Video: Black Pastor Says Obama Turned His Back on the Values of Their Community By Coming Out For Gay Marriage

Via The Right Scoop, N.C. pastor Dr. Patrick Wooden recorded a radio ad for the National Organization for Marriage encouraging the black community in North Carolina to vote against Obama because of his recent flip-flop on gay marriage:

Many black pastors are offended  because tone deaf homosexual activists like to compare their push for gay marriage with the civil rights movement of the 60’s – a comparison that rankles the  feathers of blacks who still remember those days.

Back in May, Maggie Gallagher predicted the following:

Obama’s gay marriage endorsement changed the political dynamic in ways that will hurt him in at least three ways:

1. Obama consolidated Mitt Romney’s base.

In a poll taken by PRRI/RNS Religion News Survey from May 2 to May 6, white evangelicals backed Romney by only 68 percent to 19 percent — well under the 79 percent support they gave George W. Bush’s winning campaign in 2004.

Now? Well, the numbers aren’t crunched yet but take this as a leading indicator: Robert Jeffress, the Dallas Baptist minister who called Mormonism a cult at last year’s Values Voter Summit, just endorsed Romney: “Given the choice between a Christian like Barack Obama who embraces very unbiblical principles like abortion and a Mormon like Mitt Romney who supports biblical values like the sanctity of life and marriage, I think there’s a good biblical case for voting for Mitt Romney,” Jeffress said.

2. Obama turned off independents.

A whopping 40 percent of voters told Gallup that Obama’s endorsement of gay marriage would affect their vote, and among independents — by a 2 to 1 margin — it made voters less likely to vote for him.

3. Obama may have put his own black and Latino base into play.

Pastor Emmett Burns (a delegate to the Maryland Assembly) was very upset: “He has said to his base, African-Americans, ‘I am going against your beliefs and your thoughts,'” Burns told the media. He now says he will no longer support the president and predicts Obama will lose in November.

How many Pastor Burnses are out there? We do not yet know.

Here’s the biggest change: Obama, by endorsing gay marriage, has broken through the media silence imposed on those who oppose gay marriage, generating new, unexpected and highly visible expressions of opposition.

All of a sudden, pastors across America are preaching against gay marriage. Conservative talk radio shows are addressing it. People are hearing that their friends and neighbors disapprove.

This is a conversation – as with medicare – Americans are happy to have.

And Obama’s endorsement of gay marriage may turn out to be his Achilles’ Heel in this election.

Hat tip: Charles B.

Issa Summons DOJ’s IG Horowitz to Capitol Hill for September Hearing on Fast and Furious

Hmmm! Gotta say I like the timing of this – Mike Vanderboegh of SSI is calling it a “September Surprise”.

Rep Issa, the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee sent the letter on Friday to the Justice Department’s Inspector General Michael Horowitz, summoning him to Capitol Hill to testify before a hearing on Sept. 11.

Via Kerry Picket of The Washington Times, the letter stated:

“Under normal circumstances, the Department has two weeks to complete this review, which would make its response due by September 4, 2012. It would be regrettable if senior Department officials applied political pressure on you to delay publication of this report. Given the considerable public interest in this case and the Attorney General’s own purported interest in learning the recommendations set forth in your report in order to make important management changes, it is incumbent upon you to release this report as soon as practicable.”

Additional thoughts via David Codrea of Gun Rights Examiner:

The length of time the report has taken to prepare prompted Gun Rights Examiner to observe last December that it had already exceeded the time it took the Warren Commission to produce its report on the John F. Kennedy assassination. Cautions were also raised months back about the selection of Horowitz to replace then-acting IG Cynthia A. Schnedar, who had close ties to Attorney General Eric Holder, when this column pointed out his close ties to Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer, identified early on as a person of interest in Fast and Furious by this column and citizen journalist Mike Vanderboegh of Sipsey Street Irregulars.

