About My blog’s Suspension

All I know is that it was due to a “violation of terms of service”. I never received any kind of warning about the alleged violation, and I’ve yet to receive an explanation from WordPress.com for what happened. As far as I know, it may have been nothing more than an internet glitch.

I’d like to thank everyone who lobbied WordPress to get my blog back online – the news spread on Twitter like wildfire…during the dinner hour while I was celebrating my husband’s birthday. It was almost impossible to keep up with all the helpful tweets.

Several valiant bloggers came to my aid, as well:

The Other McCain’s chivalrous Smitty was the first to leap into action: Free @NiceDeb !!!

NiceDeb is one of the solid blogs on the right, and a friend of this blog for years. ToS violation my left foot. She’s being harassed.

Wasn’t that nice?

The awesome and loveable Doug Ross is never at a loss for words: Fascists-In-Training Just Knocked Conservative Blogger @NiceDeb Off the Air. Here’s How You Can Help!

My guess is that some miscreant, wannabe-fascists on the left reported bogus “Terms of Service” (TOS) violations to get her all-too-accurate commentary kicked off the air.

That could be…but I don’t have any information to confirm or deny it. Hit the link for a photo of me smacking him in the chops at BlogCon, last Spring. If I posted it, here, I might be violating my terms of service.

The Camp of the Saints’ ever vigilant Bob Belvedere joined the chorus: ALERT: @NiceDeb Needs Our Help [Updated]

As did my blogging sister just a conservative girl at Potluck: Fellow PotLuck Blogger Has Nice Deb Blog Removed by WordPress:

Nice Deb has had her blog suspended for reasons that have not been made clear to her.  If you go to her blog you just get the message:

nicedeb.wordpress.com is no longer available.

This blog has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service.
For questions or concerns, contact WordPress.com Support.

I suggest you contact them to ask them why they would take down a blog that has been up for five years or so without so much as an emailed explanation to the reasons why.

Now, I read her blog almost daily, I have never seen anything on there that would violate these terms:

And Smitty was linked by Instapundit!

It wasn’t long after Insty linked that my blog reappeared online. Hmmmm!

Thank you so much, all of you. Now I feel bad for not blogging at Potluck for how long, now? I’m ashamed to say….Years?

Don’t feel bad – I haven’t had time for my own blog, Leftwing Institute for Civil Discourse aka Moonbattracker, all month, either. There just isn’t enough time in the day for me to do everything I want to do online.

Actually, I have another post I’d like to do, here,  tonight. Charles B. tipped me a good one. But it’s after midnight and I have to get to bed. It will have to wait until morning.


I neglected to thank the Twitchy Team for coming to my defense: Blogger Nice Deb sent to WordPress gulag; Conservatives rally in support; Update: blog restored


Wed morning, 8:16: Of course, Gateway Pundit has it now.

Linked by The Other McCain, and Daily Pundit, and Notion Tidbits thanks!

26 thoughts on “About My blog’s Suspension

  1. I’m so happy you’re back! I was offline for a good chunk of today and then when I checked my emails a few hours ago, a bunch of people wrote telling me that you got wp gulaged. I had mom stuff to do so all I could do at that time was email you, so I am really happy to see that so many blog friends fought to get you back so fast! Yay!


  2. Wow. I’m away from Twitter all evening and look at what I missed. Glad you’re back! Perhaps, now that Twitter finally seems to have wised up to political efforts to suspend users, the moonbats have moved their attacks to WordPress.


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  5. Scary stuff. I am saving up to move off WordPress for reasons like what happened to you and also to Bare Naked islam’s blog. They seem to pull blogs for terms of service at the drop of a hat…


  6. Deb,
    Too bad you can’t have the assclowns who did this tracked down. But, that’s what left wing douche bags resort to when they lose an argument..


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  9. Sorry for your troubles. ToS violation – that’s BS. Have you considered self hosting? It’s not too difficult to do; I’d help you get it done just to prevent those a-holes from doing it again.


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  11. My Christian blogs both recently were suspended without explanation on Blog.com which is affiliated with WordPress and I was up-to-date on posting. I have read the Terms of Service twice and still cannot figure out why this has happened. I have contacted them and have not received a reply.


  12. Happened to me as well, with my previous account. You need to email twitter customer service people and ‘apologize’ and say that you did not understand the terms of service, you will get your account back.


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