Todd Akin Up by Four in Latest Poll

Hey, this is very good news for those of us who want the Republicans to win back the Senate. McCaskill remains very unpopular in Missouri, and Akin’s ridonculous verbal diarrhea from a couple months ago seems to have faded from memory.

In a survey of 1000 likely voters statewide in Missouri, Wentzel Strategies found 49% support for Todd Akin and 45% for McCaskill.

The Wenzel Strategies survey of likely voters statewide in Missouri shows that, in the race for U.S. Senate representing Missouri, Republican challenger Todd Akin holds a small advantage over Democratic incumbent Claire McCaskill. Akin wins 49% support, compared to 45% who back McCaskill. Another 7% are yet undecided.

Akin wins 84% support among Republicans, while McCaskill wins 82% support among Democrats. Akin leads among independents by a 50% to 41% margin, which is the key to his overall edge in this race. In the battle for cross-party support, Akin wins 15% support from Democrats, while McCaskill wins 9% support among Republicans.

The survey includes a partisan sample of 38% Democrat, 37% Republican, and 25% independent voters.
Akin is seen favorably by 45% of voters, while 49% hold an unfavorable opinion of him. McCaskill’s favorability rating has deteriorated in the face of a new report involving disbursement of federal grant funds to companies linked directly to her husband. While 44% hold a favorable opinion of her, 52% hold an unfavorable opinion of her – including 43% who said their opinion of her is “very unfavorable”.

Among independents, 58% said they have an unfavorable opinion of McCaskill, including 48% of independents who said their opinion of the incumbent was “very unfavorable.”
The gender gap in this race is dramatic, in that Akin has an advantage of 16 points among men, leading by a 55% to 39% margin. Among women, McCaskill leads by 7 points, 50% to 43%. However, among independent women, Akin leads by a 49% to 42% margin, with 9% undecided. Among independent men, Akin leads, 50% to 40%.
The race for President in the state of Missouri remains in the hands of Republican challenger Mitt Romney, who holds a 55% to 41% edge over Democrat Barack Obama. Romney has enjoyed a significant lead in the state for some time, in part on the basis of his strong favorability rating. Almost six in 10 respondents – 59% – said they hold a favorable opinion of Romney, while 39% hold an unfavorable view of him.

The truth is, Akin is a staunch conservative whose voting record in Congress is something all Missouri Republicans can be proud of.

Dana Loesch made some good points on her blog in support of Akin:

If you find Akin’s six second, apologized-for remark more offensive than the thought of a Democrat senate controlling SCOTUS nominations, more offensive than Claire McCaskill’s refusal as a senator to pass a budget in over a thousand days, more insensitive than McCaskill’s sell-out of your body’s sovereignty to an unelected HHS board, more irresponsible than McCaskill’s vote to shutter coal plants across Missouri and cost thousands of union and non-union coal jobs, then you need to ask yourself on which side you stand.

We don’t have the luxury of waiting until another election. SCOTUS nominations are coming now. Remember how outraged you were over the Supreme Court vote on Obamacare. Imagine losing even more to progressive nominations that will hear everything from Internet freedom to Second Amendment rights. Are you willing to gamble your freedoms? I’m not.

I’ll admit – nobody wanted this man to step down, more than I did, because his remarks put the Senate in jeopardy  – but now it’s time for all Missouri Republicans to get behind Akin so we can win back the Senate – or we’ll have to endure at least a couple more years of Dingy Harry’s ignominious reign as Senate Majority Leader. You can contribute to Akin’s campaign, here.


Another well known Missourian, Jack Cashill, wrote of his support for Akin at The American Thinker:

A few weeks ago, I was asked to emcee a fund-raising dinner for Rep. Todd Akin, who is rather famously running for U.S. Senate in Missouri, the state in which I live.  Although I did not hesitate to accept the invite, I found myself resisting the urge to promote the event, and my involvement in it.

The reason was simple enough.  I worried about the reaction of my moderate to liberal friends and family.  After scolding myself for my indecision, I went ahead and posted the details of the fundraiser on Facebook with this explanation:

I am emceeing a fund raiser for Rep. Todd Akin. Yes, that Todd Akin. Granted, Todd is a little sketchy on how babies are made, but his enemies are well versed in how they’re destroyed, and now they want you to pay for the carnage. 55 million and counting since Roe v. Wade.  Wanna fight? Happy to oblige.

Keep reading at the link.

3 thoughts on “Todd Akin Up by Four in Latest Poll

  1. It’s obvious that there is deep resentment to McCaskill, within the State as there should be. Missouri isn’t as left wing as McCaskill is. She was a national co-chair for his campaign and supported his entire agenda.
    It is way past time for the GOP and the PAC;s [including Rove] to get behind Akin and support his campaign, they cannot afford for Claire to get back in.


  2. “Akin’s ridonculous verbal diarrhea from a couple months ago seems to have faded from memory.” Hahahahahahahahahahaha


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