“We have been told through our sources for some time to be ready for a ‘September Surprise,’” Vanderboegh told his readers yesterday of this latest development. “The idea was to get the OIG report on the record and then, if it was a whitewash, to blow it out of the water with additional documents and witnesses already in the hands of the Issa committee.”

That makes Issa’s warning against delay all the more understandable, and further validates claims made over the weekend to this columnist by a past-proven source that there are “a lot of closed doors” at ATF Headquarters, as Acting Director B. Todd Jones, Deputy Director Thomas E. Brandon, the Chief Counsel’s office and relevant staffers are “poring” over a report said to be over 400 pages long.

It also renews hope that Issa and the Committee will be taking heed of unsolicited public counsel from this correspondent and Vanderboegh to demand the evidentiary work papers used as the basis for report findings, characterized by an adviser in government practices as “hot stuff, that’s for sure.”

Linked by Doug Ross, thanks!

Monday Morning Ketchup: Bring it, Bam

Via The offical Obama 2012 Tumblr website
El Sooper: Obama Remembers Neil Armstrong with a Big Picture of… Himself

Mike Flynn, Big Government: To Honor Neil Armstrong, Obama Posts Photo of Himself:

Obama took to his tumblr page to offer a tribute to Neil Armstrong. The words–two sentences–are fine in a generic politician way. But, Obama being Obama, he injected himself into the tribute. He included a photo, not of Armstrong or the iconic step onto the lunar surface, but of himself, gazing up at the moon.

Obama is a literary construct. It’s as if Zelig jumped off the movie screen and took up residence in the Oval Office. He puts himself in the frame of historical events, even if he has only the smallest cameo. He let Democrats in Congress construct the stimulus package, as well as his signature legislation, Obamacare. He comes on the scene just in time for the photo-op, after others have done the heavy lifting.

Neil Armstrong did the heavy lifting. Even a tribute to his death is just another photo-op for Obama.

Speaking of Obama and his habit of inserting himself into the frame of historical events…

Seth Mandel, Commentary:

Back in May, I wrote about how President Obama had his name dropped into the official White House online biographies of other presidents going back to Calvin Coolidge, to attempt to share credit for their accomplishments. The Heritage Foundation’s Rory Cooper was the first to notice the changes when he saw the administration’s added note to Ronald Reagan’s biography in order to misrepresent Reagan’s tax plan as basically his own, which was quite far from reality.

Then a week ago, Jim Roberts, who works for Heritage and the Wall Street Journal on the jointly produced Index of Economic Freedom, noticed another oddity: the Obama State Department has been removing the comprehensive “background notes” on other countries in favor of brief, far less informative, descriptions of the countries’ relationships with the Obama administration. Roberts, who has worked for the State Department writing background notes in the past, said he was in the process of going through this latest messianic presidential prank-on-history, and has published this morning at the Wall Street Journal what he found.

Keep reading and prepare to be appalled, Mandel concludes:

…with the removal of the background notes, the president is displaying a shocking lack of interest in the world. He was caught, because others aren’t nearly so dismissive of intellectual pursuit and curiosity about the world as Obama seems to be.

Obama’s lack of knowledge about world affairs has landed him in trouble in the past—glaring mistakes about Middle Eastern history, confusion about Russia and Georgia, offensive mishaps with regard to World War II and European history, etc. But most disappointing is the fact that rather than fill in those gaps in his knowledge, the president would rather pass those gaps along to others who might otherwise be interested educating themselves.


The regime’s rogue DOJ using LAWFARE to intimidate major polling company…..

Atlas Shrugs: Obama bullying Gallup … DOJ is suing them:

We are a little over two months short of dictator:

“What do you think of the Obama Administration threatening the Gallup Organization for essentially issuing a veiled warning about the tinkering of the unemployment numbers?” Sodahead, August 24, 2012 (thanks to Armaros)

In a move that could have chilling First Amendment consequences, the Obama regime this week showed that it’s willing to use the full weight and power of the Justice Department to pummel any media outlet that doesn’t toe the party line.

