Uncovered Video Shows Obama Admitting He Believes in Redistribution of Wealth – Romney Responds on Cavuto (Video)

I’m not sure why this is even news. I thought we already kinda knew Obama was into redistribution of wealth.

But it’s a big Drudge headline and everyone’s talking about it:

Gateway Pundit reminds readers about Obama’s Joe the Plumber moment, four short years ago,  Obama wants to Spread Wealth Around.

Barack Obama taught Alinsky redistributive principles at university.

And at  AoSHQ, we are reminded of the Obama clip from 2001 that was aired in October 2008:

The previously reported — but never adequately reported — 2001 statement that the liberal movement had to focus more on non-court power to bring about “redistributive change.”

Ace shares an interesting back story about how he had helped Andrew Breitbart out with his Drudge headline so that he wouldn’t be accused of misrepresenting the convoluted clip.

Incidentally, the quote was accurate, and couldn’t be attacked. There was no misrepresentation: I just locked on the key bits. So it wasn’t hackery or anything. It was what the man said.

Not that the media was interested in an accurate, newsworthy quote. Not that the media was interested in all in exploring the thoughts and beliefs of this elegant cipher called Barack Obama.

No one attacked Drudge’s headline and quote; they just ignored it entirely.



You know what, though? The corrupt media isn’t as good at covering up news that is damaging to their precious as they used to be – and they are bleeding readers because of their naked partisanship as John Nolte noted today at Big Journalism: Newspaper Ad Revenues Collapse to 1950 Levels:

Something else to make you feel better: The media is putting everything they have into destroying Mitt Romney, and he could still win this thing. That wouldn’t have been true four years ago. But New Media is keeping him alive, and not because we’re fighting the media, but because we are on offense against Barack Obama.

You see, there are two narratives now. The corrupt media has their narrative and New Media has its own narrative.

Sure, we fight the media on defense — mostly because it’s fun. But the real impact New Media has is not in fighting the media but in creating our own counter-narrative that pushes stories out there the corrupt media won’t tell. I’m talking about talk radio, blogs, Drudge, Fox News… And people are paying attention.

And Mitt Romney is making sure that negative Obama news gets out by commenting on it, himself  – pretty savvy of him, I must say:

Video via Gateway Pundit


Obama also believes in redistribution of blame:

Weasel Zippers: Obama Asked About Fiscal Mess: “There’s Plenty Of Blame To Spread Around”…

“Gotta spread the blame around”…how perfectly Obamaesque.

Linked by AoSHQ and Michelle Malkin, thanks!

10 thoughts on “Uncovered Video Shows Obama Admitting He Believes in Redistribution of Wealth – Romney Responds on Cavuto (Video)

  1. They (MSM) tried to do the same thing to Reagan. I’m old enough to remember the way they made fun of him. How did that work out for them?


  2. Judge Napolitano followed Romney on Cavuto’s show and made a observation that I think nails the situation . . .

    It seems when the Governor goes off script or makes spontaneous statements, he sounds more conservative and passionate about what he is talking about. He doesn’t seem passionate about what he talks about normally. The two biggest examples he cited were, his reaction to the US Embassy Cairo’s apology they issued and the one from today regarding the 47% of people who not paying taxes.

    I agree totally. It seems to be only times you’ve heard the conservative base, yell out YES!!!, about time, now keep it up and go for it. Only to be let down again.


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  4. ***
    The American Pravda Media continues to fly their excellent air cover for Comrade Obama and His Ilk. Lie or distort stories as necessary. Or just fail to report them at all if they reflect badly on President Obama and his epic economic and energy failures. Pull out some more Romney red herring stories–like the dog Seamus on the rooftop car carrier instead.
    John Bibb


  5. As a Massachusetts conservative that supported Romney through the primaries I was frustrated that he was being cast as a “moderate” conservative and the lack of attention to Ronald Reagan’s politics prior to running for President. I am absolutely positive that Romney will “out-Reagan” Reagan when all is said and done. Geo hit the nail on the head with the comment about Romney being more conservative when “off script.” His “handlers” are trying to get him elected and as a result may cost him the election. He won’t disappoint us because he’s already told us his goals and what he wants to achieve. His faith and his honor won’t allow him to fail us. He did things in Massachusettes that were bold and might have cost him a re-election bid if he wanted it and I expect the same from him as President.


  6. Slightly off-topic, but am I the only one to see Fox slipping closer to the LSM? Not that they’re in the bag for Obhammud, but they seem to have lost a lot of punch in the last year or two…

    And I’m with you, ND – I hope Dave’s right, too, but I’m certainly not holding my breath on that one.


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  8. Dave, I really hope you’re right on this. Mitt’s past certainly has given conservatives a reason for concern. I do however believe that the extended republican primary has influenced his positions. I just wish he’d fight, embellish and profess them more.


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