Special Operations Speaks to Bob Beckel: “Say it to my face”

ViaThe Right Planet::

From: Special Operations Speaks
Contact: Alex Rosenwald
To: Press
(571) 282-7954
Re: SOS memo to Bob Beckel

Special Operations Speaks to Bob Beckel:

Say it to my face.

Yesterday, Fox News’ “The Five” ran a segment on the military members who are taking action against President Barack Obama and his administration for their deliberate, continuing national-security leaks that are endangering the lives of the military men and women who serve and protect the United States of America. In that segment, liberal smear artist Bob Beckel defended the Obama White House’s intentional release of highly sensitive and highly classified security information:

“The idea to suggest that the President of the United States would leak intelligence information, jeopardizing people in the field is close to treason,” Beckel said. “If I were them – I assume they are out of the military now – they ought to take their benefits and go home.”

As honorably discharged and retired veterans of the Special Operations communities of all the Armed Forces and their supporters, whose mission in forming Special Operations Speaks is to illuminate the failed operational security environment of the current presidential administration, we find Bob Beckel’s commentary slanderous, insulting and appalling.

Yes Bob, we are indeed “out” of military uniform, but as private citizens in civilian mufti, we are no less dedicated to protect, defend and preserve the Constitution of the United States than we were when we first swore to do so when we entered military service and then honorably served our nation. Bob, we are home and one of the “benefits” we enjoy, like you, is freedom of speech under the First Amendment of our sacred Constitution.

Me likey. There’s much more to read at the link.

My favorite part, right here:

On the plus side, Beckel’s comments, however, have only strengthened the resolve of Special Operations Speaks and like military groups who stand united in a mission to stop the White House leaks for personal political gain. To use Beckel’s own comparison, if Beckel was worried about the Swift Boats in 2004, then the combined efforts of Special Operations Speaks, OPSEC and other like-minded Special Operations fraternal organizations will seem like “Swiftboating on Steroids” during this critical 2012 presidential election. Be afraid Bob . . . be very afraid.

Oh yessss.

Yes, yes, yesssss.

Libs use the term “swiftboat” as a pejorative, but swiftboating  is one of the most honorable endeavors a veteran can ever engage in.

What it means, roughly, is to tell the truth about a self aggrandizing, anti-American Leftist.

And if anybody needs the truth told about them, it’s self-aggrandizing, America hating leftists.


OPSEC Video: Obama’s Dishonorable Disclosures


Uncle Jimbo of Blackfive: Obama attacks special operators for fronting him out:

Well Barry’s team never had any real respect for the knuckle-dragging troglodytes who he sent out to attempt to give him some tough guy cred and get him some campaign fodder by acting as cannon fodder. The reaction to this legitimate concern about our security shows the disdain they have.

Taking a direct shot at the leaders of OPSEC, an Obama campaign official lambasted the group’s accusations about national security leaks this morning. “No one in this group is in a position to speak with any authority on these issues and on what impact these leaks might have,” said the official, speaking on background, “and it’s clear they’ve resorted to making things up for purely political reasons.”

Making stuff up for purely political reasons, Really? Seriously that is your response, to call them liars? And to do so anonymously? Well that part makes sense, the odds of a gutless, spineless political tool standing up and calling those guys, us guys and other folks who are in a position to make those claims, liars is pretty slim. The Swift Boat reference is actually pretty legitimate, though. The ads that former comrades of John Kerry put out accurately portrayed Kerry as a glory hound punk who spent four months in Vietnam, picked up three extremely sketchy Purple Hearts, shot a bunch of reenactments of his exploits for home movies, and then headed out long before his tour was up to try to become the reincarnation of JFK. So Swift Drone away on the mighty Osama Slayer’s wafer-thin resume and phone book thick record of using it for his own aggrandizement.

Foreign Policy: Anti-Obama Navy SEAL leader: I’m a Birther

President Barack Obama is a socialist, was raised by communists, and wasn’t born in the United States, according to the former Navy SEAL who founded the group Special Operations Speaks (SOS), which aims to portray Obama as anti-military in this election season.

