Hump Day Silliness: Libtalk Dummies Fall For Ryan ‘Stench’ Hoax (Audio)

We can thank Radio Equalizer, Brian Maloney for capturing these gullible Libtalkers’  embarrassing buffoonery for us. He listens so we don’t have to – and God knows – we owe him a debt of gratitude for that.

Ace explains the hoax as only he can:

Snark seems easier to people than actually being funny. All you need to do is say something that isn’t true, or something you don’t believe. You may or may not add some “funny” punctuation to it, such as an exclamation point.

Exclamation points make things funny. Or so people who think Snark is Humor seem to believe.

So, Roger Simon, who just seems like a big fat ball of failure to me in most respects, trotted out his own attempt at this “Snark” all the kids were into these days.

Paul Ryan has gone rogue. He is unleashed, unchained, off the hook.“I hate to say this, but if Ryan wants to run for national office again, he’ll probably have to wash the stench of Romney off of him,” Craig Robinson, a former political director of the Republican Party of Iowa, told The New York Times on Sunday.
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Coming from a resident of Iowa, a state where people are polite even to soybeans, this was a powerful condemnation of the Republican nominee.

Though Ryan had already decided to distance himself from the floundering Romney campaign, he now feels totally uninhibited. Reportedly, he has been marching around his campaign bus, saying things like, “If Stench calls, take a message” and “Tell Stench I’m having finger sandwiches with Peggy Noonan and will text him later.”

The Democrat media complex’s reaction to this was a collective: “Wowwwwwww!”

This isn’t the first time Rachel Maddow has been punked by an obviously bogus story. In fact, that’s sort of her specialty.

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3 thoughts on “Hump Day Silliness: Libtalk Dummies Fall For Ryan ‘Stench’ Hoax (Audio)

  1. Are there a more disgusting bunch of human slime than what I just heard? These people(?) are supposed to be journalists? HAHAHAHAYOU’REKIDDINGRIGHT?HAJAHAHA


  2. The “journalist” Maddow was punked by the doc when she was born, punked by her parents as a child, and punked by every teacher and professor she ever had. It’s no wonder she hasn’t said a coherent thing in her life, let alone since she went to work for “her” network…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (just kidding with the “!”‘s)


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