Video: Krauthammer Struck By How Much Akin is in Denial – Akin Gives Demonstration of Just How Much on Twitter

Fox’s  Special Report panel had a food discussion about Akin’s decision to stay in the race.  Krauthammer, after expressing shock at how much in denial Akin’s in, suggested that a horse be put in his bed, but doubted that Akin would get the reference.

You want delusional, check out Akin’s tweets tonight:

Insanity. We are dealing with someone who has a very tenuous relationship with the truth, here.

Someone close to Akin needs to help him face reality because he seems unable to on his own.

This is very wrong.


Seriously. all of $10,000 for a US Senate race against an incumbent?



Gateway Pundit:  Sarah Palin: Todd Akin Has Got to Go (Video)

Wherein Sarah echoes what yours truly said the other day: “know when to fold them”.

The Right Scoop: Mark Levin goes nuclear, says Todd Akin chose himself over the country

Michelle Malkin: Magical Uterus meme-spreader Akin blames “liberal media,” “liberal elite” for his woes

Twitchy: Missouri, national conservatives rally around Ann Wagner as Todd Akin replacement

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10 thoughts on “Video: Krauthammer Struck By How Much Akin is in Denial – Akin Gives Demonstration of Just How Much on Twitter

  1. It’s not denial. It’s full on narcissism with a smattering of delusion. I agree with standing for life. Manufacturing layers of rape and inventing the Magic Science Pregnancy Defense Fairy is not how you do it.


  2. Sorry, but no. It’s time we stop throwing ours under the bus because of one stupid mistake while the Demunist candiates get away with murder. Why do we lend credibility to sideshows? Because no matter how badly Todd Akin misspoke–and his gaffe was a major flop–that issue is *still* a sideshow. You know it, and more importantly, the liberals know it, too.


  3. Read his delusional tweets, anonymous. This guy has more issues than that one statement. He is an unmitigated disaster. When the whole party is asking you to step down, the sane thing to do is to step down.


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  5. It is more than obvious this man was no where ready for prime time. He lives in a very conservative district, getting elected in that district was only hard the first time (if that).

    He is delusional and can’t seem to use the common sense that God gave him.

    If he is doing this based on principle, please tell me what principle he is protecting when Obamacare could stand because of his actions? If he truly believes his rhetoric about principles, he would step aside to make sure that religious organizations are not being forced to fund abortions and birth control.

    Also, not getting much press on the right side of the aisle. He has made comments equally as moronic in the past. As a state legislator he questioned why a spousal abuse bill was necessary when women make up those things to hurt their husbands in divorce court. He did eventually vote in favor of the bill.

    He doesn’t leave with you with the warm and fuzzy feeling that he gets issues that are important to women.


  6. I’m not sure what you are seeing Deb. He is thanking his supporters for hanging in by his side. And I still do not see the evil that he has done. Did he claim that women want rape? Did he claim that women who are raped be ostracized?

    Or, did he use the wrong phrasing when talking about the difference between a violent traumatic rape event versus one that is not violent. How often have we heard that trauma can lead to the loss\miscarriage of a baby? He was going off some advice he heard about how a violent traumatic rape can cause a biological response based on the psychological and physiological trauma a women can experience.

    Are we really this quick to hoist one of our own on our petards? Please tell me the evil or corrupt thing he has done? Please tell me how he pushed for slavery. Please tell me how he excited race riots or was accused of rape. Please tell me how he hustled corporations for hush-money based upon the racial-makeup of the work force. Please tell me how he has stood or Socialist Marxist principles.

    If you can’t, then I don’t see it as any of the people’s business who reside outside of Missouri, especially MITT’s. I don’t see any reason to willfully and wantonly desire to burn him at the stake.


  7. I’d love to get a buck for every dim that jumped on that site and signed the petition. In fact, forget that . . . . I’d take a buck for every time Claire jumped on and signed the petition. Wonder how many times they crashed the server?

    At some point, since Akin seems to be hell bent and in denial, the GOP is gonna hafta make a decision to either throw the seat away or give this idiot some money for him to make a run of it. We can’t afford to just give this seat to dims.


  8. captainfish, he made a stupid statement about RAPE that was not based in medical fact in a year where the Dems are trying to paint the Republicans as having a “War on Women”. That made him toxic. Sure, there’s a double standard for Republicans – sure in any other year he could have gotten away with it – as Just a Conservative Girl says, he’s made equally moronic statements in the past. But the fact of the matter is, the Democrats are going to use the Akin gaffe as a truncheon to hammer Republicans with from now until election day, putting other seats in danger. It put the Dems’ “War on Women” narrative back in the spotlight when we thought we were finally over it. *double face palm* It puts the overturning of ObamaCare in danger because Republicans HAVE to take control of the Senate to do so. Conservatives are looking at all of these things, and hyperventilating.

    There’s no room for errors in a high stakes Senate race like this one. So Akin should have bowed out gracefully, putting the party and his country above his own aspirations. But he doesn’t do that because he thinks he still has a groundswell of support. He doesn’t. He’s the Republicans’ “Alvin Green” – an embarrassment – unable to grasp that it is not the “liberal elite” who are asking him to step down, but the entirety of his own party. From grassroots conservatives to the establishment, I’ve never seen us in such unison.


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