Within days of the Gallup Organization issuing, essentially, a veiled warning to the Obama gang about tinkering with unemployment numbers, Obama’s DOJ jumped, jackboots first, into a multi-million dollar legal action against Gallup, in a case initiated by a former Obama operative.

Others have noted that the DOJ action occurred after Gallup had Mitt Romney ahead of Obama in its polling for a few days. But as we’ve pointed out , it’s not Gallup’s horse race numbers that have the Chicago gang concerned. This far out from the election, Likely Voter numbers are about as convincing as David Axelrod’s combover. What Axelrod and his co-conspirators are really worried about are Gallup’s jobless numbers.

Gallup’s monthly unemployment survey of 30,000 adults is arguably the most comprehensive research done on the nation’s jobless situation, other than the Bureau of Labor Statistics study of 60,000 households. Gallup publishes its research without seasonal adjustments. The BLS’s version applies adjustments in an alchemic formula that’s more mysterious than the Shroud of Turin.

Twice this summer, Gallup has published a report calling into question discrepancies between its unadjusted research and what is being tallied in the adjusted O-fficial statistics. In reporting in its latest jobless numbers — in a commentary titled August Unemployment Not Looking Good — Gallup noted (emphases added):

Regardless, barring heroic adjustments or a sharp change in direction, Gallup data suggest the seasonally adjusted U.S. unemployment rate for August will increase — possibly substantially — when announced in early September.

In other words, Gallup said the only way unemployment numbers don’t go up next month is if someone in Obamaland puts a finger on the scale.

A few days later, Eric Holder dropped the fifty-pound sledgehammer on Gallup, joining in a “whistleblower” action. The original complaint alleges that the Gallup organization inflated the number of hours required to do polling projects for the U.S. Mint, the State Department, and other federal agencies. (Why federal agencies even think they need to do polling is another subject for another time.)

The complaint was filed by a former Gallup employee who — in a sheer coincidence, no doubt — was a field organizer for Obama in 2008, according to the Daily Caller and other sources. Holder’s action essentially makes the Justice Department the lawyer for the former (?) Obama operative.

Get back in line, Gallup – if you know what’s good for you.

Who didn’t see foreshadowings of this when Obama threatened to sue T.V. and radio stations in 2008 when they ran truthful ads about his relationship with Bill Ayers? I know I did.

And so did NRO’s Andrew McCarthy: who stated at the time:

The only two cents I’d add is that a real story — and one that should alarm people — is that this is what Obama thinks the Justice Department is for. Here is a guy who fought the Patriot Act, fought surveillance reform, has spoken admiringly of Ayer’s radical views of the criminal justice system, and has a record as a Chicago legislator of being soft on violent crime. He is evidently ambivalent about going after terrorists and hardened criminals, but he wants to mobilize the Justice Department post haste to suppress political speech that he doesn’t like.

I regard that as more than a little disconcerting from a guy who wants to be president, pick the next attorney-general, and make U.S. law enforcement policy.

Excellent points.


Sara Noble of the Independent Sentinel gives us a comprehensive review of  Obama’s Extreme Position on Abortion:

Obama is among the most extreme abortion advocates in the country. He believes in live birth abortions.

To give you an idea of how extreme President Obama’s views are, consider his actions while serving in the Illinois state senate.

When President Obama served in the state senate, he would not vote for the “born alive bill” because he was concerned that it would infringe on abortion rights.

Born alive refers to babies who live after an abortion. The bill would declare them human beings with the rights of human beings.

This bill stemmed from a case in which an aborted baby was born alive and being brought to a linen closet to die. A nurse intervened and took care of the baby until he died. She brought the case to the attention of authorities and this bill grew out of the event.

Obama believes in preserving abortion rights even at the expense of a born alive baby, whom he refers to as a fetus in an effort to dehumanize the baby.

President Obama, for four years, said that it was the wording of the bill which was problematic since it put abortion at risk. He said he would have voted for it if the wording was the same as the federal bill. However, he wouldn’t vote for a bill identical to the federal bill, something he admitted in 2008.

