MN Dem Drops Re-election Bid Over Sex With Teen Boy

After vowing to stay in the race, an embattled Minnesota Democrat who engaged in oral sex with a 17 year old boy at rest stop on I-35 near Duluth, has decided to call it quits.

I gotta say, I’m surprised, I figured that he, being a Democrat in a Democrat district – would just brazen it out, and probably win, too. It’s not like this sort of thing has stopped Democrats, before.

Apparently the pressure for him to drop out was “too much”.

On Deadline reported:

“I changed my mind,” 56-year-old state Rep. Kerry Gauthier told the Associated Press. “Too much. It’s just too much.”

He also told AP that an overdose of muscle relaxants he took last week was a suicide attempt.

AP’s report appears to follow a call Gauthier made to Northland’s News Center to announce his withdrawal from the race, which could decide whether Democrats or Republicans control the state House.

The station writes: “Gauthier says there’s too much political fallout and it’s too hard on him psychologically. He doesn’t know what he’s going to do but he knows that staying in the race will be too hard on him emotionally.”

Gauthier added that he was not resigning, because he wants to keep his health benefits through the end of the year.

All’s well that ends well….for the Democrats.

Linked by Michelle Malkin, thanks!

2 thoughts on “MN Dem Drops Re-election Bid Over Sex With Teen Boy

  1. I dunno, seems to me that the Congressman meets all the basic, minimum dimocrap qualifications to hold and retain his seat. If only he’d start a prostitution ring out of his house, rather than at “rest stops”, he could qualify for a Bwarney Phwank longevity award. Hell, he’ll probably even get a standing “O” upon his return from recess. In fact, I could make a very good argument that given his pathetic attempt at a overdose, this man could actually have the potential for entry into the kennedy clan. ‘Cept of course he would have to try harder the next time and actually succeed at a “od” attempt, all while engaged with a few females xxxxx errrr [insert] young males.

    We’ll all just hafta learn to accept these dimocrap values, lower our expectations and deal with em. . . . . .

    Now if I managed to blunder away a couple of billion, escape prosecution, here’s what I’m talking about:
    [note: insert a well tanned babe]


  2. Smart move. (leaving the race, I mean)

    Now, if only a teen boy would seduce Todd Akin and do a kiss-n-tell interview.


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