Project Veritas Video: DNC Staffer Assists Double Voting In Support of Obama – More Sting Videos to Come?

Undercover reporters for James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas asked OFA (Organizing for America) staffers for advice on double voting. In each circumstance the staffers were actively complicit in the illegal implications of voting twice.

Part one:

Transcript via Project Veritas:

Stephanie Caballero
Regional Field Director
Houston OFA HQ
4402 Almeda Rd.
Houston, TX 77004

Reporter: And there’s no way they’d be able to cross reference the ballots?
Obama Campaign: If you voted twice?
Reporter: Yeah.
Obama Campaign: I don’t know this. That’s not my expertise.

Reporter: Yea I don’t want to get in any trouble but like I said if no one’s gonna know
Reporter: I don’t have a problem with it.
Reporter: Yea, so anyway – But –
Obama Campaign: Oh my God this is so funny. It’s cool though!

Reporter: But I was gonna see as far as all the registering for Florida –
Obama Campaign: Mhm
Reporter: Where do I get the forms to do that?
Reporter: Or not registering but voting in Florida for the absentee –
Obama Campaign: So what you’ll have to do is you’re going to call in to Florida.
Reporter: Okay.
Obama Campaign: And call – Let me see.
Obama Campaign: Are you going to do what I think you are going to do?
Reporter: Well I mean if no one’s gonna know –
Obama Campaign: Laughter
Obama Campaign: You’re so hilarious!

Obama Campaign: Come up with like – If anyone checks say “I don’t know”.

Part two:

Part two shows  more OFA workers actually encouraging voters to get registered in multiple states.

Unamused, House Judiciary Chairman, Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas  said that the Obama campaign staffers facilitating voter fraud should be fired immediately.

“It is an outrage that Obama campaign staffers appear to be encouraging voters to engage in voter fraud,” Smith said in a statement. “But even more outrageous is that this is happening at the same time that the Obama administration is blocking state laws enacted to prevent voter fraud. Several states, including Texas, enacted commonsense voter ID laws that require voters to show a valid form of identification before they vote. But the Obama administration has challenged these laws in court, preventing them from being implemented before the November elections.”

So far team Obama is silent.

Ben LaBolt, Obama’s campaign spokesman, hasn’t answered questions on the behavior Caballero and other campaign staffers and volunteers exhibited in the videos.

Department of Justice spokeswoman Tracy Schmaler hasn’t answered either, on whether Attorney General Eric Holder plans to do anything about the potentially illegal behavior on display in the video, taken by conservative activist James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas.

They think if they ignore the story, it will go away – they’re right of course.

Former DOJ Attorney, J Christian Adams offers his  perspective:

Obama campaign attorney Robert Bauer should be emailing memos to every paid staffer detailing 42 USC 1973i(e) and 42 USC § 1973gg–10(2). The former federal law makes it illegal to vote twice. The latter law prohibits fraudulent voting in a federal election. 18 USC 2 makes it illegal to aid and abet election fraud.

The new O’Keefe video raises the question — how many other undercover videographers have penetrated the Obama campaign? O’Keefe obviously reached the heart of one operation. Who knows how many more Obama campaign offices are full of “volunteers” on the lookout for criminal behavior by other Obama campaign staffers?

O’Keefe provides a clue and taunts journalists, daring them to call this an “isolated incident.”

Make his day Media Matters.

Encouraging voter participation of marginal legality is nothing new for the Obama campaign. In 2008, they had an elaborate web portal for college students, encouraging some to register to vote where they went to school, discouraging others. The overall goal was to get students attending college in battleground states registered to vote in those states regardless of their actual domicile. If students from a battleground state went to college in a safe red or blue state, they were encouraged to keep their registration in their home battleground state.

The Obama campaign website in 2008 never told the students to cancel their original voter registration. Nor did it provide guidelines for what constituted bona fide domicile.


A final note about Stephanie Caballero. This paid Obama staffer is a radical’s radical. She was active in the Students for a Democratic Society in Houston.

We’re dealing with a ruthless, amoral Chicago machine that can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are defeated.

Keep that in mind on November 6.

COLORADO SPRINGS – Democratic operatives in Colorado are training volunteers to turn away voter-registration applicants who seem likely to back Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

The evidence is part of a video shot by an undercover reporter working with journalist James O’Keefe in Organizing for America’s Colorado Springs office on Aug. 15. Organizing America is funded by the Democratic National Committee and geared toward reelecting Barack Obama.

The video comes after left-leaning media expressed outrage when video released a few weeks ago showed a young Republican woman seeking to register only Mitt Romney voters. That YouTube piece now has a pop-up ad asking voters to support Obama.

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