The Obama Campaign Accuses Mitt Romney of Growing ‘Unhinged’

Via the Blaze:

Mitt Romney gave a no-nonsense speech to roughly 5,000 supporters in Ohio on Tuesday, and the Obama campaign responded by, essentially, calling him a liar and a lunatic.

Campaign press secretary Ben LaBolt said: “Governor Romney’s comments tonight seemed unhinged, and particularly strange coming at a time when he’s pouring tens of millions of dollars into negative ads that are demonstrably false.”

Uh huh. Does this sound “unhinged” to you?:

You want unhinged?

Check out the latest photos of Obama out on the campaign trail where he continues to make unforced errors, (probably due to being rattled by polls showing him losing ground in swing states):

We all take bad pictures, and Romney and Ryan will surely take their fair share of lousy photos out on the campaign trail, too.

But I defy you to find any that are comparable to …. the ones above.


Found it:  El Rushbo commenting on the “demonic” pictures appearing online of the President stumping for Democrats during the mid term election campaigns.


Doh: Former Obama campaign co-chair to stump for Romney

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5 thoughts on “The Obama Campaign Accuses Mitt Romney of Growing ‘Unhinged’

  1. Biden’s “Gonna put y’all in chains”: serious, thoughtful campaign dialog.

    Romney’s “This is what an angry and desperate presidency looks like”: “a liar and a lunatic, unhinged”.

    It makes perfect sense to a Democrat.


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