Best Speech of the Dem Convention: Cardinal Dolan’s Benediction (Video)

Steven Ertelt of Life News called it an admonition to Democrats on Abortion, and Religious Liberty.

In his closing benediction, Timothy Cardinal Dolan gave the kind of benediction that the Obama re-election campaign probably feared he would give when Dolan was initially rejected, and later approved, to give the closing prayer.

“Grant us the courage to defend life…waiting to be born, welcomed & protected,” he said, excoriating Democrats to support religious liberty as well in light of the controversial Obama HHS mandate that Catholics and pro-life advocates oppose. Dolan prays for “life, without which no other rights are secured.”

“God grants us the right to life so we can choose liberty and happiness,” he said, adding that unborn children should “be welcomed and protected.” He referred to the right to life, without which no other right has meaning, saying, “We praise You for the gift of life, grant us the courage to defend it.”

“Renew in all our people a profound respect for religious liberty, the first, most cherished freedom,” he said.

Read the full text of the prayer, here.

Twitchy has the twitter responses.

This came on the same night Caroline Kennedy professed her Catholic faith to the party faithful and then voiced her strong support for abortion rights and against any abortion restrictions, which completely stunned Bill O’Reilly.

Video via Gateway Pundit:

One wonders what people who lustily applauded people like Sandra Fluke and Caroline Kennedy were thinking while they were bowing their heads to Cardinal Dolan’s prayer.

Dolan’s benediction at the RNC actually hit the same bullet points, (respect for all human life,  and preserving the blessings of liberty- especially the freedom of religion), but he was received more warmly there, with louder applause before and after he finished his speech.

And he was introduced by the Speaker of the House, and fellow Catholic, John Boehner:



12 thoughts on “Best Speech of the Dem Convention: Cardinal Dolan’s Benediction (Video)

  1. I can’t compare his prayers to the other DNC speeches, couldn’t stomach the lies, But it was an excellent prayer. Personally, I think everyone of the attendees should be forced to watch the video “The Silent Screams” of a live baby being aborted. Has any of them seen the horror of the murder of a live birth? In Illinois, as a Senator, obama lifted the ban and how can anyone on earth believe this admin…could care about someones life much less their medical problems



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  3. I listened to Cardinal Dolan give both Prayers. They seemed very similar [if not exactly the same], I haven’t compared them side by side. Perhaps it’s just me but the D n C Prayer seemed to emphasized the “right to life” and “freedom of religion” issues more than at the RNC gathering.

    They were both tremendous and exactly on point.


  4. Sadly, many in the crowd, like Caroline Kennedy, Pelosi, and Biden are (nominally) Catholics themselves.
    After that shameful speech at the DnC, Kennedy should be denied the Eucharist.


  5. Was Justice William Brennan, a Catholic appointed by Pres Eisenhower , and one of the seven ( five Republican appointed ) judges of the Supreme Court in 1973, who voted in favor of a woman’s right to abort, ever denied communion?


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  7. People like Dolan always assume the people in government they are dealing with are honorable.

    They’re politicians, fer cryin’ out loud, and deeply evil to boot! How in heaven’s name could Dolan have possibly assumed this administration would consider religious grounds as a reason to exempt the church from the evil requirements of ObamaCare? How stupid does one have to be to be a church leader now?


  8. Unfortunately for most people in the Catholic the Church and the hierarchy was all too willing to play along to get along. . . . until it affected them and the Church doctrine. In fact they mostly all supported the health care policy and ultimately the law. They overwhelmingly voted for this guy in 2008. They didn’t know his record on infanticide?

    “First them came for my neighbor and I did nothing, then they came for me”.

    The Priest and President of Notre Dame invited obama to the University and presented him with a Honorary Degree, over many protests by the Pro Life crowd. The same goes for Georgetown. Radical Nuns in Pennsylvania openly supported forthcoming policies and openly defied their Cardinal. Then the Pope issued a edict warning the same Nuns to get back to their teaching and forgo their involvement in radical social issues. Their response to the Pope: “let’s sit down and negotiate, but don’t expect us to give up our personal values and issues”. They all now claim they were lied too.

    Cardinal Dolan has for the most part confirmed that he was lied too by the President. He says he was assured that no provisions in the health care law, would violate the Church’s Doctrine or Policies. Representative Bart Stupak [a Catholic] lead a “pro life caucus” of 5 or 6 dims, who said they would vote against the law, unless the abortion provisions were dropped. They were given assurances and even a Executive Order to guarantee it. The after the law was passed Sebilus [a catholic] just issued a fiat and superseded the EO. Stupak was warned that he was being taken over the coals when he agreed to vote in favor of the law. He wouldn’t listen and voted for it.

    The Church was silent when it came to the health care law, until it directly violated their own doctrine and teachings. They also agree with and support open borders and social welfare for illegal immigrants with no limitations. I would venture to say that most of these radical religious organizations are supported by guess who. . . . george soros. The National Council of Churches in Harlem has long had a communists influence in it.

    The Church seems to have woken up, but I wonder how long they’ll stay awake and how far they will carry this. My friend just sent this video to me this morning [you should’ve seen the rant he got back].

    Biden, Kennedy’s, Piglosi, Cuomo’s, Sebelius, and a whole lot more of them have gone against Church teachings and I’d guess have received Communion any time they want it. That includes Caroline after her rant this past Thursday, just before her own Cardinal gave the Benediction.


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