Obama Scandals Heat Up as Election Day Looms

I would love to be a fly on the wall of the Obama White House as increasingly, mainstream media outlets (other than “Faux” News) cover stories that are (let us say) *unhelpful* to his reelection. There are almost certainly behind closed doors screaming fits, and lamps flying while President Creature Comforts and Commander of Me-Time kicks back in Las Vegas.

President Barack Obama arrived in Nevada last night to begin three days of debate preparation at the Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort, a luxurious golf community just a few miles from the Las Vegas strip.

Cool as a cucumber, I’m sure, and kept away from unpleasantness like this:

CNN: None Of Our Sources Corroborate Obama Admin’s False Libya Story:

While the Obama regime was using bogus talking points about an out of control mob upset over an internet video,   CNN’s  sources weren’t corroborating any of it. Where was the regime getting its “information”? Did they really think they would get away with such an outrageous coverup so close to an election?

Has the FBI set foot in Benghazi, yet? Apparently not, and Rush thinks he knows why: Rush: Obama Keeps FBI Out Of Benghazi Because ‘The FBI Will Not Lie About What They Find’

Seriously, is this the sort of thing an administration wants just a month before an election? Breaking: House Oversight Committee Will Hold Hearing on Benghazi Attack and Likely Cover-Up (Video)

The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform announced tonight that they will be holding a hearing on the Benghazi attack and cover-up.
A letter will be sent to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Tuesday. The hearing will focus on the previous attacks in Benghazi leading up to the consulate attack on 9-11.

Mark your calendars, the hearing is set for October 10.

A good question to ask at the hearing:  Did White House arm al-Qaida operatives who killed U.S. ambassador?

Almost entirely missing from the debate surrounding the anti-U.S. attacks in Libya is the administration’s policy of arming jihadists to overthrow Mideast governments. But in the case of Libya, the arming of jihadists may have directly resulted in the Sept. 11, 2012, attacks against the U.S. consulate in Benghazi and the subsequent murder of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith, private security employees and former U.S. Navy SEALs Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods.

After changing its story multiple times, the White House finally conceded the deadly assault on the U.S. consulate was a planned attack linked to al-Qaida, as per information released by national intelligence agencies.

The admission prompted Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., to call for the resignation of U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice for pushing the narrative that the attacks were part of a spontaneous uprising.

King may instead want to focus his investigative energies on the larger story: How the Obama administration armed Libyan rebels who were known to include al-Qaida and other anti-Western jihadists, and how the White House is currently continuing that same policy in Syria.

During the revolution against Muammar Gadhafi’s regime, the U.S. admitted to directly arming the rebel groups.

At the time, rebel leader Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi boasted in an interview that a significant number of the Libyan rebels were al-Qaida gunmen, many of whom had fought U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This was no secret. The American Spectator reported in March, 2011:

White House sources confirm that in the run up to the decision to involve U.S. military personnel, President Obama was fully briefed that a large portion of the Libyan rebel forces most active in areas around such critical cities as Benghazi had ties to al Qaeda, particularly Al Qaeda in Iraq, the wing of the terrorist group that killed hundreds of U.S. troops in Iraq. 

“He was warned that should we reach a point where NATO needs to re-arm the rebels — it appears that time is coming now — we will be arming the very enemy that we have been fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan,” says a career employee at the State Department. “Secretary Clinton knows it, the White House knows it, but we’re working with these thugs anyway because the President thinks it’s the moral thing to do in the face of Gaddafi.”

Someone should ask President Eye Candy if it still feels like “the moral thing to do” in the aftermath of the Benghazi attack.

Then on the Government gunrunning front, there’s  Univision’s Fast and Furious Blockbuster report as described by Doug Ross: MEXICAN STREETS RUN RED WITH THE BLOOD OF CHILDREN: Holder Lies to Congress; Obama Covers Up; U.S. Media Ignores the Slaughter

Thanks to the Spanish language network Univision, we now have a more complete picture of Operation Fast and Furious, the ill-fated gun-running operation orchestrated by Attorney General Eric Holder. The A.G., of course, was found in Contempt of Congress for stonewalling a House of Representatives investigation. And President Obama claimed “executive privilege” as an obvious attempt to cover up Holder’s culpability.

In the mean time, Mexico’s government has put Holder’s death toll at over 200 dead, not to mention U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, who was killed by Mexican drug smugglers armed by Holder’s Justice Department.

See if you can get through this entire Daily Caller piece without breaking into angry tears: Univision uncovers more deadly, heart-wrenching Fast and Furious details

What had happened was Jose Antonio Acosta Hernandez, or “El Diego,” the onetime leader of the Juarez Cartel’s La Linea, sent his team to the birthday party to kill what he thought were members of the rival Sinaloa Cartel.

La Linea is the “enforcement arm” of the Juarez Cartel. According to the El Paso Times, El Diego told Mexican authorities after his capture that La Linea’s mission was, among other things, to “eliminate the members of the Sinaloa cartel in Ciudad Juárez.”