Earlier this week, a different group of former Navy SEALS calling themselves the Special Operations OPSEC Education Fund rolled out its campaign to criticize Obama for leaking national security information and taking what it believes as undue credit for the killing of Osama bin Laden. That group claims to be non-political.

But the founder of SOS, a similar group with the same mission and the same tactics, says he has no problem admitting that he is against Obama’s politics, personality, and believes that America’s current president is lying about his origins.

“I have to admit that I’m a Birther,” said SOS founder Larry Bailey, a retired 27-year veteran of the Navy SEALs, in an interview. “If there were a jury of 12 good men and women and the evidence were placed before them, there would be absolutely no question Barack Obama was not born where he said he was and is not who he says he is.”

Bailey, who is part of the leadership of SOS’s effort to mobilize thousands to take to the streets to denounce Obama’s treatment of the military through an SOS project called Operation Street Corner, doesn’t only believe that the president is a foreigner. He also believes that he is not actually the son of Barack Obama, Sr. Bailey trumpeted the conspiracy theory that the president is actually the love child of Ann Dunham and writer Frank Marshall Davis.

I didn’t catch the part where Baily said Obama was born outside of the United States. I think Josh Rogin, the author of that Foreign Policy piece was inferring that. What Baily said was he doesn’t believe Obama  was born where he says he was born.

UPI: McRaven: Bin Laden raid was ‘historic’:

The admiral commands 66,000 Special Forces from all branches of the U.S. armed forces, including some 7,000 deployed in Afghanistan, CNN said. He also declined to tell persistent audience members details of the military drone campaign in Pakistan that has killed top al-Qaida and Taliban leaders.

“We are never happy when leaks occur and we go to very great lengths to protect our sources and methods,” he said. “Sooner or later it [leaks] is going to cost people their lives, or it is going to cost us our national security.”

Like clockwork – who didn’t see this coming after what Baily said?
Now Swift-boat victim #1 enters the fray:

President Barack Obama‘s aides and allies are trying to undermine an emerging campaign by former soldiers who are slamming the White House for what they see as a willingness to betray the nation’s secrets in exchange for publicity.

His aides released a plea from Sen. John Kerry late Friday, urging supporters to ignore the Special Operations OPSEC Education Fund’s hard-hitting criticisms. OPSEC is military jargon for operational security.

Not because anything OPSEC is alleging about the leaks is wrong, mind you – they’ve got a new angle….

Kerry’s email was accompanied by a second message from Obama campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt.

With the subject line “Forwarded Without Comment,” LaBolt’s message consisted of article which said the head of a different group of veterans — not the Special Operations OPSEC Education Fund — believes Obama was born outside the United States.

Okay, not only is Baily not part of OPSEC, he never said Obama was born outside of the United States.

The article, published in Foreign Policy, quoted Larry Bailey, who founded the unrelated Special Operations Speaks organization, saying “I have to admit that I’m a Birther.”

LaBolt’s effort to associate the birther movement with the Special Operations OPSEC Education Fund is likely intended to mute the impact of the group’s charges.

Democrats have chosen to be sensitive to criticism from veterans because they blame a veterans groups for derailing Sen. Kerry’s 2004 run for the presidency.

“Seeing the new outrageous attacks made against President Obama from a shadowy Republican-allied veterans group called OPSEC, which take issue with the mission to kill Osama bin Laden, remind me all too well of the notorious ‘Swift Boat’ attacks I faced in the 2004 campaign,” Kerry’s email declared.

That group of veterans, “Swift Boat Veterans for Truth,” said then that Kerry exaggerated his Vietnam combat activities; Kerry’s supporters tried to refute the group’ charges. After he lost to President George W. Bush, they angrily declared that their new neologism — “swiftboated” — should be used to describe people who are unfairly criticized.