The nonpartison group has since corroborated that Obama voted against identical legislation as passed overwhelmingly on the federal level and then misrepresented his vote.

This is not a man who will work with religious organizations on the issue of exempting them because it violates their core beliefs. He believes his government supersedes our constitutional freedoms.

I included President Obama’s reasoning on the issue in two audio formats:

Keep reading….
As Jim Treacher reminds us, Obama himself was the O.B. [Original Birther]:

At some point over the next few days, until the next Election 2012 outrage crops up, a lefty may start shrieking “BIRTHER!!!” at you because Romney made an attempt at humor. If that happens, all you have to do is show the shrieking lefty this [at right]

This was the author bio Obama provided to his literary agent in 1991, and it was uncovered months ago by our friends at Obama used this bio for over 15 years, and it was revised a number of times. But he only changed it to indicate his true place of birth, Hawaii, once he decided to run for president.

He has yet to explain why he lied in the first place, but he doesn’t have to. He lied because he’s Barack Obama, and that’s what Barack Obama does.So just show that to your high-strung lib friend, and watch the cognitive dissonance reduce what’s left of his or her brain to an even less cohesive puddle of mush. Better’n anything on the TV, at least.

The Obama Team has very likely come up with an awesome explanation for all this in case it comes up, but it will be as laughably unconvincing as all of his desperate lies have been lately.
 Jack Cashill shows how Romney can deliver a knock out punch during a debate with Obama in case the taboo subject comes up in a presidential debate:

“No one has ever asked to see my birth certificate,” said Mitt Romney at a rally last week in a Detroit suburb.  “They know this is the place that we were born and raised.”

This remark created a major stir on the left, a minor stir in the media, and a petit frisson on the right, and it touched the great empty middle of “undecided” America not at all.  For better or worse, the undecideds have other things to worry about.

Later, Romney adviser Kevin Madden seemed to temper the remark, telling the media, “The governor has always said, and has repeatedly said, he believes the president was born here in the United States.  “He was only referencing that Michigan, where he is campaigning today, is the state where he himself was born and raised.”

Although some on the right were disappointed that Romney did not pursue this, he was wise not to.  This was not the right time.  The right time is during a debate.  At least one moderator will find Romney’s bait irresistible, and I am guessing it will be CNN’s Candy Crowley.  What follows is a proposed strategy for the Hofstra University debate on October 16.  My guess is that Romney has pretty much figured it out already, thus the remark in Michigan:

Read Cashill’s transcript of how it should go. This would be a  brilliant maneuver on Romney’s part. His team has been showing a boldness that has been counter-intuitive to Republicans in the past. Hello? We don’t need to be on defense about Obama’s bona fides any more than we do on Medicare. The Romney Team has been finding out that the key to winning is not to cower in fear at the left’s chosen bugaboos. Please, please, please, Romney – take Jack’s advice.
In which DaTechGuy mentions yours truly in a post: Demoralized as Hell: Nice Deb edition (Hee!):

I was going do this piece about thefake republicans in the latest Dem ads that Powerline pointed to or perhaps the Obama for America coordinator claiming to be part of “Republicans for Obama”

But then I saw this post at Nice Deb and found it much more significant.

Prelude to a Shellacking

It’s a long detailed post that looks at the history of the last few weeks and is full of links including this one to John Nolte titled: Story the Media Won’t Tell: Obama Is Losing:

Something is happening in this country — something both the Obama campaign and its media cronies know is happening but won’t acknowledge.

What’s happening is on the ground and not yet quantifiable in polling that doesn’t yet have its sea legs. But it’s out there and it’s real and before the media and President Obama are forced to acknowledge it, they’re spending every bit of their dignity and credibility and integrity to kill it.

Who links to Eric Erickson piece: Not the Behavior of a Winning Campaign:

Hysteria creeps into campaigns when the campaigns know they are losing. When George H. W. Bush saw the election slipping away in 1992, he took to referring to Bill Clinton and Al Gore as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. The invective went up as his poll numbers went down.

