Will Mitt Romney Commit to Revoking Obama’s Executive Privilege Claim on Fast and Furious?

There’s concern in some corners of the internet, that when Mitt Romney is elected, he’s going to let the Fast and Furious investigation die.

Townhall’s Katie Pavlich caught up with Darrell Issa at the RNC, last week, and asked him about that.

Many have speculated that if Mitt Romney beats Barack Obama in November, the entire scandal will disappear, but that just isn’t the case. As long as Issa is Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, the Fast and Furious headache for DOJ and ATF officials responsible, isn’t going away. Criminal charges are very much on the table as a consequence of Fast and Furious, no matter who is sitting in the White House.

As reassuring as that sounds, it didn’t bode well that Fast and Furious, aka “Murdergate”, aka Obama’s “Watergate with a Bodycount” was MIA at the RNC, last week.

How can it be that the Obama administration’s gun walking program that led to hundreds of bloody murders, including federal agents Brian Terry and Jaime Zapata, was not deemed important enough to make it into the program?

This week, an open letter from gun rights bloggers, Mike Vanderboegh and David Codrea, was sent to Mitt Romney asking the presidential candidate to make good on his words of support for the Congressional investigation into the ATF’s deadly Fast and Furious gunwalking scheme, and for him to condemn the Obama administration for invoking executive privilege.  The two also asked Romney to commit to revoking the executive privilege claim and “instruct full cooperation from the Department of Justice in assisting with, instead of obstructing the investigation”. You can read the full text of the letter, here.
Now, they’re asking  gun rights leaders who have influence with the Romney campaign to help direct his attention to this important matter.

If Romney won’t even do so simple a thing as pledge to revoke executive privilege protecting documents covering up an official lie, what else can we expect him not to do? There are many who feel even that does not go far enough—some are demanding Romney expand the pledge to include appointing a special prosecutor, and more. When you consider the GOP’s unfulfilled promised to make Fast and Furious a campaign theme—something they studiously avoided in last week’s convention, is it really too much to expect a man and a party who covet roles of leadership to show some on what’s been aptly described as “Watergate with toe tags”?

But just focusing on this one small piece of what a president is empowered to do, there are plenty of reasons why not making this an expectation would make stirring words we’ve been told appear hollow.

“Attorney General Eric Holder’s continued refusal to turn over ‘Fast and Furious’ documents to House investigators — even in the face of being held in contempt by Congress — is another symptom of the disease of lawlessness that has been rotting our republic ever since President Barack Obama took office,” NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action executive director Chris Cox wrote in an impassioned appeal, concluding “This is our country and it’s time to take it back.

“after a long heart&soul conversation with MittRomney today I concluded this goodman will properly represent we the people & I endorsed him,” Nugent tweeted to announce his support.

“The only thing fast and furious that ought to happen is a full-on murder investigation by the FBI of the government goons who hatched, authorized and now are covering up this brain-dead, criminal scheme, which ended up costing the life of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry,” he advocated in a more formal write-up.

Is it too much to expect that politically influential people who represent themselves as gun rights leaders use that influence to persuade Mitt Romney to do the right thing and show some leadership himself on this? It’s only small fry desperate to get an important story out who need to resort to incessantly banging pots and pans for media attention, political attention and “gun lobby” attention. Nugent and Cox would get the right people’s attention immediately.

If they won’t call for Romney to do this, if they truly believe it’s too much to expect, we’d be interested in hearing why, and how that comports with their rousing words about the need for Fast and Furious justice.

Romney did  hit Obama for his  ‘broken promises’ and lack of transparency on Fast and Furious, back in July.

In a lengthy press release posted on its website, the Romney campaign laid out a series of examples of Obama’s transparency “hypocrisy.”

“President Obama has run one of the least transparent administrations in American history,” Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul said in a statement accompanying the release. “Whether hiding lobbyists in coffee shops, cutting back-room deals on Obamacare, or concealing the records of ‘Fast and Furious,’ President Obama’s pledge to be transparent has turned out to be just another broken promise. With no rationale for reelection and no plan to help middle-class Americans, President Obama has resorted to running a campaign of distraction, distortion and dishonesty.”

The Romney campaign leads off its list of transparency failures with Fast and Furious. It points out how then-Senator Obama attacked President George W. Bush for using executive privilege in 2007, and how Obama is now asserting executive privilege to withhold Fast and Furious documents from Congress.

It’s a good start. If he meant every word of that, he should have no problem committing to a promise to revoke the executive privilege claim.



6 thoughts on “Will Mitt Romney Commit to Revoking Obama’s Executive Privilege Claim on Fast and Furious?

  1. The concern is well-placed. I’ve predicted for awhile that if Romney wins he will be extending olive branches all over the place, hoping to be seen as the leader who tried to “heal a divided nation.” It’s always republicans who suffer from this complex, in a vain, deluded but nevertheless compulsive need to ingratiate themselves to Leftists and the media (who hate their guts and only hate and disrespect them more for “reaching out”). What Romney should be doing in his first six months (after repealing Obamacare) is chopping off the heads of every leftist snake in government and seeing to it every trace of Obama is uprooted and burned. But he won’t.


  2. O/T Finally, I am Pro Choice! I support a woman’s right to choose NOT to have Obamacare forced upon her!

    Back on topic: from the reports of exactly how Romney turned around the finances of the 2002 Olympics I do not think he will let his nice guy tendencies get in the way of doing an effective job reducing our deficit. And I do not think there is any chance that he will fail to order his Justice Department to fully investigate F&F. In order to keep his own house clean he must clean out the filth from the previous administration. Any turn around business guru such as Romney knows that the culture of a failing business (or government entity) must be changed in order to have success. After reading about his Olympic changes I am fully confident that Romney will do whatever is required to get us back on track. I was not a Romney fan until I began to familiarize myself with his background in business, non profit and even his stint as Massachusetts Governor. His outstanding pick of Paul Ryan sealed the deal. This is a serious ticket perfect for the serious time we live in.

    I am confident that by the time my oldest son graduates from college in 2015, America will be booming again.


  3. The entire point of the congressional investigations isn’t to find and prosecute wrongdoing. That’s a faulty assumption by non-elected conservatives.

    The whole point is to find wrongdoing, expose it so more spineless Republicans can be voted in and our Pretender-in-Chief can be ousted, and regain the power they squandered by acting like jackasses when they did have control of Congress and the WH. It has nothing to do with prosecuting accomplices to murder.

    What a quaint notion that is! And you are spot-on with your analysis, Robert.


  4. I wish I were confident that any investigation would continue to a conclusion after this coming election, but I’m not. Watch for the old phrase “We are looking forward”, immediately after the election. It happens all the time. None of these important and critical issues are resolved.

    All the clinton investigations were dropped and never heard of again after that election. The republicans have neither the spine or the fortitude to carry these issues to a end. They wouldn’t even prosecute the crimes that occurred by his cronies after he left office.


  5. Yes I am, ND, but look at the history of criminal behavior by both Democrats and Republicans that is not only not pursued in court by Republicans, the jackasses won’t touch it, either, except for embarrassing show.

    If only a percentage of criminal congressional behavior or criminal administration behavior was pursued, I might have to rethink my attitude, but I’m not holding my breath on that one, that’s for sure…

    In the meantime, Duh-1 has less than 60 days now to manufacture a national “emergency” that will require him to declare Marshall Law and suspend the elections. Wait for it – it’s gonna happen.


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