Obama’s Anti-Mormon Campaign Targeting Christian Voters

Can you say, “Whisper Campaign”, class? I knew you could.

Right on schedule, too – this being October 1. Of course we knew that their dirtiest and most desperate deeds would come in October.

Via Gateway Pundit, according to Catholic.org, the Obama campaign is calling Christian voters with an anti-Mormon spiel.

The head of a pro-life committee at a parish I know just received a call from the Obama campaign. The caller asked for her daughter by name, and when she was not there then asked where she could be contacted. Her mother responded by telling the Obama supporter, “not to waste her time as my daughter is supporting the pro-life candidates Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.”

When the caller hesitated and acted surprised, the mother, a staunch pro-life Catholic, said:

“My daughter is a practicing Catholic and would never cast a vote for a pro-abortion, pro-same sex marriage, pro-embryonic stem cell research, pro-euthanasia candidate who supported the HHS mandate that will take away religious freedoms from Catholic hospitals, Catholic charities, and Catholic institutions.”

The Obama supporter then launched into her “canned response” and started reading from her call script: “Well, I am a practicing Catholic, and I strongly support President Obama.” The mother then asked her if she was “familiar with the Pope’s five “non-negotiables.”‘ The Obama supporter had no idea what she was talking about and explained that it was only the Pope’s “opinion” to ban the use of contraception.

The Obama caller then went back to her script, asking these clever questions:

1. How can you support a “Mormon” who does not believe in Jesus Christ?
2. What to you think about the “Nuns on the Bus” who support Obama?

The mother replied, “How can you support a man who supports the killing of innocent pre-born children for all nine months?”

Not only pre-born babies, ma’am. As we know.

Ben Stein, of the American Spectator, suggested that Romney address concern about his Mormonism by making “a clear statement of principles”:

I love the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Mormons are honest and fantastically patriotic and hard working. But what does it mean to believe in Mormonism? A close friend said she could not vote for him although she is a Republican because, she said, “Mormons are not Christians…”

But, as I said, Mr. Romney is a mystery. Why doesn’t he use that vast hoard of money he has to make a clear statement of his principles, something like this:

(1) I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I am unequivocally a Christian. I respect all peaceful religions and I respect those who do not choose to believe in God. But I am and always will be a Christian.

(2) I believe that the greatest gift that God has ever bestowed upon mankind in the last two millennia is the United States. I will never apologize for the USA, especially not on the soil of despotisms and murderous regimes — but really, not anywhere.

(3) I believe that the first duty of the President is to defend the United States of America. I will not disarm either unilaterally or any other way. This world is too dangerous a place for unilateral disarmament and I do not trust our adversaries enough to disarm. A solid, unquestioned defense is the cornerstone of the edifice of a free people. That includes a defense against ballistic missiles and I will not allow the ill-informed mockery of my opponents to keep me from defending America.

Read all of his 12 suggestions, here.

It’s beyond disturbing to me that there are Christian voters out there, who after 4 years of Obama, still might be vulnerable to this line of attack. What do they think? Obama IS a Christian? Please, people. Don’t be simps. He’s neither Christian nor, Muslim. Obama worships the State. Big Government is his God: “One nation —– — indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”.

If the Romney campaign were to start a telephone whisper campaign about Obama’s Marxist background, I would suspend my blog, and enthusiastically join his team.

“Hello Mrs Smith? This is Deb calling from the Romney campaign. Hey! Got a question for you. Did you know the President of the United States was mentored by a card carrying Communist by the name of Frank Marshall Davis? No? Well, that’s the reason for my call, today, ma’am. You see, Mrs Smith, the mainstream media didn’t do a very good job vetting the President back in 2008, and they’re doing an even poorer job, this time around. There are a few facts about his background we think voters ought to know….”

I’m with Ben Stein. All of the Mormons I have ever known have been fantastic, good hearted  people. I have no problem with one being in the White House, Christian or not, and yes, I realize that all of the mainline Christian churches don’t consider Mormonism Christian. I’m okay with that. What I’m not okay with is Obama. How could any sane Republican consider throwing the country under the bus because of Romney’s Mormonism? That’s so ignorant, it hurts. And the Obama campaign is trying to capitalize on that ignorant thinking because it’s all they have.

In March of 2009, I said: “I suspect that after four years of Obama, even the most rabid anti-Mormon fundamentalists will be running to him.” I sure as heck hope I’m right.

I’m in 100% agreement with this guy: I’m Catholic and I am Not Voting for Obama:

The GOP and the Catholic Vote:

James Nicholson, former ambassador to the Vatican from 2001 to 2005, thinks many Catholics will choose Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in November because of their belief that President Obama has waged a war on religious freedom. Nicholson also served as the U.S. secretary of veterans affairs from 2005 to 2007 and chairman of the Republican National Committee from 1997 to 2001.

“I think that what the Obama administration is trying to do to deprive people of their rights of free expression, and the rights of their conscience, is no less than a war. I think it’s a very, very historic, grievous offense against the sensibilities and the tradition that came out of the Constitution of our country. It’s unprecedented.”

For those of you Catholics who are actually considering voting for Obama, this next video is for you: Catholic Voters Are Morally Complicit When They Empower Intrinsically Evil Policies:

Catholic Voters Are Morally Complicit When They Empower Evil Policies. Courtesy of Bishop Thomas John Paprocki – credits in the video.