“Regarding the party in Villas de Salvarcar, I was informed that there were some who belonged to the Sinaloa Cartel,” El Diego said in police interrogation videos. “I send the boys, and when they are there, they tell me that they have already located them, and so the order to start working is given.”

When El Diego gave the order, Univision said “seven vans blocked the streets so that nearly 20 hitmen from the Juarez Cartel could unleash the bloodshed with R15 rifles and 9mm pistols.”

“What no one in Mexico ever knew was that some of the weapons used in this massacre were part of a secret gun tracing operation ran by the ATF, according to this exclusive document obtained by Univision News,” Univision reported.

That document was a Mexican Army document that stated, according to Univision: “[t]hree of the high caliber weapons fired that night in Villas de Salvarcar were linked to a gun tracing operation run by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).” That operation was Fast and Furious.

An onlooker who went solely by “Gloria” told Univision, “It looked like a war. A war where one only side was shooting.”

Luz Davila and her husband then “rushed down the street,” Univision said, to find out what happened. “Everything went dark,” Davila said. “I could only say that it wasn’t possible.”

“I went inside the house and the first thing I see is the older one, he was face down,” Luz Davila said. “And right ahead was the younger one. He was still alive.”

Both ended up dying. Univision said one of Luz’s sons died on scene and the other died 14 hours later at the hospital.

I’ll stop there – the next line is kinda hard to take…

Not the sort of story the regime wants coming out a month before election day, right?
And again, some in the MSM are not buying Obama’s spin on ‘Fast and Furious’:

…Obama appeared on a Univision program Thursday night and faced tough questions over Fast and Furious, which reportedly led to many deaths in Mexico, and not just the killing of U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry. He defended the refusal to give Congress relevant documents by describing them as “internal communications that were not related to the actual Fast and Furious operation.”

As Horowitz’s comments make clear, this is dishonest spin. On Fast and Furious, the president has zero credibility.

Finally, more unpleasantness for Obama festers while he preps for his debate, as reported by The Hill, Monday: Sen. Graham: Obama move on defense layoff notices ‘patently illegal’:

Graham and other Republicans were livid after the Obama administration issued the guidance on Friday telling contractors that their legal costs would be covered due to canceled contracts under sequestration, but only if they did not issue layoff notices before sequestration occurs — and before the November election.

“I will do everything in my power to make sure not one taxpayer dollar is spent reimbursing companies for failure to comply with WARN Act,” Graham told The Hill in a phone interview Monday. “That is so beyond the pale — I think it’s patently illegal.”

Gee, ya think, Senator?

So there are several major scandals bubbling up as the Preezy of the United Skeezy prepares for his big debate, which apparently everyone (including he himself) expects him to lose.

Is Obama good on defense? Is he easily rattled? Because I hear Romney has some zingers planned.


Oh. My. GOD:

Breaking on Fox News this morning: BORDER PATROL AGENT SHOT, KILLED IN AZ

“Early this morning Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents assigned to the Brian Terry Station were involved in a shooting near Naco, Ariz. Preliminary reports indicate one agent has died from his injuries and another sustained non-life threatening wounds. The injured agent has been airlifted to the hospital. Names are being withheld pending notification of next of kin. More updates will follow as appropriate. The incident investigation is being led by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office.”

Possibly with Fast and Furious guns???

Another scandal breaking this week: IG: VA wasted hundreds of thousands on extravagant conferences:

WASHINGTON — Investigators looking into lavish spending for a pair of Veterans Affairs training conferences in 2011 found evidence that department employees improperly accepted gifts, wasted hundreds of thousands on unneeded expenses and exhibited “serious management weaknesses” in handling taxpayer dollars.

The investigation report released Monday by the VA Inspector General’s office also says that the department’s top human resources official, Assistant Secretary for Human Resources and Administration John Sepulveda, “failed to provide proper guidance and oversight to his senior executives” and lied to investigators about details of the conference.

Sepulveda resigned on Sunday, a VA spokesman confirmed. He had served in that position since May 2009, as the department’s top advisor on administrative and employee management issues.

VA officials released a statement saying “misuse of taxpayer dollars is completely unacceptable” and calling the actions cited in the report “serious lapses in oversight, judgment, and stewardship.”


Bryan Preston: A Guide to the Obama Administration’s Five Major Scandals for Mainstream Media Dummies


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5 thoughts on “Obama Scandals Heat Up as Election Day Looms

  1. Something about linking Romney with “zingers”, he’s just not that kind of dude. I think the Ace piece you linked to nailed it.


  2. The very short and obvious answer to: “how did they expect to get away with it?” is . . . . .

    They have had a media that they fully expected to play along and wouldn’t expose it, till at least after the election. My Father in Law [who is a lib] only listens to alphabet news, reads his newspaper [a Gannett paper] daily, doesn’t listen to talk radio, doesn’t have any clue about any of this except the killing of the Ambassador.

    The blatant collusion between the msm and the dimoCrap party has never been more obvious than it is right now. They fully expected that they would play along.


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