Nice Deb notes this and expects worse:

That’s the reason we can expect even more desperate, hysterical, hyper partisan mudslinging and dirty tricks from Obama and his cronies from now until election day – they can’t lose.

Keep reading it’s all good stuff, especially this:
You have John Nolte from Breitbart openly saying on one of the most significant sites on the right Obama is losing. You have Erick Erickson from CNN bluntly saying these are signs of panic in his campaign and you have Nice Deb a blogger highly respected throughout the net daring to believe and say what’s been apparent for a while.One of the only sources of hope for the left has been the right’s unwillingness to say this aloud, if John, Erick and Deb are now willing to do so it means only one thing.

“Ride right through them, they’re demoralized as hell”!


Bloomberg: Mexican Navy: Police fired on US gov’t vehicle:

Mexican federal police fired on a U.S. Embassy vehicle and wounded two U.S. government employees Friday after their vehicle drove into a rural, mountainous area outside the capital where the officers were looking for criminals, Mexican and U.S. officials said.The two embassy employees were hospitalized, one with a leg wound and the other hit in the stomach and hand, according to a government official who spoke on condition of anonymity. Hospital officials in Cuernavaca, the nearest city, said they were taken in the afternoon to Mexico City for treatment. The U.S. Embassy said in a statement they were in stable condition.

The embassy did not release the names of the victims, and only said its vehicle, also carrying a Mexican Navy captain, was ambushed by a group of armed men.

The Navy said in a written statement that federal police shot the U.S. vehicle, but its description of the incident left out key details of how the shooting occurred. It said at least four vehicles opened fire on the Americans’ sport utility vehicle on a road south of Mexico City, but did not make clear if any of the four carried federal police officers.

A U.S. official who was briefed on the shooting said, however, that all the shots were fired by federal police, of which at least 12 officers were being held for questioning by Mexican authorities. The U.S. Embassy employees were on their way to do training or related work at a nearby military base, the official said.

See if you can detect the hint of sarcasm in this next piece by Eric Telford at The Daily Caller: Obama has kept his promises of hope and change:

● With America struggling amid massive unemployment, a languishing economy, and skyrocketing debt, President Obama went straight to the heart of the problem and tackled it head on — by raising taxes, imposing more regulations, and ensuring that independent business owners were no longer operating under the false belief that their smarts and hard work are responsible for the success they’ve achieved or hope to one day achieve. Change we can all — collectively! — believe in.

● Amid the weakest economic recovery in the postwar period, with another recession appearing increasingly likely and uncertainty about taxes and health care costs preventing companies from hiring, President Obama stepped up to introduce the stability that America so gravely needed: not for our private sector — which, of course, is doing fine — but for 30-something students like Sandra Fluke, who are forced to wake up each morning not knowing whether the government will pay for their birth control.

Hit the link for of  more Obama hope and change triumphs.
All American Blogger: Elspeth Reeve Is a Lying Hack:
…I clicked the link and this post opened. It’s an article written by Elspeth Reeve. You can find it herealso.It reads:

House Speaker John Boehner is the most prominent Republican to admit, out loud, that his party’s strategy for winning in November doesn’t suppose that the GOP can win over some black and Latino voters, but hoping they won’t vote at all.

Yikes. Ok, she’s paraphrasing here. What exactly did Boehner say?


“This election is about economics… These groups have been hit the hardest. They may not show up and vote for our candidate but I’d suggest to you they won’t show up and vote for the president either.”

Whoa. That’s outrageo…wait, what?

In an exclusive one-on-one interview with Townhall, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus blasted MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews over their contentious on-air exchange earlier today.  Priebus said Matthews seemed “intent on taking the banner of being the biggest jerk in the room,” described Matthews’ delivery as “spitting,” and disparaged the host’s nightly program as “not serious” with an audience of “ten viewers:”
Betsy McCaughey is the former lieutenant governor of New York. She has a Ph.D. from Columbia University. Her Web site is and she is the author of The Obama Health Law: What It Says and How to Overturn It.
Watch the video at the link.