Awkward: Obama Speech at Fort Bliss Met With Silence or Tepid Applause (Video)

Via Neil Munro, of The Daily Caller:

President Barack Obama was greeted with fleeting applause and extended periods of silence as he offered profuse praise to soldiers and their families during an Aug. 31 speech in Fort Bliss, Texas.

His praise for the soldiers — and for his own national-security policies — won cheers from only a small proportion of the soldiers and families in the cavernous aircraft-hanger.

The audience remains quiet even when the commander-in-chief thanked the soldiers’ families, and cited the 198 deaths of their comrades in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The audience’s reaction was so flat that the president tried twice to elicit a reaction from the crowd.

“Hey, I hear you,” he said amid silence.

The selected soldiers who were arrayed behind the president sat quietly throughout the speech.

CNN and MSNBC ended their coverage of the speech before it was half-over.

He did get some  loud reactions when he did the obligatory name-checking of the soldiers’ brigades at the beginning of the speech, but that is expected  between rival military units. There were many painfully obvious applause lines in this speech that were met with stone cold silence. Perhaps because, in many respects, it was a campaign speech.

I wonder if this has anything to do with it… Or this? Or this?

I’m not going to offer a comparison video showing how the troops reacted to President Bush with great enthusiasm when he spoke to them – seems too cruel.


This powerful rebuke of Clinton and Obama from the heart of a mother via Gateway Pundit, might also help explain their lack of enthusiasm.


Gateway Pundit: Horrible… Obama Tells Troops That $500 Billion in Defense Cuts (That He Proposed in January) Are Not His Fault

Linked by Michelle Malkin, thanks!


37 thoughts on “Awkward: Obama Speech at Fort Bliss Met With Silence or Tepid Applause (Video)

  1. Platitudes from a person who talks the talk, blah, blah, blah. Maybe if you kept promises you had made in the past a warmer response might have been deserved. I can’t speak for the troops but if I were one of them I could only shake my head and wonder how a person named Barack Hussein Obama, who was raised in Indonesia and attended Muslim schools, became Commander in Chief of the United States of America armed forces……


  2. Glad you posted this; I read the story, but wanted to see the vid (couldn’t find it in my two second YouTube search…I’m lazy like that. And more than a little dependent on your great posts. Heh)

    So he really just referred to the assembled military members as “Team Bliss” (echoing Team Obama, of course)? How absolutely annoying and typically ignorant. No wonder they all just sat there. He always makes the same mistake (he did it at his address at West Point, too, to similar silence): he really believes that our trained warriors don’t want to fight for America and freedom. Not just don’t want war (who does?), it’s more than that, he talks to them like he thinks they are afraid or that they are incompetent somehow or that they’d rather sit at home while the world burns; he thinks that they think it’s better to lose a war than to win it as long as they can come home. I can’t get this right, but there’s this sense when he speaks that he just doesn’t get it. He doesn’t get the military and he doesn’t get America. And he certainly doesn’t get the American military.


  3. I read a comment from a soldier in Afghanistan when obama was on a trip there; he said the obama staff was asking the troops which ones voted for obama. Then the staff gave those free cameras and put them on the front row.

    His story about the wounded soldier in the hospital was totally revolting. No doubt the soldier was healed when obama touched him.

    Deb, nothing we could do that usurper would be “too” cruel. When you think about his ROEs that are getting our troops murdered and the disgusting PC policy, he passed on to the war commanders are just going to get more murdered. And us too here in America; eventually.


  4. Fuzi , go to YouTube and watch a video of bush addressing the troops- not just for the difference in how the troops reacted but the difference in how Bush addressed them. A lot of this may just have something to do with their deliveries. Bush spoke to them like they were warriors he respected. He didn’t shy away from calling the enemy “terrorists” or “thugs”. He understood them.

    Obama gives them a 30 minute self -serving, platitudinous, campaign speech. And his Hooahs were just awful.


  5. Yes, Sulli – I checked on that story because it sounded like BS to me, and there was a soldier with the same name and rank who died in Afghanistan in 2006. But there was another Sgt Chase Hagg who was grievously injured whom Obama visited when he was in Afghanistan handing out purple heart medals. Of course the kid doesn’t remember the incident because he was so out of it.
    Thing is, there is just something very self serving and exploitative about the way he told this story — he heard a “rustling underneath the sheets” – “an arm reached out” (to touch his garments?) — the firm soldier’s handshake (right) — “not a dry eye in the house.”
    One almost gets the impression the screenwriter from the Gutsy Call movie helped him out with that part of his speech.


  6. Also watch the soldiers behind Obama when he completes his speech. They are expected to *at least* respectfully applaud the Commander in Chief at the end of his speech – yet there were several who refused to do so.