Nyet, comrades. Swiftboated should be used to describe commie scum who have  had the truth told about them.
Carry on, men.
Linked by Doug Ross, thanks!

Friday Free For All: The Case Against Obama

Speaking Truth to Power: Iowa Deli Owner Caters Obama Event Wearing “Government Didn’t Build My Business” T-Shirt

Photo credit: Nikki Kahn of the Washington Post

Charles K hammers Obama inThe Case Against Reelection:

There are two ways to run against Barack Obama: stewardship or ideology. You can run against his record, or you can run against his ideas.

The stewardship case is pretty straightforward: the worst recovery in U.S. history, 42 consecutive months of 8-plus percent unemployment, declining economic growth — all achieved at a price of another $5 trillion of accumulated debt.

The ideological case is also simple. Just play in toto (and therefore in context) Obama’s Roanoke riff telling small business owners: “You didn’t build that.” Real credit for your success belongs not to you — you think you did well because of your smarts and sweat? he asked mockingly — but to government that built the infrastructure without which you would have nothing.

Play it. Then ask: Is that the governing philosophy you want for this nation?

Mitt Romney’s preferred argument, however, is stewardship. Are you better off today than you were $5 trillion ago? Look at the wreckage around you. This presidency is a failure. I’m a successful businessman. I know how to fix things. Elect me, etc., etc.

Easy peasy, but highly risky. If you run against Obama’s performance in contrast to your own competence, you stake your case on persona. Is that how you want to compete against an opponent who is not only more likable and immeasurably cooler, but who also is spending millions to paint you as an unfeeling, out-of-touch, job-killing, private-equity plutocrat?

The ideological case, on the other hand, is not just appealing to a center-right country with twice as many conservatives as liberals; it is also explanatory. It underpins the stewardship argument. Obama’s ideology — and the program that followed — explains the failure of these four years.

Keep reading — I’ve made this case so many times — we have to drive home to our right of center country that we are dealing with a far left radical President  because otherwise  he can succeed in blaming his many failures on other factors – Bush, the Republicans, ATM’s, the tsunami, bad luck, etc. People need to know the truth.


AoSHQ: Obama: We Could Sit Here Debating First Principles, The Future of America, and Medicare, But I’m Gonna Stick To My Comfort Zone and Demand Mitt Romney’s Taxes:

Some rotten cynical operators will try to make an election about big questions instead about small things.

Obama told me so. 2008 version.

Barack Obama’s re-election campaign kept up pressure against Republican rival Mitt Romney on two fronts Friday, launching a new ad defending the president’s record on Medicare while challenging Romney to release at least five years of tax returns.

O Snap!Obama offers Romney a “deal” on taxes (release five years’ worth and we promise, pinky swear we won’t dog you for more).

They respond:

It is clear that President Obama wants nothing more than to talk about Governor Romney’s tax returns instead of the issues that matter to voters, like putting Americans back to work, fixing the economy and reining in spending,” Romney campaign manager Matt Rhoades wrote in a response to Obama counterpart Jim Messina….

Replied Rhoades to Messina: “If Governor Romney’s tax returns are the core message of your campaign, there will be ample time for President Obama to discuss them over the next 81 days.”

How about asking for Obama’s college transcripts? Or how about those Fast and Furious documents Obama asserted executive privilege to conceal. Go on the offensive, Team Romney!


Gateway Pundit: New Ad Highlights How $87 Billion Obamacare Tax Hurts Small Business (Video):

It’s a big effing deal.
This week, Chris McMurray, owner of Crumb & Get It Cookie Company, a bakery in southwestern Virginia, took issue with the president’s recent “you didn’t build that” comment to small business owners in Roanoke, VA.
The Stop The HIT Coalition video highlights how the $87 billion HIT hurts bakeries’ ability to grow and build their business.

Doug Ross: The Big Lie: Jay Carney attacks Ryan Budget for “not balancing the budget fast enough”:

Steven Dennis of the magazine Roll Call — which is not what you would call a hotbed of conservative thought — was incredulous after White House spokes-hack Jay Carney offered that Paul Ryan’s budget didn’t attack deficit reduction quickly enough.

