harry Reid has blocked plans for an American company to produce less expensive power and create American jobs, while  promoting a Communist Chinese company which will raise everyone’s utility costs, and benefit his son financially.

Nice going in 2010, there, Nevada. It should never have been close enough for Harry to steal but I’m too much of a Christian to say you deserve this.

The first commenter at The Las Vegas Review says, “Harry Reid needs to release his Tax Returns for the last 30 years, how does a guy making 190,000 end up being worth 10,000,000,000?”

Good question. What about Dirty Harry’s taxes? How do we know that he isn’t cheating on his taxes?

The Politico reports:

LAS VEGAS — Senate Majority Harry Reid again deflected questions Monday about releasing his tax returns, even as he continued to pound the demand for Mitt Romney to make more of his own public.

Instead, Reid pointed to the financial disclosure forms he files as a member of Congress, which provide different information.

“I’m a member of Congress now, I don’t make too much money,” said Reid, whose net worth was estimated at $10 million in 2010. “But it’s all listed every year.”
According to Dana Milbank of WaPo, Reid’s on record  saying that Romney “couldn’t be confirmed as a dog catcher” by the Senate because he hasn’t released his tax returns.
Would that it were true since the insufferable hypocrite got  reelected in 2010 without having  released his tax returns.

It’s time amp up the calls for Harry Reid’s tax returns, not to mention calls for  a Senate ethics complaint.


Because the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…

After his failed 2010 gubernatorial bid, Rory Reid was investigated by the NV Sec of State for creating dozens of campaign accounts to get around contribution limits — a scheme the top state election official said could run afoul of the law.

Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller has sent a letter to Ror, the son of U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and his advisers “in regard to potential violations” of state election law, pressing them to fork over records accounting for how the Reid campaign handled and distributed donations. The red flag for Miller was the fact Reid set up 90 political action committees all registered at the same Las Vegas address.

Miller warned that the information Reid supplies “may be used against you in an administrative, civil or criminal proceeding.”

The stern warning follows an investigative report by Las Vegas Sun reporter Jon Ralston, who found Reid guided $750,000 through the mini-PACs into his campaign account. The money originally was raised for the Economic Leadership PAC, an account registered in the names of two of his aides. But then, according to the report, the donations were distributed in $10,000 increments to the dozens of mini-PACs registered to one staffer and, from there, into Reid’s campaign account.

In the end, Reid was slapped with a $25,000 penalty for violating state’s election laws.

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14 thoughts on “Ethically Challenged Harry Reid Getting Dinged by Hometown Newspaper For Corrupt Green Energy Deal + Where’s Dingy’s Tax Returns???

  1. And while the Ethics Committee is at it, why don’t they ask for 10 years of tax returns of every member of the Senate? I wonder how many have had their net worth double, quadruple, even increase ten-fold while in the ranks of Congress?

    Take Pelousy, for instance. Please.


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  6. Someone should look into how he was exactly re-elected. Who would vote for this greedy not nice person? I “heard” from “reliable” sources that Harry bought the election with illegal votes (sarc/) Same with Nancy – I heard she does not use union labor in her vineyards and steers business to her husband’s company.


  7. 100% of the people who commented on the LVRJ piece were anti-Reid which I found noteworthy for a big city newspaper even with libertarian leanings.
    I’ve always suspected foul play in that outcome. Sharon Angle wasn’t exactly ideal, but anything would have been better than the Crypt Keeper.


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