The Latest Shoe to Drop: Obama Regime Withdrew 16 Member Special Forces Team From Libya One Month Before Attack

Gateway Pundit reports on the latest shoe to drop in the egregious intelligence  breakdown that led to the death of the four Americans at our Consulate  in Libya. Not only did the Obama administration deny the Ambassador the additional security he requested, they  withdrew a 16 member special forces team from Benghazi one month before the deadly attacks on 9-11.

Lt. Col. Andy Wood was the leader of the 16 member special forces team whose job it was to protect US personnel in Libya. His team’s mission ended in August a month before the deadly Al-Qaeda attack on 9-11. A six member mobile security team was also withdrawn around the same time. This was despite the fact that there were over a dozen attacks in the country this year. Lt. Col. Wood was subpoenaed to appear at a House committee hearing this coming week. Wood told CBS News it was unbelievable to him that the State Department withdrew security when they did because of the 13 security incidents before 9-11.

Watch video of the Fox News report at Gateway Pundit.

Nothing about this Benghazi  story adds up. Nothing.

Why did the State Dept allow insist Ambassador Stevens be in the most dangerous part of Benghazi without protection? Why did the Obama administration peddle the bogus story about a “spontaneous uprising” inspired by a YouTube video? That wasn’t “the best” intelligence they had at the time. There was never ANY intelligence that suggested that. That was always SPIN coming from the Obama White House.
We now know that members of the intelligence community had briefed officials in the Obama administration about what really had been going on…

“Elements of the intelligence community apparently told the administration within hours of the attack that militants connected with al Qaeda were involved, yet Ambassador Rice claims her comments five days later reflected the ‘best’ and ‘current’ assessment of the intelligence community. Either the Obama administration is misleading Congress and the American people, or it is blaming the entire failure on the intelligence community,” the senators said in a joint response to Rice’s letter today.

Judge Jeanine Pirro opened her show this weekend by methodically exposing the lies of the Obama administration and questioning the inexcusably lax security in Bengahzi despite the Ambassador’s  requests for more.

She also noted that the British left a week earlier because they could see the handwriting on the wall, yet the Americans stayed in place like sitting ducks.

Via The Right Scoop, the most potent part of her monologue:

We know that Ambassador Christopher Stevens was in fear. We know that he wrote that he was on an Al-Qaeda hit list. But Christopher Stevens believed in America. Christopher Stevens believed he could make a difference. He upheld his part of the bargain. The Obama administration, Hillary Clinton in particular, did not.

Via New Zeal, here are a few more questions that need answers:

  • Why was Ambassador Stevens in the most dangerous part of Benghazi with no protection? Was he brokering arms deals with the rebels/terrorists? Was he working for the CIA? There was an alarming rise in al Qaeda activity before the murders and no one said a word.
  • Why were ex-Navy SEALs killed trying to protect Stevens? (Those SEALs were there trying to recover weapons from al Qaeda.) I know they died bravely in the line of duty, running to the aid of Stevens – but where were those that should have protected Stevens? From what I understand, a private security detail was ordered – where was the military?
  • Why did Obama claim that it was being investigated when it wasn’t? Over three weeks later, investigators are on their way. The entire scene is now compromised and they know it. Telling signs of violent assault and torture were in that compound – bloody hand prints on the walls, a toilet covered in blood. Did you know that CNN found Stevens’ journal on the ground in the compound days after the event?
  • Why are important facts not being disseminated? For instance, did you know that our consulate there was bombed twice before Stevens was killed? Did you know that there had been 13 violent incidents, 5 serious, before the murders? Did you know that the British Red Cross pulled out because of the violence? Did you know that radicals had posted Stevens’ jogging route on Facebook before he was murdered? And why didn’t our government know? Why?
  • Is this whole thing part of the Muslim Brotherhood agenda aided by Barack Obama and his administration? Did you know that the terrorists were upset before July when the YouTube clip originally aired and that is one of the reasons Obama was meeting with the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi? Did you know they discussed releasing the Blind Sheikh?
  • Why were repeated requests for security in Benghazi denied by the State department?
  • Did you know a prime suspect in the murder of Ambassador Stevens and the others was a terrorist released from an Egyptian prison during the Arab Spring?
  • Did you know that over 20 American embassies have been attacked since the incident?