They don’t even care that people are on to their increasingly absurd lies. Their aim is to reel in the most stupid and venal among us. They’ve written off normal, mainstream Americans. Obama wants to win with a coalition of the low info voters, government workers, the dependency class,  and left wing radicals. It’s that simple.


Gotta like this…

National Journal: Report: Obama Registration Efforts Flagging:

Despite pouring resources into scores of voter-registration events in the last week alone, a Boston Globeanalysis found that the Obama campaign has failed to significantly swell the rolls of Democratic voters in battleground states.

In five battleground states the for which the Globe was able to analyze registration data, Democratic registration increased by 39,580 voters, while Republican registration increased by 145,085.

Ace has much more on this: In Battleground States, Romney Republican Registration Effort Demolishing Obama Democratic Registration Effort:

Even Mitt Romney’s surprised.

JeffB. dropped a pudding-level prediction in the comments:

All those massive fundraising numbers you’ve read about? None of that can be spent by the Romney campaign until after the Convention, after he has been formally nominated. So he’s had to run on the fumes of his primary warchest, and rely on the SuperPACs to pick up the slack.From September onward, though? It’s going to be the world’s biggest hurricane of pro-Romney advertising, created and directed explicitly by his campaign to set the tone. All that money is going to explode into a blitz of TV, radio, internet advertising, and (most importantly) ON-THE-GROUND ORGANIZING.

I can’t emphasize this last enough. *That* was the major advantage Obama had in 2008. He got his people to the polls. Folks, I have seen, up close with my very eyes, the swing-state turnout operation that Mitt Romney is assembling (openly) in Virginia and (quietly, on the down-low) in Pennsylvania. They will blow you away when they start cranking into action. Shit’s gonna run like the metal exoskeleton of the Terminator: a thousand moving parts, all in sync, well-oiled.


Minn Post: Jan Brewer leads ‘constitutional throwdown’ against DREAM Act-lite:

Undocumented immigrants “are here illegally and unlawfully in the state of Arizona, and it’s already been determined that you’re not allowed to have a driver’s license if you are here illegally,” the governor said in a press conference. “The Obama amnesty plan doesn’t make them legally here.”

Arizona, under Brewer, became a leading force in the anti-illegal immigration movement by passing Senate Bill 1070, which included tough measures designed to shrink the numbers of illegal immigrants. Several other states including Georgia and Alabama followed suit, sparking legal showdowns between the states and the US Department of Justice. This summer, the US Supreme Court struck down most of SB 1070, but retained one key provision: the ability of police officers to ask for identification from those they suspect are in the country illegally.

Brewer’s latest move could be part of an effort to build support in Congress and other states to challenge the constitutionality of DACA, which critics say goes beyond the White House’s constitutional purview. Rep. Lamar Smith (R) of Texas, for example, has called DACA “a breach of faith with the American people and the rule of law.”

Brewer’s order “is a broader challenge to the federal government, because this [Obama] order, this policy, is clearly illegal,” says Mark Krikorian, director of the Center for Immigration Studies, which advocates stronger immigration laws and enforcement. “It’s trying to set up a confrontation that will focus not just on Governor Brewer’s order but on the illegality of the president’s policy.”

“In a way, I think they’re kind of hoping that the Justice Department will sue them before the election,” he says.


PJ Tatler: Former VA Gov. Doug Wilder Appears at Romney Fundraiser (Updates):

At a fundraiser at the Richmond, VA Marriott tonight for the Romney campaign, there was a surprise guest. Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell introduced Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, who in turn introduced Rep. Paul Ryan. But before McDonnell took the mic, another figure was acknowledging dignitaries in the crowd. Among those dignitaries addressed from the stage, was former Virginia Gov. Douglas Wilder, according to a Tatler source who was there.

