Video: Obama to Romney: “Unseal Your Tax Records!”

Via Gateway Pundit:

Barack Obama lectured Mitt Romney: “If you want to be president of United States, your life is an open book.”

Seriously, the gonads on this guy:

There goes the President speaking for “the American people” again. As if the American people need this Marxist imposter speaking for them.

I’d like to take the opportunity to second Doug Ross’s proposal from just the other day for Mitt Romney to release one tax return for each item on this list:

Starting with…

1. His college transcripts.

3. The video of his speech praising PLO operative Rashid Khalidi at a banquest in 2003, which The Los Angeles Times possesses, but still refuses to release.

4. His complete medical records.

Etc…there’s more at the link, including a comment that Obama should also  release lawfully subpoenaed  records pertaining to the Fast & Furious Operation, which he asserted executive privilege to keep hidden from the public.

If I may be so bold as to speak for the “American people”…. I bet they assume that if you want to remain President of the United States, you can’t use executive privilege to  cover-up a crime. I bet they would even find that a more compelling case for disqualification than Mitt Romney’s unreleased  tax records.

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3 thoughts on “Video: Obama to Romney: “Unseal Your Tax Records!”

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  2. Deb, what gonads indeed.
    He pranced out in front of his adoring press buds and was thrown softball questions or just outright lied with his answers. This is the same crew who were screaming the last couple of days that they wanted at him since he hasn’t entertained there ego’s for a while now, with their puff ball questions. They are all self absorbed idiots, who manage to stroke each other for self gratification. There is absolutely no difference between that crowd who bowed before him at the White House yesterday and Entertainment Tonight from the other day.

    Greg Gutfeld returned to the Five last night and had a commentary piece on it, he knocked it out of the park.

    [BTW where are all the msm reports on the dim from MN caught in the highway rest area having sex with a under age boy?]


  3. It doesn’t matter what’s in Romney’s tax returns. What matters is fixing a tax code that is as old as the dinosaurs.

    With a tax overhaul and budget overhaul like the one outlined in the Bowles-Simpson plan the economy could grow faster and generate more tax revenue “thanks to lower marginal rates and the smaller deficit in the overall plan.”


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