Doug Ross: MELTDOWN: Intel Community Blasts Obama for Removing Amb. Stevens’ Security, Lying About Al Qaeda and Covering Up Its Epic Failures:

Revolt of the Spooks

Intelligence officials angered by Obama administration cover up of intelligence on Iranian, al Qaeda surge in Egypt and Libya
Weeks before the presidential election, President Barack Obama’s administration faces mounting opposition from within the ranks of U.S. intelligence agencies over what career officers say is a “cover up” of intelligence information about terrorism in North Africa.

Intelligence held back from senior officials and the public includes numerous classified reports revealing clear Iranian support for jihadists throughout the tumultuous North Africa and Middle East region, as well as notably widespread al Qaeda penetration into Egypt and Libya in the months before the deadly Sept. 11 terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi.

…Intelligence officials pointed to the statement issued Sept. 28 by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) that raised additional concern about the administration’s apparent mishandling of intelligence… Officials say the ODNI’s false information was either knowingly disseminated or was directed to be put out by senior policy officials for political reasons, since the statement was contradicted by numerous intelligence reports at the time of the attack indicating it was al Qaeda-related terrorism

Linked by Ace of Spades HQ: Cover Up: Obama Administration Yanked a 16-Member Special Forces Team From Benghazi, A Month Before Attack
(And A Month Before The Calender-Predictable Arrival of September 11th)

Hit the link for two brutal videos with highlights from the past few weeks of the regime’s cover up.

Below, a pair of brutal videos about the cover up. The first, from ObamaIsn’tWorking, is a very cinematic effort, with quick cuts and grating, ominous music.

Ben Howe’s video is a corker, too — less music, less dramatic cuts, but a fuller account of the Benghazi Cover-Up. It lets the facts speak for themselves more.


Walid Shoebat: Innocence of Muslims Film was Made by Terrorists

Obama Administration Slowly Walking Back Its Stupid Libya Narrative: “Other Factors Involved Are Under Investigation.”

The Dam is Breaking: Intelligence Source Says No protest at the Libyan Consulate at the time of Attack (Video)

Saturday Movie Matinee: Benghazi-Gate

David Horowitz: Arrest of Anti-Islam FilmMaker “One of the Most Disgraceful Moments in the History of the American Presidency” (Video)

25 thoughts on “The Latest Shoe to Drop: Obama Regime Withdrew 16 Member Special Forces Team From Libya One Month Before Attack

  1. A puppet, a black guy, an illegal alien,a Muslim and a communist walk into a bar.
    Bartender asks:

    ” what’ll it be, Mr. President?”


  2. Hold on a little bit, Deb. I am the last one to defend the administration about anything and I think Obama and his crew lied in the attempt to cover up this incident for many reasons, not the least of which is their desire to maintain the fiction that Al Qaeda is on the ropes. BUT I have not seen any article which places any blame on Ambassador Stevens himself. Supposedly, he was a very bright guy, fluent in Arabic, worried about the security situation in Benghazi, but yet chose to expose himself to terrible risk. Why did he do that? I can’t imagine that anyone, no matter how much I despise Obama, Clinton, and company, would have ordered him to risk his life against his better judgment.


  3. charles–you must be a troll–He was “serving”–Not VOLUNTEERING! what a complete jerk to put blame on the ambassador!! THis administartion withdrew security– not HIM! if I was his family I would have a very hard time having a christian attitude toward this administration and quite frankly–your comment.


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  6. Lisa, plenty of money will be thrown at leftist trolls in the next few weeks, Charles here is just trying to make a living in this obama economy.


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