Wilder, a Democrat, is the first black politician elected governor in the United States. He served as governor of Virginia from 1990 to 1994. Wilder has been sharply critical of Vice President Joe Biden’s controversial “chains” comment this week.

Gov. Wilder’s appearance at a fundraiser for the Republican presidential ticket is sure to set off shock waves among the Democrats, and lead to speculation that he could shake up the race with more criticism of the Democratic ticket.

It’s times like this that I really miss Andrew Breitbart…

He would be having so much fun with this.

Media Matters senior fellow Eric Boehlert said on Thursday that a group of former Navy SEALS “don’t have guts” after the special forces operators launched a media campaign condemning the Obama administration’s national security leaks.

#kindalame former Navy SEALs don’t have guts to admit they’re running a GOP, anti-Obama campaign; http://nyti.ms/N2nYYj ” Boehlert wrote on Twitter Thursday morning.

The group Boehlert lashed out at is called the Special Operations OPSEC Education Fund and it’s composed of former U.S. intelligence and specials forces operators. They describe themselves as non-partisan and finger the current president as an example of a politician who uses national security secrets for political gain.

“STOP the politicians, President Obama and others, from politically capitalizing on US national security operations and secrets!” reads the organization’s website.


This is so sick — If you can steal a billion dollars from private accounts, and if you know the right people, not face any consequences at all, there is no longer a rule of law in the United States. We are, as Tyler Durden says, officially in a Banana Republic –

Zero Hedge: Jon Corzine Will Not Only Not Face Prosectuion, But May Be Launching A Hedge Fund Imminently:

In what should be the biggst non-news of the day, the NYT is reporting that not only will Jon Corzine not face any criminal prosecution for vaporizing hundreds of millions in client money (which subsequently condensed in the JPM middle office), but will in fact be launching … wait for it… a hedge fund. “A criminal investigation into the collapse of the brokerage firm MF Global and the disappearance of about $1 billion in customer money is now heading into its final stage without charges expected against any top executives. After 10 months of stitching together evidence on the firm’s demise, criminal investigators are concluding that chaos and porous risk controls at the firm, rather than fraud, allowed the money to disappear, according to people involved in the case.” And algos… And glitches… And faulty software installs… And some junior person who has long since left the company…  and, and, and, lots and lots of passive voice… Because in the Banana republic of the crave, no bundlers can ever go to jail, no matter how heinous the crime, which is not to say other places are better: in Thailand you shoot your secretary in the stomach during dinner with an Uzi and you don’t even pay a $600 fine.

More at RedState: Guilty As Sin And Free As A Bird – Corzine Edition:

He Simply Doesn’t Know Where The Money Is, But He’s Bored And Feels Like Starting A Hedge Fund


Speaking of Banana Republics – Ever heard of Obama fellow radical, Leo Gerard? Jeffrey Lord thinks may be complicit in the Joe Soptic smear, and since Gerard is currently a member of Obama’s cabinet, that would be illegal..

In 2009 Gerard served as a co-chair on the board of directors of Healthcare-Now! – along with such notables as Quentin Young, Medea Benjamin, and Lucius Walker. The following year, he was a board of directors member with the Progressive States Network. In September 2011, Barack Obama appointed Gerard to serve on the President’s Advisory Committee on Trade Policy and Negotiations.

  • International president of the United Steelworkers of America
  • Has close ties to the Democratic Socialists of America
  • Participated in the chaotic 1999 anti-globalization demonstrations in Seattle
  • Chairman of the AFL-CIO’s public policy committee
  • Supporter of the Occupy Wall Street movement

The American Spectator: Leo Gerard and the Chicago Thugs:

An Obama presidential appointee and union leader (Gerard of the US Trade Advisory) appears to have had a prior connection to the now controversial Joe Soptic (that 2008 video). The USW is not answering my questions about the Gerard-Soptic relationship or the video as of this writing.

• Obama SuperPAC honcho Bill Burton, already under fire for the Soptic video, was White House Deputy Press Secretary when the White House press office announced Gerard’s appointment to ACTPN.