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  8. ***
    I was an Army draftee from 1964–1966. I got so tired of having my incompetent commander in chief–LBJ–lie to me monthly about how well the war in Vietnam was going that I changed from democrat to republican. My vote for him in 1964 was the biggest voting mistake I ever made.
    The faces of the Ft. Bliss troops said it all. They aren’t dummies–they know how Comrade Obama and His ilk–like Bill and Hillary Clinton–really feel about them. And they know what the upcoming gutting of the military budget and the horrible unemployment numbers mean for them.
    And they respect a president who served and wore the uniform a lot more than one who talks a good fight and then moves on to their real agendas. After all–soldiers do know which end of the gun the bullet leaves from! The are a lot smarter than average bears or voters.
    John Bibb


  9. Hi guys, Just linked here from Michelle Malkins site. Can I offer some insight to this? Ha! I’m going to anyway. Okay, there is another reason for this tepid response. See, the president decided to talk at the soldiers on a friday…. wait a minute, a payday friday…. on a long weekend…. FOR 28 MINUTES. Having myself been in a similar situation I can tell you that most of them were thinking,”SHUT THE F*CK UP! I WANT TO GO HOME!”


  10. There ya go promising more chit and this time again to OUR patriot warriors. Truth be told you’re not gonna be around to do any more damage to our Patriots serving in the military or the American people here at home. After 2008 I had been waiting for this fit of brilliance from you as this nations President and it never came. Now it’s simply too late to begin anew Mr. President.


  11. Yeah, that’s it, Jerry. They were just tired and wanted to go home.Obama needs to find better times to visit the troops, then, because this has been happening to him for 3 1/2 years.
    (In all honesty, that’s one of the reasons I didn’t add a Bush speaking to the troops video for a compare/contrast – it’s been so many times before.)


  12. Actually, ND, what he’ll do is have his sycophant worshippers set up a mock hanger, import a bunch of union goons, and give them his stump speech. Our astroturf president doesn’t know any other way to guarantee a good response, and telling the truth never crosses his mind…


  13. Think of the ovation he would get if he made this simple announcement: “As of this day, I resign my office.” But the cheers would soon turn to stunned horror as it dawned on them that their new Commander in Chief would be the “Grin With a Body Behind it”.


  14. The comment about needing a corpse man killed! I laughed so hard. When i saw the speech-or as much as i could stomach- i kept thinking, “good for you guys”. Think of all this guy has done to our soldiers. Ignored or helped leaks that endanger, won’t “take seriously” our elite, goes after their voting rights, wants to cut military spending, ties their hands in the field, takes credit for their operations, etc. I know i’ve missed some more. Remember, they aren’t supposed to show any bias or give their political views. So, this being a political speech–they are just abiding the rules, right? No wonder it’s not a lovefest for him. He shows none for them.


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  17. If you are an Obama supporter, please do NOT watch this video. It is undoubtedly the most painful speech to watch that I have seen in a long time. The applause–tepid at times–nonexistent at others–was mostly reserved for themselves: Shout-outs to their units, recognition of valor, etc. No matter how you slice it, no matter what the “polls” say…this president is in trouble!


  18. File Under: President Gutsy

    Karen Vaughn, Mother of fallen Navy Seal of Aaron Carson Vaughn has a message for the President

    Out of Touch

    Sometimes, some people would be much better off listening than opening their mouth, but their ego and narcissism won’t allow them too.


  19. My apologies Deb for the duplication. After only a minute or two of CiC chithead my head exploded, bounced off the table several times and my eyes glazed over, somehow I missed the link you had posted to Gateway Pundit for the same video. Next time I’ll try and wait till all the bodily functions return to their normal operating ranges and abilities.


  20. It is a hollow speech because he never spent a second in the military, but more importantly because
    his closest friends are those who showed the most disrespect to the Vietnam vets.
    It was a campaign speech. He was mining for votes from the military.
    We know what Obama is really about. For example, he talks about tax credits then out of the other side
    of his mouth in another speech to another constituency he talks about tax hikes and class warfare by attacking
    successful people. Obama wants vets to have jobs but if they get too successful they’ll be taxed at higher ever
    increasing rates. Obama’s vision for a military is a unit that is an arm of the U.N.
    Obama talks about patriotism and his cronies are doing the most to tear down America
    and turn it into a new socialist nightmare.
    Obama said the military doesn’t care who gets the credit. Obama doesn’t display this attribute.
    America is the greatest force for good Obama said, at the same time he is stripping it or morale.


  21. He took a vacation day from them. They were to get 4 days off for Labor Day weekend – to travel to other states & spend with family. Instead, they were probably ordered to attend- and then didn’t have time to go home – as travel takes a day each way. He is so inconsiderate- just like he was the day he gave a speech in front of the Vietnam Memorial keeping people who had traveled thousands of miles to be there to see the names of their loved ones…..waiting up to 7 hours.


  22. When did I say they were obliged to applaud? I said they were “expected” to receive the C in C respectfully. Most weren’t playing, although there were clearly a few Obama fans in the audience, as would be expected.


  23. I was stationed at Fort Bliss when President George H. W. Bush came for a visit. The largest motor pool was cleared of vehicles and we had the entire Post by Brigade standing in formation for his speech. He had to wait five minutes for the hooting and hollering to subside after every comment he made. I would stand in formation in 107 degree heat again to he him speak. President George H. W. was a Commander in Chief. This Commander in Chief could not pay me to sit in an air conditioned room unless it was to say he was resigning!


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