Saturday Movie Matinee: Best Videos From the DNC

Revealing Politics: Does God Belong in the Democrat Platform?:

Apparently not…

Via Powerline: How Crazy Are the Democrats?:

Tonight, delegates to the Democratic National Convention will cheer the prospect of another term for Barack Obama. You may wonder: who are these people? Who could possibly approve of Obama’s almost unbroken record of failure? Well, to begin with, many of them are not very bright. Many more have financial skin in the game. But a considerable number are even worse than that.

Radio host Peter Schiff went to Charlotte, posed as a liberal and interviewed a number of delegates. He floated a proposal to ban all corporate profits. A number of the delegates thought this was a grand idea; the more moderate ones just wanted to cap profits. You have to see it to believe it:

See Powerline for videos of the delegate who threatened to kill Mitt Romney, and the Palm Beach County Democratic Party chairman who said that “Christians want Jews to be slaughtered.”

Hinderaker concludes, “These people aren’t just a little slow, or far too liberal. They are, frankly, crazy.”  Yes, and once you understand that all this is par for the course for the mentally disordered culture that is the Democrat party, today –  it all makes sense.

Via Newsbusters: DNC Crowd Goes Wild for ‘Journalists for Obama’ T-Shirts:

Via PJTV: Kruiser Control Featuring Tingle Time!

Lee Doren expresses his bewilderment as to why they DNC committee chose the “unimpressive” Sandra Fluke to speak at their national convention.

Oh Lee, come on! You know that Fluke was chosen by the Dems to be the poster child for their contraception mandate in order to combat the clerics who came out against it on the solid  ground of religious freedom. Of course she doesn’t have a compelling argument. The Obamacrats don’t have a compelling argument, either, but by golly, they’ve got a narrative and they’re sticking to it. You could say they went “full retard” with it at the D n C.

Via The Other McCain, Andrew Klavan, Manhattan Institute: Obamanomics 101, Understanding How the Obama Economy Works:

PJTV: The New Stalinism? Obama and the Potential Return of the Five-Year Plan:

PJTV:  Competitor in Chief: He Knows Better, He Plays Better, He Is Better?!?:

President Obama is pretty pleased with himself. A recent New York Times piece reveals that Obama thinks he’s better than everybody, even his own advisors. Trifecta knows what real competitors look like, and tells you the difference.

This is one of the best Trifectas, ever. Bill Whittle unleashes a blistering  torrent of insults, and Steve Green opens with the one liner of the episode:

And another Trifecta: Obama’s War on the Constitution:

Actor John Cusack has seemingly declared war on Obama’s war on the constitution. Is the left giving Obama a pass for his extra-constitutional actions, such as drone attacks? Or will the left choose principle over politics? Find out on this Trifecta.

And now for something completely different:

I heard my cat loving 12 year old crying in the other room and found her watching this touching video: Francis- found alone crying in the snow:

5 thoughts on “Saturday Movie Matinee: Best Videos From the DNC

  1. Nick should listen to that Peter Schiff video of the convention dims. I was going to post that several days ago, when the discussion was going on about the description Carlos uses for democrats.

    While these clowns aren’t wearing armbands, they don’t sound very American, Capitalistic, or Patriotic to me and it also seems to me that Carlos has them pegged exactly.


  2. Democrats seem to be the party of I-Want-It-All-Right-Now (just so long as somebody else pays).

    I saw a bumper sticker: “Another intelligent teacher for Obama”. I was tempted to add a sticker reading “that’s an oxymoron”. (Not implying that teachers are not intelligent, but that an intelligent teacher would certainly not be for Obama.)


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