• Leading to the obvious question. Did Gerard lead both the Obama campaign and the Obama SuperPAC to Soptic while serving in an official capacity in the Obama Administration ? Thus being the “missing link” connector between the Obama Administration and the Obama SuperPAC. The man who connected Joe Soptic to Stephanie Cutter and Bill Burton?

• Questions are now raised (again) as to whether the United Steelworkers, of which Gerard was an officer as treasurer, had a hand in bringing down GST Steel by costing it some $22 million in a 10-week strike. Did they also milk GST with $100,000 salaries for favored union members at GST — while some union members were literally sleeping on the job?

• And last but not least, there is the old news of Leo Gerard’s behavior at the WTO — and why he has any White House appointment at all.


Dick Morris TV:Obama Cites Auto Bailout As Model:

In this video commentary, I discuss how Obama plans to use the GM Bailout as a template for his future industrial policy in a second term. It’s called socialism.


Before It’s News: Video: Nun In Syria Tells The Facts:

This Nun is sincerely telling her truth about what’s happening in Syria. Do you believe her or the US Mainstream Media and Hillary Clinton?


DaTechGuy: Dana Milbank on SPLC “hate” or What a difference a little bloodshed makes:

Sure he throws a bunch of caveats about the right and hits their positions as offensive but still in the you WILL toe the line or else atmosphere he will get a lot of flack for this piece from his pals on the left.

I suppose I shouldn’t be too hard on Dana Milbank after all he is doing better than a lot of other people on the left by saying it and he is being savaged in comments but if he really had the courage of his convictions this piece would have come out before there was blood on the ground and not after.

I’d like to think this is more than distancing oneself from the violent left and an attempt at damage control but everyone knows I’m a sucker.


CNS: Bozell: NBC, CBS Ignore LGBT Link To Family Research Council Shooter:

Corkins, for the last six months, had been a volunteer at the The DC Center for the LGBT Community, according to the group’s executive director, David Mariner. The FBI reported that a witness told the bureau agents that Corkins, while in the FRC lobby, “stated words to the effect of ‘I don’t like your politics.'”

Commenting on the news coverage, Bozell said, “The liberal media have repeatedly and deliberately turned a blind eye to the violent, hateful culture of liberalism, particularly their vicious attacks against those who advocate traditional Christian values and conservative principles.”

“We saw it during their deceptive, romanticized coverage of Occupy Wall Street,” said Bozell.  “We saw it again during their sneering, anti-Christian coverage of the Chick-fil-A controversy. And now we’re seeing it through NBC’s and CBS’s dismissive coverage of this senseless shooting at the FRC,”  he said.

On its Web site, the FRC, a non-profit group, states that it “has advanced faith, family and freedom in public policy and public opinion” since 1983. The group’s mission statement also says in part that the  “FRC shapes public debate and formulates public policy that values human life and upholds the institutions of marriage and family.”


Michelle Malkin: The Liberal Sisterhood of the Plundering Hacks:

Hey, remember when Nancy Pelosi and a gaggle of Democratic women vowed to eradicate Washington’s culture of corruption? Tee-hee. Instead of breaking up the Good Ol’ Boys Club, Capitol Hill’s leading liberal ladies have established their very own taxpayer-funded Sisterhood of the Plundering Hacks.

This week, the names of two of Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano’s gal pals surfaced in a mortifying, Animal House-style scandal. If the allegations of whistleblowers pan out, DHS may soon be known as DSH: The Department of Sexual Harassment.

According to FoxNews.com’s Judson Berger, DHS chief of staff for Immigration and Customs Enforcement Suzanne Barr put herself on voluntary leave after details of her lewd behavior were disclosed as part of an ongoing discrimination and retaliation lawsuit. In “newly emerging affidavits,” Berger reported, “one of the employees claimed that in October 2009, while in a discussion about Halloween plans, the individual witnessed Barr turn to a senior ICE employee and say: ‘You a sexy (expletive deleted).’”

