The Narcissist in Chief Strikes Again

They just can’t help themselves. Look at all the drones who retweeted that.

In the insular world of the hard left – this is thought of as a “deft”, “snarky”, “cheeky” response from an administration that has always been “adept” at social media.

To me, and I think a lot of Americans – it looks petty and narcissistic. Why would the President want to get into a petty pissing match with a movie legend who is loved by Americans of all political stripes?

Last night was supposed to be Mitt’s night, but the Obama campaign thought it was a good idea to  blitz him with negative media,  and wedge SCOAMF into the spotlight.

President Barack Obama’s media team launched a huge wave of emails, tweets, videos and snark in the hours prior to Mitt Romney’s pivotal acceptance speech in Tampa, Fla., and then another wave as Romney spoke to the convention and to the nation’s voters.

Obama’s flacks even quoted articles from Rolling Stone.

The volume of material seemed intended to obscure, taint and distract from Romney’s carefully choreographed and emotional outreach to late-deciding swing voters, especially to women and Hispanics.

The Romney team’s all-angles outreach included the nominees’ home movies, testimonials from fellow Mormons, Clint Eastwood’s validation, Sen. Marco Rubio’s elegy to American exceptionalism and Romney’s own practiced speech.

Obama’s flood included 13 “FACT CHECK” emails, several videos, 10 emails from Obama spokeswoman Lis Smith and a stream of tweets from deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter; party spokesman Brad Woodhouse; super PAC executives Paul Begala and Bill Burton; and Obama strategist David Axelrod — even before Romney came on stage.

Photoshops! Via Instapundit:
HEH: MOCKING OBAMA’S SEAT TWEET. I expect many more such photoshops.

UPDATE: Ronnie Schrieber sends this one:

See Instapundit for that one..

More good stuff via Insty: Mark Steyn:

I’m not sure he could have pulled that off if he’d delivered a slick telepromptered pitch. As Mr. Hayward suggests, the hard lines packed more of a punch for being delivered in the midst of a Bob Newhart empty-chair shtick from the Dean Martin show circa 1968. Indeed, they were some of the hardest lines of the convention and may well prove the take-home (“We own this country . . . Politicians are employees of ours . . . And when somebody does not do the job, we’ve got to let them go”), but they seemed more effective for appearing to emerge extemporaneously from the general shambles.

The curse of political operatives is that they make everything the same. A guy smoothly reading platitudinous codswallop while rotating his head from the left-hand teleprompter to the right-hand teleprompter like clockwork as if he’s at Centre Court watching the world’s slowest Wimbledon rally is a very reductive idea of “professionalism.” Even politicians you’re well disposed to come across as slick bores in that format. Which is by way of saying Clint is too sharp and too crafty not to have known what he was doing.

Oh, and next time ’round, he should sing.


Ace: Clint Eastwood Killed, And The Media’s Not Going To Be Able To Present a Counter-Narrative:

Does he ramble? He sure does. But what is the problem with that? No, it’s not a political speech where every line is thought out and scrubbed and edited to an inch of its life, all for the purpose of delivering a precise message in a precise way. It’s Clint Eastwood offering his general, barely rehearsed political thoughts.

And so it rambles. And, when it’s not rambling, it kills. In fact, some rambles are hilarious, like when he suddenly remembers he wants to talk about attorneys and then gets wound up about that.

We’re dealing with the East German judges here. Clint Eastwood did a great routine with a few technical errors here and there, and the East German judges are offering a score of 1.4 out of 10.

And their hope is that if they just keep flashing that score over and over, they can influence the other judges.

Keep reading. As usual – Ace nails it.


@NRSC responds:


Love this one sent in  by “Film Maker” who based it on a snarky comment by MichelleIndependent in  this excellent post at MOTUS.

Update V:

MOTUS strikes again: Dirty Harry: In Obama’s Kitchen, Punk!

It looks like R2 has gotten into Big Guy’s kitchen again. And this time they’re eating his Twinkies.

Doug Ross: Updated with New Photoshops! Best Reactions to the President’s “This Seat’s Taken” Cry for Attention

Commenter Immolate submits this effort:

Linked by Michelle Malkin, and  American Power, and Ace of Spades, and Doug Ross,  and RWN, thanks!


24 thoughts on “The Narcissist in Chief Strikes Again

  1. I would prefer the “empty suit” leave our chair… This guy and his minions obviously cannot see how small and petty they look. President “I won”, I, Me, My just cannot resist the opportunity to make everything about the “O”. What a small sad empty little man. I expect next week to see glorious raptures about Obama but nothing about the cr@p bills he promoted and signed… I don’t believe we have ever had a more narcissistic president ever or one who is completely incapable of self awareness. He has no regard for anyone else or their accomplishments which easily explains his “you didn’t build that” idiocy. When history is written about this man, much of his downfall can be explained by his overwhelming ego and his belief that everyone should let him have whatever he wants whenever he wants it. Even though Dems were swept out of office in 2010 precisely to stop his rotten agenda! LOL, clueless.


  2. I find it hilarious that he needs a sign on the chair that says “The President”. Is this a giant ego or a complete idiot who can’t figure out where to sit?


  3. Progressives are disrespectful pigs. They are coming unhinged because people are waking up to the Truth. I can see Obama as being treated as the boy who could do no wrong when he grew up. Now he is the man who cries wolf consistently and constantly.


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  6. Progressive central planners= nasty lying evil pieces of shit……ALWAYS! Time to call them on it. A movie about killing Bush —no problem… Poke a bit at Super Boy wah..wah fair


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  9. Probably would have added a nice touch if Eastwood had actually draped an empty suit over the chair, and would have been just that much closer to the truth about the Great Pretender.


  10. Lets see what’ll happen if the last of Hurricane Isaac hits Charlotte on Thursday when soon-to-be ex-Prez Narcisso makes his pandering, blabbering teleprompter read outside at that half empty stadium. Lets see him “Stop the rise of the oceans and heal the planet” for himself on his big night then!!!! Raise your hands like Moses and stop the water like you think you can, Big Guy. If God has a sense of humor, it sure would be fun to watch


  11. Sarah nailed it!!!

    Like at family holiday dinners, there’s the adult table and the kids’ table–Obama would be the leader of the kids’ table.


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