Rusty Humphries Blasts Democrat “Political Pimps of Despair” at Liberty Loyalists Event in Adrian, MO

Popular conservative radio talk show host, Rusty Humphries gave a rousing speech before a gathering of the Liberty Loyalists, in Adrian, MO, Saturday night.

He couldn’t resist tweaking Dems for voting down God at the DNC:  “We learned at the DNC that the Democrats don’t like to talk about God, do they? What’d it take – 3 times for the Democrats to vote to try to put God back in the platform, so God was denied – what? 3 times…I’ve heard of that before, in another book about a guy being denied 3 times…”

He blasted the Obamacrats in power as “political pimps of despair who have nothing useful to say about the American dream because they don’t understand it and don’t care.”

Can we stop this fiscal train wreck from happening, he wondered, later.

“Yes we can, Barack Obama – yes, we can.…mmmm mmmm mmmm!”

Mission Statement and Core Values of The Liberty Loyalists:

Less Government
Less Regulation
Less Taxes

Working to restore sanity and sanctity to government and to make Missouri the safest place to live, raise a family and to start a business or relocate an industry. We want Missouri to be a shining  example of the American Dream; Liberty and Justice for all.

Did you know that 14%of Americans think they’re registered, but are not?

Click here to find out if you’re registered, and for voter registration tools to register yourself and loved ones before it’s too late..


2 thoughts on “Rusty Humphries Blasts Democrat “Political Pimps of Despair” at Liberty Loyalists Event in Adrian, MO

  1. Thank you for posting this. We are fortunate to live in Atlanta and have his local show every afternoon. Rusty! Heck yeah!! On the air and he’s here to save the day, yeah!!


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