LifeNews: Dozens of Pro-Lifers Arrested at White House Opposing HHS Mandate

Over the weekend, two dozen pro-life advocates were arrested at the White House for praying and holding pro-life signs protesting President Obama’s pro-abortion HHS mandate.

“Obamacare will force institutions, churches and individuals to purchase abortion-inducing drugs and pay for sterilization and abortion in direct opposition to their beliefs, conscience and historic teachings of the Church,” the group of people said in a statement. “With the recent Supreme Court ruling affirming Obamacare, the future of religious freedom in America is at risk and in grave danger of being entirely wiped out.”

In total, 54 pro-lifers gave up their freedoms to make a point about the mandate, so far.

LifeNews: Liberals Send Election Intimidation Letter to 60,000 Pastors:

A pro-abortion group is sending letters to 60,000 churches in an attempt to intimidate them in the upcoming elections.

With churches holding voter registration drives, with pastors talking about the importance of pro-life and religious issues in the election and with churches allowing pro-lifers to distribute literature based on their First Amendment rights, the threats could adversely effect pro-life election efforts.

Mathew Staver, chairman of the Liberty Counsel, a pro-life legal group, talked about the letters.

“In a national mass mailing, the left-wing organization Americans United for Separation of Church and State (AU) has advised the leadership of 60,000 targeted churches across the nation not to become involved in “partisan politicking,” he said. “Their true goal, unwritten but hidden between the lines: To SILENCE the truth from being spoken in American pulpits and to MUZZLE people of faith on the vital issues that will be decided in the 2012 elections.”

“AU sent a letter to churches just weeks before the 2012 national elections, which I believe is the most pivotal in our generation and among the most critical in our nation’s history,” he added.

Liberty Counsel is fighting back and has sent about 25,000 churches its “Silence is Not an Option” Action Pack informing them of their legal rights this election. More are on the way.

“We must counter this overt attack in the few remaining days before Election Day 2012,” Staver said. “Here is our plan:  We are stepping out in faith and have resolved to distribute the entire remaining inventory (almost 70,000 Handbooks) of our powerful new resource, the Patriot’s Handbook of Political Action for Pastors and Churches, to churches and pastors in the next two weeks.”


Via Weasel Zippers, it’s the left-wing “Catholic” group, (Cafeteria) Catholics for Obama making the calls:

Much has been made of the fact that both candidates for vice president—Paul Ryan and Joe Biden—are practicing Catholics, though they come at almost every issue from diametrically opposite positions: As one example, Ryan opposes abortion while Biden supports keeping it legal. […]

On Wednesday Hudson also revealed that a group calling itself Catholics for Obama had been making push poll phone calls in support of the president’s re-election bid. Among the questions being asked, he said, was “How can you support a ‘Mormon’ who does not believe in Jesus Christ?”

The phone banker making the call, which in this case went to a woman Hudson identifies as “the head of a pro-life committee at a parish I know” reportedly also asserted that “President Obama did not support abortion” and that Planned Parenthood “helps children get healthcare and prenatal care and does not promote abortion.” In fact, the group is one of the nation’s largest abortion providers.

All this amounts to a whispering campaign that is both dishonest about the president’s record on abortion and deviously attempts to divide the Catholic electorate on the issue of GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s religion—something the Obama campaign has repeatedly promised it would not do. With the election getting closer, the comments and attacks are getting nastier. Some people, apparently, will do anything to hold on to power.

Catholics for Romney needs to do some push poll phone calls of their own focusing on Obama’s shocking assault on religious freedom.

Linked by Michelle Malkin, and Doug Ross, thanks!


9 thoughts on “Obama’s Anti-Mormon Campaign Targeting Christian Voters

  1. I’d be the last one to proclaim that I’m a Theology major, but this issue of Mormonism has always befuddled me. Seems to me to be out and out racism. I’m aware of the Churches past but, which Church doesn’t have a past they’d rather forget about?

    Several years ago I started doing Genealogy research, which inevitably led me to a local Mormon Temple which had a History Center. They hold the largest collection of genealogy records anywhere. I walked in off the street, introduced myself and asked for their help. I was warmly received, and given all the help I could possibly have handled. I have become friends with many of the Church and find them no different than any other Church member of any other faith.

    This seems like the latest redux of the same kind of racism that was used against John Kennedy back in the 60’s when he ran for President. Back then they used the same tactics and claimed that he would be beholden to the Pope and the Church before his Country.

    Racists libs never change!


  2. I believe that Obamacare is the most grievous attack on our liberties since the realm of King George. It is an assault on our economic liberty, freedom of choice and association, our religious liberties and an assault against our seniors. It literally makes me ill from fear for our country and my family. It is one of the urgent reasons to vote Obama out although there are dozens of good reasons to dump him. After hearing Romney’s five point economic plan I can enthusiastically support him as well. Happy to vote for Romney/Ryan even more than against Obama the disaster.


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  5. It’s not what “mainline Christian churches consider” that’s important. It’s what the Bible teaches about Christianity that counts — not man, not a council, not an opinion. The Bible does not teach that Jesus and Satan are NOT brothers, that you have “spirit children” after you die, nor that believers are resurrected on some other planet. That’s just for starters.

    So, why would Christians be vulnerable to that line of attack? Simply because it is factual. Mormonism is not Christianity. The End.


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