Saturday Movie Matinee: “al Qaeda is alive and can attack”

Krauthammer: “al Qaeda is alive and can attack”:

Osama may be dead but thousands are chanting “we are Osama” as radical Islamists take advantage of Obama’s appeasement and apology foreign policy failure. A Chicago ACORN affiliated community organizer, raised as a Muslim, tutored under an anti-Semitic, anti-American pastor for 20 years has set the stage for world chaos and war. His weakening of America has brought us to the edge of an abyss, emboldened our enemies and betrayed our friends. Deceived by his mantra of “hope and change” America has committed national suicide by electing this inexperienced community agitating Marxist. Can we stand four more years of national suicide?

And here I thought that Obama had ended the war on terror after he made the “gutsy call” to get Bin Laden. Gee, now what? Oh I know….it’s time to crack down on people who insult Islam.

Yard Sale For Obama:

– Time is running out to do everything you can to help the President get re-elected. We are a ground of friends from San Francisco that thought it would be fun to get together and sell a few items to support Obama. Check out our site at See if you can get a group of people together to make a difference in this election!

I honestly can’t tell whether this is a spoof, or not – you tell me.

Dick Morris: Why Obama’s Convention Will Doom his Re-election! Dick Morris TV:

Allen West to Hannity: “We’re operating in fantasy land”:

9/14 West talks with Fox News Sean Hannity on Libya and Obama foreign policy failures

Trifecta: Where Is the Chicago Messiah? Chicago Teachers Walk Out on Students:

Tammy Bruce joins Trifecta to discuss the Chicago teacher strike. GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney has taken a stand against the Chicago teachers. So has Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. But where is President Obama? Will he float into Chicago and save the day?

Bill Whittle: Number Six:

There are Seven Deadly Sins. So why is our tax code, and the rhetoric of the Democrats in the House, Senate and especially the White House becoming ever more shrill about the sixth of these Seven Deadly Sins? Bill Shows who pays their fair share and who doesn’t in this latest edition of FIREWALL.

Kathleen Turner Sept. 2012 Speech (Highlights):

What the heck?!



8 thoughts on “Saturday Movie Matinee: “al Qaeda is alive and can attack”

  1. Great round up-West and Whittle are awesome. However I could only watch about a minute of the last one with K Turner, yuck-o, is she ill?


  2. Oh, wow! I glad to see that Kathleen is back out of her shell and back on the booze and marlboro’s. It’s been quite a while since we’ve seen or for that matter even heard from Kathleen [and her husband]. You see back then Kathleen’s primary interest was buying slum properties and then renting them back out, despite numerous violations of fire codes. They both [chatty Kathy and her husband] had quite the portfolio of Real Estate [if you can call it Real Estate] in some of the worse neighborhoods anyone can imagine. The South Bronx [primarily] and other fine areas like that.

    I guess all of those Lawsuits have gone away by now and Kathleen has decided it’s time to come back out of her shell. Funny but, back when you couldn’t get chatty Kathy or her husband to open their mouths and say anything. Amazing how things change, no? Probably after years of seclusion downing the booze and butts [not necessarily in that order] and writing some hefty checks.

    Back then what kept chatty Kathy’s mouth zipped tighter than a drum was call “The Happy Land Social Club Fire”. Eight-Seven people were murdered by a act of arson and chatty and her husband were the owners of the establishment [the property]. There were more fire code violations than anyone could count, of course chatty claimed that she had “no idea” that the property [her property] was being used for such activity. [yeah, I believe her]

    Anyway, it’s good seeing chatty back in the swing of things, several pounds lighter [in the wallet at least] and shooting off at the lip. I guess she got that fine “southern accent” from down on Southern Boulevard in the Bronx, while she made her rounds collecting the rent money from those slum properties.

    Funny how things always manage to come full circle, except if your dead xxxxxxx, errrrrr, murdered. . . . . of course!


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  5. Maybe it’s time our Apologizer-in-Chief apologized to the American people for failing to honor his oath of office, and his abject failure to do anything to protect our diplomats abroad…

    Either that, or admit his plan was to allow and encourage such goings-on to begin with…


  6. Chatty Kathy speaks with the practice of a long time alcoholic – and one who has practiced her Tennessee Williams-esque speech about this many, many times before captive audiences. Doubtless she regales all the hangers-on of her frightened “inner possee” with her performences nightly while they await free drinks. Poor things! Not even members would stand for her drunken, rambling and disgusting presence.


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