Striking a blow for equal opportunity pervs everywhere, Barr “then looked at his crotch and asked, ‘How long is it anyway?’ according to the affidavit.”

Barr is accused of numerous other acts intended to “humiliate and intimidate male employees.” Yet another account from the lawsuit detailed Barr’s vulgar text messages to a colleague while on a boozy trip to Colombia. On the same junket, Barr allegedly offered to perform oral sex on another DHS employee. Barr, a lawyer who previously served as Napolitano’s director of legislative affairs when the DHS secretary was governor of Arizona, had no law enforcement experience before ascending the federal ranks.

A few months after Barr followed Napolitano to DHS in 2009, another crony tagged along. Dora Schriro, who served as director of Arizona’s Department of Corrections under then-Gov. Napolitano, was appointed by her BFF to head the Detention and Removal Operations office despite zero experience in that critical homeland security policy area. The suit claims that Schriro had a “longstanding relationship with (Napolitano)” that resulted in preferential treatment.

A few plum posts here, a few plum posts there. Pretty soon, the sleaze piles up.

You might want to take a peak at this…

Alexa Shrugged: Holy Grail Found: Paul Ryan Shirtless Pic!

As you may recall, Paul Ryan was in my July 2012 post Top 10 Hottest Conservative Congressmen,
here are the images I used back then:

Benny Johnson, The Blaze: Joe Biden vs. Paul Ryan: Who Is More Manly in These 24 Pictures?

Both VP Candidates have a sort of ‘tough-guy’ sensibility about them.  So lets see how that stacks up.


Via Coach Swan on Twitter:

Hey @touré, niggerize THIS. pic.twitter.com/vidnmcZ1

Big Government: Radical Left ‘Catholics for Obama’ Push Alinsky ‘Social Justice’ Ideology:

On Monday, two days after Mitt Romney selected Paul Ryan, a pro-life Catholic as his Vice Presidential running mate, the Obama campaign announced the leadership team for the 2012 version of “Catholics for Obama.”  The group  is dominated by radical left wing intellectuals and politicians who promote the “social justice” ideology of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.

The Catholic Campaign for Human Development is an organization founded in 1969 with the help of Chicago’s Saul Alinsky, the original “community organizer.” Its members are not typical of the Catholic congregations in America. Instead, they are academics at Catholic universities, nominally Catholic pro-abortion legislators, and labor leaders.

As Matthew Arnold wrote earlier this week at the Cardinal Newman Society blog:

Relying heavily on left-leaning academics at Catholic colleges and universities, the Obama campaign on Monday unveiled its “Catholics for Obama” team for 2012 in an effort to boost its Catholic vote.

Among those leading the group are several pro-abortion rights politicians along with faculty members at Catholic colleges including Sister Jamie Phelps, director of the Institute for Black Catholic Studies at Xavier University in New Orleans; Nicholas Cafardi, a canon and civil lawyer who teaches at the Duquesne Law School in Pittsburgh; Thomas Groome of Boston College, a theologian; and Stephen Schneck, director of the Institute for Policy Research & Catholic Studies at Catholic University of America.

Weasel Zippers: AFL-CIO Canvasser Booked On 23 Felony Counts Related To Voter Fraud…

ia Media Trackers:A former Ohio University student paid to canvass for Voters First Ohio petition signatures was arrested August 14 by the Cincinnati Police Department. Timothy Noel Zureick was booked on 22 counts of signing false signatures and one count of election falsification, both fifth-degree felonies.

As reported by the Athens News, Zureick, age 21, was arrested for crimes allegedly committed while working in Athens for Working America, a campaign arm of the AFL-CIO in Washington, DC. Zureick’s August 14 arrest is the first known prosecution to stem from the numerous allegations of fraud during the union-driven Voters First campaign.

According to authorities, on or around June 12 Zureick forged the signatures of a number of prominent Athens County Democratic Party figures. Athens County Board of Elections employees who had not signed Voters First petitions alerted the county prosecutor’s office after finding their signatures on petitions Zureick submitted.

