“Paul Ryan on Face the Nation: Obama “Says One Thing and Does Another”

Norah O’Donnell told  Paul Ryan that the president said “he’s more than happy to work with Republicans” on a budget deal, so she asked him  if he is more than happy to work with him, too. Ryan replied that yes, he’s “more than happy to work with” the president on the budget, but the president “hasn’t been acting like that. What we’ve learned in this presidency is, he says one thing and does another.”

Ain’t that the truth.

Obama isn’t “more than happy” to do anything but campaign, these days, which is why he missed the sequestration deadline on Friday:

The Hill reported:

The White House on Friday said it will miss the legal deadline for delivering a report to Congress on the spending cuts from sequestration that are scheduled to take effect in 2013.

Spokesman Jay Carney told reporters on Air Force One that the report will be coming next week.

Under the terms of the Sequestration Transparency Act signed in August, President Obama was to tell Congress by Friday how the administration plans to implement the $109 billion in automatic cuts mandated by the Budget Control Act.

The Office of Management and Budget has repeatedly failed to make legal deadlines. It delivered its presidential budget proposals and mid-session updates late both this year and last year.

Republicans have tried to tie the tardiness to the failure of the Senate to pass a budget resolution for the last three years.

“Like the [Sen. Harry] Reid majority, the White House has shown astonishingly little regard for budget law in this time of crisis,” said Stephen Miller, a spokesman for Senate Budget Committee Ranking Member Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala), who co-authored the transparency law.

The sequestered cuts coming in January were triggered by the failure of the 2011 supercommittee to reach a compromise on deficit reduction. The Pentagon says the looming defense cuts will devastate the military. The deal also cuts non-defense spending, but shields most entitlement benefits.

Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.), another author of the transparency bill, blasted the delay of the report and said the administration “seems to think it is above the law.”

“Americans of all stripes are required to play by the rules and follow the laws of the land. Unfortunately, by disregarding the sequestration reporting deadline, the Obama administration seems to think it is above the law, he said. “The American people deserve to know the president’s plan for implementing these cuts, some of which our military leaders have said will compromise our nation’s ability to protect itself.”

Mediaite has a longer clip from Ryan’s appearance on CBS, Sunday morning, dealing with the deficit reduction deal,  framing it thus: CBS’ Norah O’Donnell Grills Paul Ryan On Hypocritical Criticism Of Defense Cuts He Voted For.

In case you were wondering, the MSM has finally settled on a  cliched label to slap on Paul Ryan. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, these labels that are always reserved for Republicans running for high office, are  limited to either “old and out of touch” (obviously not Ryan), stupid (obviously not Ryan) and evil (obviously not Ryan). They went ahead and settled on evil, anyway, taking their cue from an unleashed multitude of Obots who have been bombarding the internet with a decidedly anti-Ryan narrative. They’ve taken to calling him “lyin’ Ryan”, blissfully unaware of how absurd that sounds, coming  from a party of congenital, pathological liars with a standard bearer who is has been very aptly nicknamed “The Lyin” King”.  Discerning Americans now automatically tune out when he speaks because they are so  physically repulsed by his lies.

Anyway, the video shows a patient Paul Ryan trying to explain to O’Donnell (who’s trying really hard to have a “gotcha moment”) how the process worked, and how Obama has been a deceptive bad actor from the start of it. Somehow, the drones on Youtube and at Mediaite are under the impression that Ryan lost that back and forth. He did not.

Here’s the transcript from that part of the interview:

O’DONNELL: Let’s talk about some of the cuts that have been agreed to. Mitt Romney said in an interview on NBC that Republicans were wrong to agree to a deal last summer that included automatic cuts to defense spending in exchange for this agreement to raise the debt ceiling. He said it was big mistake by Republicans.

He’s talking about you because you voted for those cuts, correct?

RYAN: I did, you know why I voted for it? Because I was working to find common ground with Democrats to get a down payment on deficit reduction.

I worked with President Obama to find common ground to get a down payment on deficit reduction. It wasn’t a big down payment but it was a step in the right direction.

Here’s the issue, Bob Woodward just wrote this in his book, the devastating defense cuts that are now coming due were insisted upon by the Obama Administration so that they would not have to face another debt ceiling increase before the election.

O’DONNELL: But Congressman, that’s…

RYAN: That’s putting — that’s putting — that’s putting politics out of national security.

More to the point, Norah, I authored the bill, brought it to the floor, and passed it to prevent the president’s irresponsible, devastating defense cuts from occurring by cutting wasteful Washington spending in other areas of government to replace these defense cuts.

