Team Obama to Ohio Brownshirts: “Help Us Find Dirt on Portman”

image via Sad Hill News

The Obama campaign in Ohio is asking their far left grassroots base to do opposition research on Senator Rob Portman, who’s being considered for Romney’s VP slot.

This comes via The Washington Examiner:

“Very soon, we’ll know if Mitt Romney is choosing our own Senator Rob Portman as his running mate,” Obama’s Team Ohio staff wrote in a blog post on his website. “So Ohioans have a job to do.”

How may the Obamazombies in Ohio serve their master?

 “If and when Romney does select him, we need to be able to tell the full story about his record on Day One, which could very well be in the next few days,” the campaign explained. “Share what you think Americans need to know about Senator Portman, and why a Romney-Portman administration would be terrible for middle-class families.”

I’m sure Obama’s minions understand their assignment – with Dingy Harry and Stephanie Cutter as guides, they can read between the lines.

“Share” as in spread shaky rumors and innuendo, the dirtier the better. Anonymous sources are okay.


This country, under Obama, has become a authoritarian snitch culture right before our eyes.

Since the early days of his administration, Obama, like a totalitarian dictator,  has been employing  a divide and conquer strategy to galvanize his supporters and demoralize his critics.

What at first was astonishing to me – (I wrote about it in August of 2009: How Obama Is Pitting Americans Against Each Other) has become the new normal.

He started off his Presidency by telling Republicans “not to do a lot of talking”, to “get out of the way”, or “grab a broom” and help him clean up the mess they made. He targeted and attempted to isolate  Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Fox News.

He mocked opponents of Obamacare, during his victory lap after its passage. He told Republicans to “get in the back seat”, and  accused them a sipping slurpies while he did the hard work of getting “the car out of the ditch” not once, but dozens of times.. As the car sunk further and further into the ditch, he continued to blame Bush, and the “do nothing congress” even though Democrats had total control for two full years and every damn thing they did made things worse.

For the first time in our nation’s history, we have a President who has denigrated protesters by calling them, “teabaggers”,  and said that, instead of protesting his destructive policies, “they should be thanking me”.  While stumping in 2010, he  exhorted a Hispanic audience to “punish their enemies” at the ballot box. His administration actually  encourages citizens to inform on each other through the ObamaCare snitch site, Attackwatch, and Truth Team. He’s turned the DOJ into an arm of the radicalized left – a political weapon to use against his enemies, (which happens to include the rule of law), and is seemingly intent on helping Obama steal the election in November. Fast and Furious, (along with a number of other, smaller gunwalking programs) is the worst scandal in American history, not that anyone would know because the MSM refuses to push the story. He has abused his power on a number of fronts – usurping congressional and constitutional authority.

There’s been name calling of fellow Americans who voice dissent, stacking of town hall meetings with bused in supporters, White House spamming Americans with email propaganda, and the  mobilization of shock troops SEIU, ACORN and Occupy mobs

He has an enemies list.

George W. Bush was called a “Divider” by the left because some Americans disagreed with his policies, but President Bush never purposefully tried to pit Americans against each other.

Obama is a “Divider” by design. It is part of his make up. It’s how he thinks he gains power. He rewards the various special interest groups that support him, and punishes the rest of us. He is not, and never has been the President of all of America and that  is why I have never once, nor will I ever, put the two words “President” and “Obama” together in a sentence. He is not my President and I reject him and his heinous policies and tactics completely.

Hat tip: Jammie Wearing Fool


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New TV Ad Hits Obama on Delphi Pension Heist: “It’s Made Life Pretty Rough”

I was saying just yesterday, team Romney needed to find some of these ex-Delphi workers who had their pensions looted at the hands of the Obama administration and let them tell their stories. A new TV ad from the conservative advocacy group, Let Freedom Ring does just that.

Via Matthew Boyle of The Daily Caller:

“I would ask President Obama why I had no rights and he had all the rights to take my pension away and never ever look back and say not only did I take it from Mary Miller, but I took it from 20,000 other people and their families,” one Delphi salaried retiree, Mary Miller, says in the ad.

