Video: Paul Ryan Builds on Romney’s Foreign Speech in Toledo OH

Standing in front of a group of veterans, Republican Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan spoke to a crowd of about 1000 supporters gathered inside the Grand Aire terminal at Toledo Express Airport, Monday.

GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan rallied newly energized supporters today, building on presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s hawkish foreign policy speech that was relayed live to the crowd.

Making his first trip to the Toledo area as a vice presidential candidate, Mr. Ryan spoke in the Grand Aire aviation service business hangar at Toledo Express Airport where he was greeted by more than 1,000 people. He spoke against a backdrop of military veterans who were flanked by World War II military Jeeps and trucks.

“The President is not offering the kind of spirited and principled leadership we need to create jobs here at home or to keep us safe. Because President Obama does not have a good record to run on he has resorted to try and distort ours,” Mr. Ryan said.

“If you go home after this and turn on your TV, you will likely see the failures of the Obama foreign policy unfolding before our eyes. You see, if you look around the world, what we are witnessing is the unraveling of the Obama foreign policy. Four Americans were murdered in. a. terrorist. attack. in Benghazi. The point is, in a Romney administration, when we know that we are clearly attacked by terrorists, we won’t be afraid to say what it is. If terrorists attack us, we will say we had a terrorist attack and more importantly, we will do  what is necessary to prevent that from happening by having a strong military by making sure that our adversaries do not test us – do not think we’re weak and in retreat.”


Robert Costa, NRO: Ryan Gets Ready: Paul Ryan’s debate mantra is “Prepare, prepare, prepare.”

For much of last week, Ryan was at Wintergreen, a sprawling resort in central Virginia. Under the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Ryan and his advisers quietly reviewed policy papers, held several mock debates, and kept distractions to a minimum. BlackBerries and iPhones were switched off, and Ryan avoided the traveling press.

Yet the Virginia sessions were not the beginning of Ryan’s prep for Thursday’s debate. Soon after the Tampa convention, Ryan convened his inner circle, which includes longtime aides such as Andy Speth and Romney hands such as Dan Senor, and asked them to compile briefing books, much like the binders he used to organize for Kemp. On the campaign plane and at his home in Janesville, Wis., Ryan has been constantly reading the policy books, using his favorite disposable blue pen to make changes.

By mid-September, Ryan had two large books with him at all times. One was for domestic policy and the other for foreign policy. Romney’s policy staff in Boston was helpful in providing information about Romney’s positions, but Ryan took it upon himself to write much of the analysis and talking points. By late September, Ryan, who often vacations in the Rocky Mountains, asked his staff to book him a few rooms at a mountain resort so he could prepare in relative silence and anonymity. The Romney campaign settled on a place in rural Virginia because Virginia is a swing state and its mountains are fairly accessible.



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