O’DONNELL: Congressman, these defense cuts are part of the Budget Control Act. You voted for the Budget Control Act. In fact I went and looked, you put on the a statement at the time it was passed and you called it a victory, and you called it a positive step forward.

So, you voted for defense cuts. And now you’re criticizing the president for those same defense cuts that you voted for and called a victory.

RYAN: No, no, I have to correct you on this, Norah. I voted for a mechanism that says a sequester will occur if we don’t cut $1.2 trillion spending in government. We offered $1.2 trillion in various — the super committee offered it. We passed in the House a bill to prevent those devastating defense cuts by cutting spending elsewhere. The senate’s done nothing. President Obama’s done nothing.

I wrote another bill, passed it, got signed into law, Democrats supported us, President Obama If he is not going to help us with a plan to prevent those defense cuts by substituting them from elsewhere, what’s his plan for the sequester? He’s ignoring the law. He was supposed to give these to us yesterday.

So the problem, Norah, is we’ve led. We wanted to have a bipartisan agreement. We got that. And the president hasn’t fulfilled his end of the bipartisan agreement.

The goal was never that these defense cuts actually occur, the goal is that we get to work and cut spending so that we prevent those defense cuts. We’ve done that. The president hasn’t.

O’DONNELL: Congressman, it’s my understanding that as part of the Budget Control Act there was not just the sequestration, the defense sequestration, but there is also $1 trillion in immediate spending cuts, which included the defense cuts, almost $400 billion that were proposed by the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, Mr. Dempsey, as well as Secretary Panetta. And you also voted for those.

And now you’re saying that you didn’t vote for them?

RYAN: We can get into this nomenclature. I voted for the Budget Control Act but the Obama administration proposed $470 billion in defense cuts. We don’t agree with that. Our budget rejected that. And then on top of that is another $500 billion in defense cuts.

O’DONNELL: Right, it’s a trillion in defense spending. And you voted for it.

RYAN: No, Norah, I voted for the Budget Control Act.

O’DONNELL: That included defense spending.

RYAN: Norah, you’re mistaken.

I do not support the Obama budget. I do not support the Obama $478 billion in cuts. So, number one, that’s half of the trillion we don’t support. Our budget reflected that.

Number two, we passed legislation to reflect what we want as part of the Budget Control Act, which is to cut spending in other areas of government instead of the Pentagon, that bill is sitting in the senate right now.

President Obama has done nothing to support it, to oppose it. He hasn’t even shown us how he’s going to implement this sequester. And if you go back and read the tape. If you go back and read Bob Woodward’s book, the reason the defense cuts are in the sequester as they are, was that the insistence of the Obama administration.

It’s unfortunate that the best Congress could do was kick the can down the road, which is essentially what they did – but the idea was always to come to a deal at some point, in order to avoid the draconian defense cuts. Obama isn’t playing. After putting on a big pro military show at the DNC, he’s obviously comfortable with the defense cuts he insisted on putting in the bill.

Here’s a typical comment at Mediaite:

WOW…who would have thought Lyin Ryan would have become a national joke even faster than Palin did?..lol

Same nonsense in the Youtube comments – one comment after another of either very stupid people who have trouble processing the English language and have no clue how sausage is made in Washington (Norah knows, but that’s beside the point, she played her role well) — or they were sent there as part of an organized Axelrodian astroturf campaign such as we saw for much of ’08. Or both. Probably both.

When I read a post and the first five or more comments are from rabid lefties spewing a “lyin’ Ryan” narrative, my BS antennae go up. I’m guessing they are there in order to push an anti R/R narrative as part of Operation Demoralize. Fight back. Do not let the freaks define our candidates for us. Conservatives may own Twitter, but they need to do a better job fighting the leftist horde on Youtube and supposedly  middle of the road blogs like Mediaite and Politico.

Linked by Doug Ross, thanks!

4 thoughts on ““Paul Ryan on Face the Nation: Obama “Says One Thing and Does Another”

  1. There is nothing serious about these clowns. They point and snicker and ask, “oh yeah, what’s your plan”? All while never having one of their own. Then when the republicans put a plan together and stick their necks on the line, the dims hammer the hell out of it and them [especially Ryan]. Meanwhile none of his submitted budgets has gotten any serious votes.

    The D n C platform calls for another $650 Billion in new spending. srsly?


  2. Sure, Geo. If you cut $650B from the military, that of course leaves $650B to buy more votes for those already in Congress.

    Now, doesn’t that make sense?

    And I’ll guarantee you, there are a lot of Repubs who will be just as anxious to spend all that military money buying votes as the jackasses are. The difference is, the Repubs will want to apply $13.25 to deficit reduction so they can feel good about spending the rest. The jackasses will want to increase new entitlements by at least $157B more, probably “for the children”…


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