Obama: “Gas Prices Were Low Because Economy On Verge Of Collapse”

Obama’s explanation for why gas prices were only $1.86 at the beginning of his term….

Via Weasel Zippers:

Video via GOP Rapid Response

Apparently, to Obama, high energy prices are a positive development – a sign of a healthy economy. Mission accomplished, Obama!

No one in the MSM is going to ask Obama about that bizarre answer, so down the memory hole it goes.


6 thoughts on “Obama: “Gas Prices Were Low Because Economy On Verge Of Collapse”

  1. 5 years ago I bought ground beef at $1.99 an lb, now it’s almost 3 bucks, 5 years ago I would buy 10 ears of corn a buck, now I am lucky to get 4 for a buck, 5 years ago, I could buy whole roasts under $2 bucks a pound, fill my tank for about 30 bucks, pay my gas/electric with pocket change and make 1/3 more an hour than I do now.

    Yeah, Thanks for that great effing economy you punk!


  2. obama is jaw-dropping stupid. I want to see all his school transcripts. I bet he can’t read either. He can’t figure out an i-phone. Can’t even walk his dog. Complete and utter failure.

    Romney/Ryan 2012.


  3. Another issue where Mitt could’ve knee capped the President on was when the subject of energy it came up. Wasn’t it yesterday or the day before that the Interior Department and Salazar put 11 million acres off limits to drilling? It would’ve been golden when Mitt was hammering on the price of gas, and the pipeline. It just may have been fatal for obama at that point.


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