Video: MoveOn Goons Now Stalking Paul Ryan at Campaign Events

Back in May, I wrote about how the organized left was dogging Mitt Romney at his campaign events. The Obama campaign was organizing  protests outside of Mitt’s speeches, while their Move On comrades promised to “fly banners over Romney’s head. All the time.”

Occupiers dogged Republican candidates  at numerous primary appearances, earlier this year, and now MoveOn is promising to hound Romney at all of his outdoor speaking engagements.

The following is an email sent to all MoveOn members. Note that it starts off bemoaning how the presidential election is going to be “one of the dirtiest ever” (excuse me, who’s fault is that?!) while in the next breath, suggesting that MoveOn members donate to their campaign of harassing Romney everywhere he goes from now until election day…

Dear MoveOn member,

This is shaping up to be the dirtiest presidential election ever. And the most expensive, with pro-Romney super PACs and huge corporations spending like drunken sailors, thanks to Citizens United.1 The sheer quantity of misleading ads will be stupefying.

But even if they buy the airwaves, they can’t buy the skies. So we can “rise above” their dirty ads—literally—and fly messages from the 99% over dozens of Mitt Romney events. We already did it successfully when we hired a plane to fly over Romney’s Liberty University graduation speech towing a banner that read: “GOP = HIGHER SCHOOL DEBT.”2

We can’t afford hundreds of millions of dollars of TV ads. But it turns out, if we all chip in a bit, we can afford to fly banners over Romney’s head. All the time.

Call it 99airlines.

99airlines was at the Villages in Florida, Saturday, to greet Paul Ryan who spoke to an enormous crowd of mostly seniors who aren’t drinking the Obama Koolaid.

The Shark Tank  reported:

In much the same manner that Florida Senator Marco Rubio does on the stump, Ryan referenced the fact that his mother was living off Medicare and that the program needs to be preserved for future generations.

Prior to Ryan and his mother’s arrival, a yellow single-engine propeller plane circled overhead with a banner that read “Paul Ryan – KEEP YOU HANDS OFF OUR MEDICARE.”

The plane didn’t attract much attention, and there was also a group of about 30 protesters who marched around the grounds carrying signs that demonized the 42-year old VP pick as the ‘Great Satan’ who wants to end Medicare.

Here’s El Sharko’s clip of the plane:

See The Shark Tank for video or Ryan’s speech.

Another Florida blogger, Deep Fried Manatees was also there, and noted that the plane occasionally made it hard to hear the speakers.

I have no idea how many people were there, I’ve never seen a crowd that large at any of the events I’ve attended at The Villages, and the crowd was not disappointed.

There was a ground of about ten protesters that would their way around the crowd with signs that read “Hands off my Medicare” and a plane constantly buzzed over the crowd with a banner that read:  Paul Ryan:  Hands off our Medicare.  The plane occasionally made it hard to hear the speakers but I just reminded myself that rude people will be rude and “progressives” have rudeness down to a science.

The small group of protesters aside, the seniors at The Villages have embraced Ryan’s plan for reforming Medicare.  The Obama attempts to paint Ryan as a radical fall flat with this group.

Hecklers from a Marxist group also  disrupted a Paul Ryan speech in Iowa, last week.

I’ll repeat what I said, last May:

…the goal is not to inform “millions of voters who are concerned about the economy…” People aren’t persuaded by airplane banners, or protests at candidates’ speaking engagements. The idea to wear people down, demoralize them into thinking the opposition is much greater than it is, depressing Republican  turnout in the general election.

Don’t be fooled. Obama is floundering and his false narratives are flopping. He’s the guy who’s barely winning in one Democrat primary after another against mullet headed jailbirds or “uncommitted”. They are the ones who are demoralized as hell, as DaTechGuy likes to say– Mitt needs to ride right through them.

Those  words are now truer than ever, as Obamacrats  witness in horror  the “preference cascade” toward the Romney/Ryan ticket.

See this Cartoon of the Day for further edification.

Linked by Doug Ross, thanks!

3 thoughts on “Video: MoveOn Goons Now Stalking Paul Ryan at Campaign Events

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  2. For security reasons, I would think private aircraft would be prohibited from the airspace over a Presidential or VP candidate’s events, the same as applies for the President.


  3. For security reasons, I would think private aircraft would be prohibited from the airspace over a Presidential or VP candidate’s events, the same as applies for the President.


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