“It’s made life pretty rough. I’ve really struggled to pay for the basics,” Miller also says in the ad, adding that the Obama administration’s actions led to her losing “over 30 percent of my pension.”

The ad is destined for television sets and online ads in the battleground states of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia, Let Freedom Ring executive director Alex Cortes said in an email to The Daily Caller.

I think it hits all the right notes, unlike the Priorities USA “Mitt Romney Killed My Wife ad”  which went way over the line, some say actually jumping the shark, big time.
The Romney campaign actually addressed the Delphi pension issue, as well,  in an ad, last May:
“What? Wait a minute…is this still America?”, one woman plaintively asked at the end.
No ma’am. Clearly it’s not. It’s ObamAmerica where some people have more rights than others and policy is driven by Chicago rules.
This Presidential race should not even be close.
In these ads, a direct line can be made from the political decisions of the corrupt Obama administration’s policies  to these employees’ tragic outcomes, unlike the obscene Priorities USA ad that is based on falsehoods:

Joe Soptic, the former steel worker in the ad, blamed Mitt Romney for the death of his wife even though the steel plant he worked at closed after Romney left Bain. Mitt Romney left Bain 1999 to go work on the Winter Olympics. GST Steel went belly up in 2001. Soptic’s wife was diagnosed with cancer in 2006.
Only a crazy liberal would blame Romney for her death.

But there’s more…
CNN spoke to Joe Soptic, and found out that when he lost his GST job, his wife still was working and carried her own health insurance, which she then lost in 2002 or 2003 when an injury forced her to leave the job. She passed away in 2006.

Joe Soptic should be ashamed of himself.

As Political Clown Parade notes:

One can be certain he has been paid handsomely to spew lies about his wife’s death for the sole purpose of elevating the image of a president undeserving of his demented loyalty.
He has lost his wife in pieces over a long period of time.  The manner in which he has chosen to retell her loss is reprehensible.  I say it is reprehensible because his lust for money to repeat damned lies overshadows the needs of a country that can no longer bear the burden of a president who possesses uncommon incompetence.
Mr. Soptic is standing in a forest of sorrow and has lost his way.
Marcus Porcius of The Conservative Review is even more pointed in his criticism of Monsieur Soptic:

Let’s just put it out there plainly.  Joe Soptic is a vicious liar and union thug, and is so despicable that he would use his own dead wife, whose death he is far more responsible for then Mitt Romney, in a completely falsified ad to help his Marxist god Barack Obama.

Further details emerged about Soptic’s wife’s cancer too.  It turns out, when Joe Soptic said

I don’t know how long she was sick and I think maybe she didn’t say anything because she knew that we couldn’t afford the insurance, and then one day she became ill and I took her up to the Jackson County Hospital and admitted her for pneumonia and that’s when they found the cancer and by then it was stage four. It was, there was nothing they could do for her,

He was lying about that too.  He does know how long she was sick, and while she might not have said anything, the subject of his wife going to the doctor because something was obviously wrong did come up.

When Ranae started losing weight, “I tried to get her to the doctor and she wouldn’t go”

In other words, her cancer wasn’t caught because she wouldn’t go to the doctor and he didn’t do enough to persuade her.  It had nothing whatsoever to do with health insurance and he knows it.  He knew it when he made all these ads.

I have to agree.

Jacob Turk Wins MO-5 Primary

Tuesday night, Jacob Turk won his fourth straight Republican primary in Missouri’s 5th Congressional District, setting him up for another match-up against Emanuel Cleaver in November.

Turk, Jacob GOP 24,743 59%
Nolte, Jerry GOP 10,730 26%
Greene, Jason GOP 5,061 12%
Shawd, Ron Paul GOP 1,539 4%

In 2010, Cleaver defeated Turk by only nine-points in deep blue Dist. 5 after easy victories in their two previous contests. The 5th District has since been redrawn to include a more rural part of central Missouri.

Turk issued this statement on his Facebook page:

I am sincerely grateful for all who worked on this campaign. They deserve a big round of applause and a hearty thanks for their efforts that achieved the resounding primary victory today. Tonight we celebrate. Tomorrow we turn to the task of winning in November.

Go get ’em, Jake.