The Ryan Bump: New Zogby Poll Shows Huge Boost for Romney in Swing States

Meet the other Ryan: the candidate’s wife, Janna, at The Deacon’s Bench.

According to a new poll by JZ Analytics, Mitt Romney has gotten a very definite  bump upwards with the selection of Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate.

The poll — the first survey conducted completely after Romney announced that Ryan was his vice presidential choice – shows the Romney/Ryan ticket tied with Obama/Biden at 46 percent.

But a JZ Analytics poll from a few weeks ago had Obama leading Romney by five percentage points, and most major polls also had Obama comfortably in the lead before the Ryan selection.

A CNN survey completed on Thursday, Aug. 9, had Obama up by seven points. A Fox poll on Aug. 9 had the president ahead by nine points, and a survey by Public Policy polling on Aug. 7 showed Obama with a six-point lead.

Clearly there is a Ryan bump,” pollster John Zogby, managing of JZ Analytics, told Newsmax. Significantly, the new poll shows the Romney/Ryan ticket with a substantial lead among voters in swing states, 49.1 percent to 41.2 percent.

You could say, Romney just “poll”-vaulted past the desperate and flailing Obama campaign.

Also, the Republican ticket garners 45.2 percent among independent voters, ahead of the Democratic ticket at 40.1. Obama led in an earlier poll of independents. That shows that the Ryan choice has not hurt the Republican ticket in this important demographic, and has actually helped.

What is also significant here, according to Zogby, is that the percentage of voters who say they are still undecided now stands at just 14.7 percent, compared to over 20 percent in an earlier Zogby poll.

Also, a Washington Post-ABC poll shows a 15 point bump for Paul Ryan’s favorability ratings.

Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan — the freshly minted Republican vice presidential candidate — got an immediate ratings boost in the wake of his selection as Mitt Romney’s running-mate, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll. Little known nationally before Saturday’s announcement, favorable impressions of Ryan jumped 15 percentage points among the overall electorate with positive views soaring from 49 to 70 percent among conservative Republicans. In Wednesday through Friday interviews, fully 45 percent of Americans expressed no opinion of Ryan, dropping to 30 percent on Saturday and Sunday. The increasing familiarity all went to the positive side of the ledger, giving Ryan an initial advantage in the sprint to define his candidacy.


Prior to his selection, Ryan’s favorability rating among senior citizens was evenly split at 28/28.  It has now jumped to 46 percent favorable, 28 percent unfavorable.  This explains why Democrats are desperately rushing to distort Ryan’s plan in a bid to strike fear into the hearts of elderly voters.

The Democratic  media complex will need to work overtime to make a villain out of the affable Paul Ryan, but they are on it, baby.

David Brock, head of the progressive, left-wing media “watchdog” group Media Matters, has released an opposition research book on Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan through Brock’s super PAC American Bridge 21st Century.

Brock’s American Bridge super PAC is also tied to Bill Burton’s super PAC, Priorities USA. As you may recall, Priorities USA recently ran an ad accusing Mitt Romney of killing Joe Soptic’s wife, a claim also tied directly to the Obama campaign.  Due to initial lackluster fundraising by both Brock’s and Burton’s super PACs, they combined to form American Priorities Joint Fundraising Committee.  Obama’s super PACs have no problem getting into the campaign mud.

Be on alert when Brock’s “research” hits the mainstream media on TV, internet, and print journalism. The Daily Caller revealed back in February a list of media figures eager to get Brock’s message out to the public under the guise of “news.”

Use Freedomworks‘ indispensable “roadmap” resources to combat the lies:

We’ve compiled this list of links to help activists, bloggers, and journalists learn more about the policy vision of Paul Ryan, the young conservative and legislative entrepreneur whom Mitt Romney has chosen as his running mate.

The three basic iterations of the Roadmap are presented in reverse chronological order, from newest to oldest.


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Oh, dear. The DNC is trying the pitiful “bus tours” again. Last week Dems parked their bus in front of RNC headquarters, blocking food trucks from setting up shop where they normally operate. This week, they are adding lying liar Debbie Wasserman Schultz to the mix. And, of course, she kicks it off with another whopper of a lie.

Hat tip: Charles B.

13 thoughts on “The Ryan Bump: New Zogby Poll Shows Huge Boost for Romney in Swing States

  1. [start the Jaws/Shark Week Music]
    We could expect to see a initial bump in the polls. I was surprised to see a Senior Citizen Poll that had Ryan 46 favorable / 29 unfavorable. I’m waiting with baited breath to see the next few Polls from Florida. I hope your right Deb, that the Geritol Crowd are now awake and realize the BS the dims have been spoon feeding them for years.

    For now just keep me in the skeptical column. When I see the polls that say the snowturd lib transplanted northerners who have the oatmeal running down their chins, [you know the crowd that couldn’t knock out a chad] have had a “great awakening” . . . . . I’ll believe it.
    [sitting here with my fingers crossed and my drink refreshed – Wishin & Hopin – Dusty Springfield]


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  3. Geo, I live in Fl. and will soon be a senior. You underestimate, disparagingly I might add, the senior vote. Informed seniors and others recognize that Medicare as it is will not affect those 55 and above and also recognize that it needs to be changed. Perhaps that is why the granny off the cliff ads don’t work as well as Dems think. Democrat kool aid drinking seniors everywhere, like democrat kool aid drinking Hispanics, blacks, liberals, feminists, secularists, anti war people and whatever other special interest group I might have left out (old age and all that) will vote for Obama. I am a 64 year old female who can do 10 pull ups. How many can you do?


  4. Grace: Like I said, I’ll believe it when I see it. I realize that there is a segment of the Geritol Crowd down there who are informed, [they aren’t the libs from the north who have woken up recently and have gotten religion] some have gotten involved [Tea Party], I doubt that they are a majority of that population. There is nothing that I’ve seen so far that would suggest that in Florida. Also it’s not the conversation I’ve heard from Seniors or my own fellow retirees when they got hit with a increase in Tricare.
    We’ll find out in the next several polls hopefully the Republicans don’t get their brains beat in by the dims, . . . . like they usually do, when the commercials start filling the air waves. So far [before the Ryan announcement] the polls have been within the MOE. Not very encouraging with those numbers considering we have a socialist sitting @ 1600. The next several polls are certainly going to have the “Ryan Factor” included in them.
    [BTW, way more than 10, with a drink in the other hand, lots of practice after 25 years in the Military. Keep practicing]


  5. One thing I know after a military life. Never get into a pissing contest with a military guy who does his pull ups with drink in hand. Enjoy.


  6. Grace, I really hope both you and Deb are right about the Senior vote in Florida. I’m just very skeptical about it, given their past performances. Best regards!


  7. Geo, your stereotypical, demeaning approach to seniors was objectionable to me, not your concerns which I share. Ryan can go a long way toward changing the current mediscare. If he can get out in front. So I don’t think it’s a lock for the Dems like it has been. If you look at those seniors who are not absolutely tied to Obama (and that would be any senior who votes for DWS and that’s a lot in that part of Florida) there is room now for them to consider R/R once they realize that it does not affect them in any way and that the alternative is unstable. I am repulsed by Granny off the cliff ads. But if you are elderly, scared and dependent with limited resources or support I can understand the fear of change. Many Americans are now scared and dependent. That’s what Obama is counting on. And yep, that Tricare increase was a hit. But I think we both know that in Obama’s Amerika you don’t get points from this CIC for serving your country. Cheers.


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