Foreign Policy Expert Biden to Supporters: “How Many of You Know Someone Who Served in Iraq or Iran?” (Video)

Hmmm. Well, anyone can have a slip of the tongue, right?

Except the damn fool said, Iraq or Iran, twice:


Video via Gateway Pundit

From the sound of it, maybe one person in the Dem crowd served?

Sounds about right.

Via Smitty at The Other McCain, President Gutsy Call has managed to secure half a dozen military endorsements.

Romney/Ryan’s military endorsements, (below the fold):

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Video: NEW CROSSROAD’S AD Hits Obama on Benghazi Debate Dishonesty

Via Gateway Pundit, this American Crossroads video should be shared far and wide. Candy and Eye Candy shouldn’t have had the last word on this during the debate. Obama didn’t claim that Benghazi was a terrorist attack in the Rose Garden the day after it happened, and this video points out how he and others in his administration pushed the YouTube story to the hilt for two weeks, while denying it was a preplanned attack.

The video juxtaposes Obama’s claim in the debate against multiple televised statements by White House and Administration officials in subsequent days. It clearly shows that while the president now claims his Rose Garden speech called the Benghazi attack an “act of terror,” neither the White House press office nor Administration officials viewed that speech as an affirmation of terrorism in Benghazi.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney and U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice repeatedly referred to the “video” as cause of the attack in subsequent administration statements – with Carney specifically affirming that the White House HAD NOT called the Benghazi attack “terrorism” on September 20.

The Rice and Carney statements unambiguously show that Obama’s claim is misleading.

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Too bad they don’t have Carney saying they (the administration) hadn’t called the attack terrorism. That would be icing on the cake.


Mitt Was Right: Obama Said “Act of Terror” After Describing Spontaneous Protest – He Didn’t Specifically Lable the Benghazi Attack Terrorism

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