Judicial Committee Holding a Hearing Wednesday on Obama’s Serial Abuses of Power

Well, wow. Some of us have been asking all year when Republicans were going to address the pressing issue of Obama’s flagrant,  extra constitutional, executive overreach.

Today is the day.

Subject: The Obama Administration’s Abuse of Power

Wednesday 9/12/2012 – 10:00 a.m.

2141 Rayburn House Office Building

Full Committee

By Direction of the Chairman

Hearing Documentation

StgNews reported:

WASHINGTON, D.C. – On Wednesday, Senator Mike Lee, a former Constitutional lawyer and Supreme Court law clerk, will testify at a House Judiciary Committee hearing titled “The Obama Administration’s Abuse of Power.” The hearing will highlight the numerous ways in which the Obama Administration and the Justice Department have overstepped the Constitution’s limitations on Executive power.

The abuses being examined will be:

1: Asserting the power to suspend the application of Congressionally-enacted laws

2: Evading the Senate’s Advice and Consent power

3: Repeatedly making regulations for which it lacks authority

4: Flouting Congress’s oversight function

5: Trampling individual rights under the Constitution

More details at the link.

Watch live, here.

We’ll see if anything comes out of this.


Rep. Goodlatte Questions Witnesses on Administration’s Abuse of Power:


16 thoughts on “Judicial Committee Holding a Hearing Wednesday on Obama’s Serial Abuses of Power

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  2. Wow! Is this an answer to prayer? Please keep us up on the proceedings. It starts at seven am my time, a little early for me to be figuring out a video system, but I want to know all about it.


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  4. I’m sadly in line with Cry and Howl but Sen Lee is a stand up man and the fact this is even happening gives me a little hope-now if Romney would speak out forcefully, than I’d feel like our side is coming together.


  5. This news falls in line with the notion that house republicans want to make all this an election issue – when they should have acted long, long ago as these are constitutional issues. Boehner is spineless and not up to the job.


  6. Mark Levin had a interview with Sen Mike Lee on last nights show [2nd hour?]. I happen to like him a lot. Lee mentioned that these hearings were going to take place. As the conversation went on and Levin probed further, Levin asked what recourse was available to the Congress if they found that he had in fact violated the Constitution or his Oath of Office.

    Sen Lee [as I remember] never mentioned the “I” option, like I thought he would’ve. Instead he seemed to imply that there were “very limited” options available to them from the Constitution and that we are in uncharted territory and that we have not experienced such a abuse/overreach of power as this.

    I’m going to visit Levin’s site and listen to the broadcast again, just to make sure I heard what I thought I heard. I want to make sure. If I have it right, not very encouraging and why now within 60 days of the election? Many of us have been looking for these proceedings for a long time now.


  7. Gosh, ya mean after only three and one-half years of such abuse of power, the spineless and de-manned Boehner is gonna be looking to see if MAYBE there is such an abuse of power?

    Ya think?

    And John is correct – this falls in line with the notion it’s an election year political issue, not a real concern that the abuse may have really occurred.


  8. Will be watching these as well to see what happens. Remember that in the first 2 years of Obama’s term Pelosi was the majority leader and nothing was going to happen there. Not to say that the republicans shouldn’t have come out and at least brought it up in front of the public. I think they are all scared of the race card. It should not matter what race or anything else regarding upholding the constitution. We have to have better legislators who will stand up for the constitution. This should be done in the arena of ideas and in front of the american people who will support them if they stand firm and on principle. A shift is happening but it is going to take some time to get rid of the establishment legislators.


  9. ConcealCarryGal, I think you’re right that many Republicans have been wussified by terror of being called “RAAACIST!” That, my friends, is the genius of Bill Ayers. Obama was his project, whom he groomed LONG before the famed “launching of Obama’s political career” in Ayers’s living room. Check TheObamaFile.com to see how far back those two really go. (Answer: Decades.) Ayers KNEW that white guilt was still such a HUGE factor that it could be successfully leveraged to accomplish everything the radical Left has ever dreamed of, including an effective coup at the highest levels of the U.S. government.


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