Ugh: Todd Akin Asks For Forgiveness in New Ad (Video) UPDATE: The End is Near?

It’s a weak, “I am not a witch  –  I misspoke – please forgive me ad. As Gateway Pundit quipped; “when your campaign reaches the point where you are forced to remind voters that you oppose rape, you know you have reached rock bottom.”

He misunderstands. The faux outrage is on the left. It’s mortification on the right. Mortification that a guy who believes women can self-terminate pregnancies, when raped, is jeopardizing our takeover of the Senate. The anger on the right for him is if he stays. He still has time to drop out. He still has time to put the country above his political aspirations. Then there will be forgiveness.

Gotta agree with Drew M, here:

I think this infatuation some people have with defending politicians to the end is silly and not a healthy small ‘r’ republican value. These guys are chess pieces to me. If you have to sacrifice one or more to win the game then do it and win. The game here is control of the Senate (repealing ObamaCare, confirming judges, etc.) not vindicating some guy most of us couldn’t pick out of a lineup. This is about beating the Democrats at the ballot box, not shoving it to the “establishment” or the media.

We’re not Democrats- we don’t “circle the wagons” when one of ours screws up this badly. We can’t have any weak links – this is war against a ruthless, Alinsky-trained, progressive left that will exploit any weakness that we have on our side to the nth degree, and their allies in the media will help. In a year that Democrats are trying turn into a Republican “war on women”  — we can’t have a weak link like Todd Akin.

For the country, Todd Akin – be a patriot and withdraw from the race.


Via David Harsanyi,  Human Events:

Reportedly, vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan called Akin, presumably asking him to leave the race.

sulli159 says:

This just in:
“Ace of Spades reports that both Erick Erickson and Richard Grinnell are saying on Twitter that Akin will exit the campaign.”


OH, never-mind. The above  is a report from yesterday. Sorry, it was too good to check. I was on an iPAD and blindly pasted the link.


Gateway Pundit: The End Is Near: NRSC Sends Out Scathing Email – They Want Akin Gone


Jim Geraghty: PPP’s Sample in Missouri Suddenly Becomes More Heavily GOP

This morning, Public Policy Polling races to tell us that “Missouri voters strongly disagree with the comments Todd Akin made about abortion over the weekend, but it hasn’t moved the numbers a whole lot in the Senate race. Akin leads Claire McCaskill by a single point, 44-43. That’s basically identical to our last poll of the contest in late May, which found Akin ahead by a 45-44 spread.”

Hit the link to find out how heavily weighted toward Republicans the poll was to get that result.


8 thoughts on “Ugh: Todd Akin Asks For Forgiveness in New Ad (Video) UPDATE: The End is Near?

  1. Just to think, we had at least 3 or 4 Republican (even newbie Hector Malcanado) candidates leading Dem McCaskill in the MO polls in some areas and now this….we do not need another “dumb”, knee jerk reactor, make it up as you go along” Repub. I pray he steps down while we still have a chance to get Clare out of here. And who would of thought it……hmmm; McCaskill is not even calling for him to step down (last I heard). I know it’s a huge double standard for us conservatives but rightly so. I didn’t vote for him in the primary, but now wish Sarah Steeleman would of taken the lead.



  2. He is losing all sorts of ground support from the base. How he ever expects to survive without any national support is beyond belief. They are pulling all of the ads and funds from him.
    Old Claire is of course sticking up for him, ’cause as soon as he survives [if he does] she’ll kill him with the female argument, till November.


  3. I tried to call Akin’s Missouri offices following his ridiculous “apology” ads.

    Phones are disconnected in both offices: “This mailbox is not currently active.”


  4. Short of him withdrawing from the race on his own, the Republicans had better decide that it would be foolish not to support him and try to win the seat, if he stays.
    Not sure when his current seat is up in Congress. They are probably trying to cut a deal with him with that chip on the table to convince him to drop.


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