VP Rumors: Biden Benched! Hillary Offered Spot but Not Interested! Will He Stay or Will He Go?!

Graphic via NY Daily News

Neil Munro from the Daily Caller is reporting that in the wake of Vice President Joe Biden’s very bad week, he  has been sent home to Delaware to start his weekend early.

The updated White House calendar for Aug. 17 reports that “in the morning, the Vice President will meet with senior advisers. Later, the Vice President will be in Wilmington, Delaware.”

“There are no public events scheduled,” said the 5:36 p.m. White House announcement, titled “Daily Guidance for the Vice President.”

Biden’s retreat home during the increasingly frenetic 2012 race comes amid increased criticism for his campaign-trail performance.

Biden was slated to share an uncomfortable lunch with President Barack Obama on Thursday, following his disastrous week on the campaign trail, which culminated with a racially inflammatory warning to African-American supporters that Mitt Romney will “put y’all back in chains.”

The flubs revived chatter about whether the president will drop Biden, and seek a substitute vice president to win the tough 2012 race.

Obama’s spokesman Jay Carney on Thursday provided a tepid defense of Biden when he was asked if the vice president would remain on the ticket.

“Yes and that was settled a long long time ago,” Carney said, before quickly changing the subject to Medicare.
Robert Costa posted on NRO a conversation between rumor-monger, Ed Klein and Larry Kudlow on CNBC, Thursday night:

Here’s the transcript from CNBC’s The Kudlow Report:

KLEIN: Larry, just before we went on the air tonight, I checked with my sources in the Clinton camp and I took notes because I want to be careful. And here is what they told me: Up until just a couple of weeks ago, the White House was putting out feelers to see if Hillary would accept the vice-presidential nod and replace Joe Biden. Bill Clinton was, I’m told, urging his wife to accept the number-two slot. He saw this as a great launching pad for her for running in 2016. But, then, Hillary had lunch in the White House a couple of weeks ago with Valerie Jarrett, Michelle’s best friend, senior adviser to both the first lady and the president. And she told Valerie Jarrett that she would not accept the vice-president spot. The lunch was ostensibly about other matters, but it came up. The vice-presidential thing came up. Hillary felt burned out after four years as secretary of state. But I’m told there were more important reasons for her not accepting.

KUDLOW: Such as?

KLEIN: Number one, she felt that if she were on the ticket with Obama and he lost, she would be tarred as a loser when she tried to run in 2016. On the other hand, if she was on the ticket and he won, and he continued his far, left-wing socialistic policies, she would have to defend those policies when she ran in 2016.

KUDLOW: It’s already tough enough for her to defend some of the foreign policies that he has been putting forward.

KLEIN: Exactly.

KUDLOW: So let me just get that. You’re saying, two weeks ago, that White House staff put out feelers to Hillary about going on the ticket as vice president.

KLEIN: That’s right.

Very interesting….See the link for the complete conversation.
 Ace went ahead and made a prediction:

He’s a liability, and Obama’s got a shit-ton of liabilities on his hands already.

I do not believe he will be on the ticket.

Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard thinks otherwise:

Years from now, men and women of good will laud President Obama for his decency, his loyalty—nay, his humanity—in resisting all entreaties to cast Joe Biden overboard, in refusing to leave Joe Biden a prophet without honor in his own party, in standing by his man Joe. There are worse things than being a one-term president.

Living up to Kristol’s  praise, the President  told People Magazine that Biden is an “outstanding vice president” who is sadly misunderstood:

The president said people get “obsessed with how something was phrased,” even if that’s not what was meant.

Obama knows all about being taken out of context, don’t you know.


AoSHQ: Run, Joe. Run. American Crossroads Makes Its Case For Biden:

Is Joe Biden just a great Vice-President? Or is he the Greatest Vice-President Ever!?

A new ad from American Crossroads tries to answer that question …



Hat tip: Charles B