Ryan-Mania: The First Romney/Ryan Ad Appears Online + All The Latest Dish

Veep CCW?! #FTW! Via @adamsbaldwin

The first Romney/Ryan ad has appeared online via  .

Paul Ryan: A reformer. A visionary. Ready to lead.
It’s time for a president and vice president who believe in America.
It’s time for America’s Comeback Team.

The ad plays up the stark contrast between Ryan and our current esteemed Vice President.

The Right Scoop has FULL RADIO INTERVIEW Mark Levin says Paul Ryan was a great VP pick by Romney. Levin, like  Bill Kristol, and Charles Krauthammer, has long been an admirer of the wonkish Budget Chairman.

Mark Levin was on WMAL today with Derek Hunter for an interview and Levin said that he is very happy with the choice of Paul Ryan as the Vice Presidential nominee. But had a lot more to say about this election and the media, notably that we are paying too much attention to what the left is going to say or do – that we just need to cream them. Levin says instead of talking about what they are going to say, why don’t we just let them say it.

Listen to the interview at the link.

Lonely Conservative notes that the  polling data isn’t showing Paul Ryan to be unpopular with seniors – quite the contrary, in fact.

Hot Air highlighted a Rasmussen poll from a month or so ago that had some interesting findings. One of them is that the Democrats’ claims that Ryan would “throw grandma over a cliff” meme didn’t work. Ryan happens to be pretty popular with American seniors.

For even more counterintuitive results, look at Ryan’s standing among seniors.  Despite the attacks on Ryan over his budget plan, he’s easily the most liked of the short-listers among likely voters 65 years of age and over, with a 52/29 favorability rating.  His “very favorable” rating of 31% in the 65+ group is more than 10 points better than the other shortlisters in the Rasmussen survey (again, save Rice).  Jindal did well, too, with a 44/28, as did Pawlenty with a 40/30 and Portman at 37/26, but Ryan’s draw among seniors outpaced all of them.   Ryan has plenty of room to be defined in either direction with 35% of voters overall not having an opinion, but that’s only true of 20% of seniors — and Ryan already has a majority of them on his side.

Commenter Florah Duh reminds me that seniors actually liked Ryan’s plan best, according to a Gallup poll in 2011: (Read More)

This is something I’ve been noticing; (as I mentioned in a recent comment, but didn’t have the data to back it up.) Seniors in recent years, have not been as susceptible to left-wing demagoguery as they have in the past. I first noticed the shift with the advent of the tea party. Most understand that we are on an unsustainable path, and many of those seniors are not going to be won over by disingenuous flim flam artists promising them the moon if they only vote for them.

Ryan appeals to younger voters, too, Business Insider reports:

Though President Barack Obama has a 6-point lead in Wisconsin over Romney, Ryan narrows the gap to a statistical dead heat in the crucial state.

Here’s an even more surprising finding: the 42-year-old Ryan could help Romney win the youth vote, at least in Wisconsin.

PPP found that a Romney-Ryan ticket would actually win the 18-to-45 age group in Wisconsin over an Obama-Biden ticket. This is the first poll that has found that Ryan would have a substantial effect on the youth vote.

This  Drudge poll is showing an impressive amount of approval for Mitt’s decision. It looks like Republicans are pretty stoked.
YES  82.62%  (421,000 votes)  


NO  10.03%  (51,112 votes)  


NOT SURE  7.34%  (37,420 votes)  


Total Votes: 509,532

RS McCain certainly seems pleased: Secret Service Code Name: ‘Dreamy’:

MANASSAS, Virginia — Just left a Romney-Ryan rally in downtown Manassas. The crowd was huge, numbering in the thousands. Other reporters kept trying to make an estimate of the numbers, and all I could say was, “overflow.”

The crowd filled the pavillion and overflowed off in every direction. People stood in line for blocks in the hot August sun, and there were still people in line at the metal detectors when the rally started. Smitty was there with his video camera and I managed to get a few photos myself.

The next polls you see out of Virginia . . . Well, look, the “gender gap” will evaporate instantly now that Paul Ryan’s on the ticket. Trust me on this — chicks dig him. It was like Sinatra with a crowd of bobby soxers at the Paramount in 1944. Elvis at the Overton Park bandshell in Memphis in 1956. Total swoonsville.

Read McCain’s full report, along with Hitler’s reaction to the news, at the link.

Lee Doren explains why he’s pleased with Mitt’s decision – he wants to have the mediscare debate:

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus on Greta Van Susteren, 8/11/2012: Obama Campaign Is “Hatred and Division”:


Paul Rahe, Ricochet: Landslide on the Horizon:

If Romney wants to win really, really big, there are three things that he needs to do. First, he needs to tie his argument for paring back the administrative entitlements state back to first principles – back to the origins and purpose of government – and he needs to assert the necessity to return to limited government. What I am saying here is that he needs to occupy the moral high ground, to defend free enterprise not only as efficient but as right and just, and to criticize “spreading the wealth around” and taking from Peter to pay Paul as shameful and unjust. Politics is ultimately about justice, and justice should be his theme.

Second, he needs to force Obama to make errors. To this end, he needs to get under the President’s skin. He did this to Newt Gingrich in Florida, and it worked like a charm. Obama is even vainer than Newt, and he cannot stand mockery. Moreover, he hates Romney with all the resentment that phony intellectuals ordinarily harbor for successful businessmen. The gentler the mockery in this case, the lighter the touch, the more devastating it will be. Romney’s theme should be that the poor fellow is just not up to the job and that he should be left free to spend all of his time doing what he really enjoys — playing golf. The SuperPACs may be able to carry the ball on this.

Third, when the debates come, he should do a Newt Gingrich. When one of the pundits asks a really stupid question that is of interest only to the credentialed elite (and this is inevitable), he should disembowel the man, asking him how he could waste the time of the American people on a matter of this sort when we are on the verge of a second recession and millions are looking for work. In the debates, the trick is to show strength – and nothing shows strength like a dramatic gesture of this sort. He might even find an opportunity to do this to Obama himself. It would be a knock-out blow. At some point, Romney needs to set aside his natural caution and timidity and go for the jugular.

In the meantime, you should not be afraid. This is going to be fun, and our margin of victory is going to be large.

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The obligatory comparison:

Hat tip: Charles B

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  6. Here’s an informal poll for all. of my Mother and her 2 sisters, one voted for Obama, One for McCain,and one for a 3rd party candidate in 2008. ALl will vote for Romney this year. And they are all over 65.


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