Damage Control: Team O “Factchecks” Paul Ryan With Lies – Media Plays Along (Video)

As predictable as the sun rising in the East.

The MSM had their marching orders from Team O, last night, so they were prepared to dispute specific points Paul Ryan made in his speech. As Guy Benson notes, very likely media outfits received a lot of angry emails from the Obama campaign purporting to “fact-check” Paul Ryan. Sadly, they ran with Team O’s “factchecks” without factchecking the factchecks. But the Obama shills in the  Democrat media complex know the truth doesn’t matter. It’s the initial impression they make on Obama’s base and the undecideds that matters. People who still haven’t made up their minds by this point are not ones to go digging for the truth. They hear the “Ryan is a liar” soundbites on their way to the Entertainment channel or Bravo.

Still, Benson’s point by point dismantling of the ad’s “rebuttals” is worth reading.

Moe Lane has some additional thoughts on Why the Left freaked out about Paul Ryan telling the truth about the Janesville closing.

There was a GM plant in Janesville.  Barack Obama did make a speech there in 2008.  He did, in that speech, make those comments*.  And the plant did not “last another year” – despite, I should note, the Obama administration’s bailout of GM that the administration is kind-of, sort-of touting as an ‘achievement.’  These are all true things; which has not kept the Left from screaming otherwise, to the point where the Obama campaign has officially (and in my opinion, unwisely) called Paul Ryan a liar.

He concludes:

…instead of simply gritting their teeth and taking the hit, the Democratic Establishment is trying to incite its base by calling something true a lie.  Which to me suggests that the Left – specifically, the Obama for America team – is simultaneously utterly contemptuous of its own base’s ability to reason, and quietly terrified that said base might eventually wise up to the fact that it’s being taken for the Mother Of All Rides.

A point I’ve made here a number of times. Obama has no respect for his own base. And why should he?

Here’s the “smoking gun video from April 2009 that puts the lie to Team O’s deception:


Weasel Zippers: Flashback: Obama Twice Promised To Keep Janesville GM Plant Open…


@jackmcoldcuts at AoSHQ asks what would Breibart do? (Feeling deep pangs of the loss right now – he is so needed.)

As readers of this fine blog know (see Andy’s piece below), the media has been caught using Obama Campaign Manager Jim Messina’s lying tweets in a desperate, implausible and self-defeating attempt to smear Paul Ryan.

From mere seconds after the close of Ryan’s phenomenal address, Obama’s broken promise of a “100 YEAR FACTORY” to the workers of the Janesville GM Plant and the people of Wisconsin has been the hill on which the MSM has chosen to die. The media, like the Obama administration, has decided that this is another instance in which the only way to excuse a clear Obama failure is by forcing their viewers to drink heavily from the nearly dry “blame Bush” well in the hopes that a blackout will ensue. Hence their despiration to make the 2008 closing date stick, despite the clear fact that it closed under Obama’s economic “stewardship”, and contrary to his promises, in 2009.

This presents an opportunity that I encourage Romney/Ryan to take. And if Andrew Brietbart were alive, I think he’d be all over it too. Because Andrew Brietbart knew better than anyone how to take a false and empty media narrative and turn it against them.

Keep reading…



By the way, good luck getting a comment in on Obama’s Youtube channel. Mine was rejected. Only drones and astroturf are being approved, apparently.

Check out these unintentionally hilarious comments from the very drones for whom Obama has no respect:

Top comment:

Greatly disappointed in the GOP and their convention this year. They lost my vote.


Pro Obama Concern trolling is sooooo 2008 — Recent attempts at pushing the false notion of Obama Republicans have backfired badly on Team O. Time to update the playbook.

Then there’s this side splitting comment:

Can’t wait for the debates! Paul Ryan is toast. I’m sure Joe Biden will take him to task on that.



Oh, and of course the obligatory class warfare:

All he cares about are the people with loads of money.


These. people. vote.


Michelle Malkin: RNC Derangement Syndrome and the demise/dementia of the neutrality posers

Sooper Mexican: POLITIFACT Goes All In for the Obama Campaign; PropagandaFact is Born

Human Events: PolitiFact bias: Does the GOP tell nine times more lies than left? Really?

May I make a request of my fellow conservative bloggers? Please quit citing Politifact as a reliable source. In the rare occasions it takes Obama to task – there are better sources to use to  point  out Obama’s lies. The only function Politifact should ever serve is as a barometer of how egregious Obama’s latest whopper is.  In such instances, it would be appropriate to dryly note, “even Politifact couldn’t defend the President on this one.”

Twitchy: Obama lied about Janesville GM auto plant, not Ryan:

Hot Air: Fact-checking the factcheckers on Ryan’s speech; Update: “As president, I will lead an effort to retool plants like the GM facility in Janesville”


Conn Carroll: Beltway Confidential: FACT CHECK: Obama promised and failed to keep Janesville GM plant open



2 thoughts on “Damage Control: Team O “Factchecks” Paul Ryan With Lies – Media Plays Along (Video)

  1. “These. people. vote.”

    They shouldn’t be allowed to. If you’re on food stamps or non-military disability, you shouldn’t be allowed to vote. You’re a ward of the state at that point for your basic needs. You’re not an impartial voter, you’re going to vote for whichever party promises to keep giving you free stuff at my expense.

    I object to this as a taxpaying voter. “No taxation without representation” gave birth to this country. “No representation without taxation” needs to be the rallying cry of its rebirth.

    Fewer people should be voting, not more. More people voting is how we’ve gotten into a gigantic mess some 80 years in the making.


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