Romney Making a Serious Play For PA – Paul Ryan Stumps In Moon Township – John Bolton to Hold Townhall in Pittsburgh – RNC Sending in Reinforcements (Video)

Lake Fong/Post-Gazette

The Washington Post reported that Ryan spoke before about 800 supporters, many of whom didn’t even know about the event until Friday night. His speech focused, naturally on Obama’s “war on coal”:

MOON TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Stoking speculation about whether Republicans may seek to make an 11th-hour play in this long-Democratic state, GOP vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan on Saturday headlined a brief, hastily scheduled rally in an airport hangar here on his way to an event in eastern Ohio.

Addressing an enthusiastic group of about 800 supporters, many of whom got word of the rally only on Friday night, Ryan told the crowd that President Obama is waging a “war on coal” and cast the decision facing the country as one that will have consequences beyond the next four years.

“This is not just a paycheck election,” said Ryan, who wore a red-and-black jacket. “This is not just an election about growing the economy or about giving our kids a debt-free nation. This is about the meaning of America.”

The stop is only Ryan’s second in Pennsylvania since he became Mitt Romney’s running mate in August. His last visit to the Keystone State was on Aug. 21, when he held rallies in Carnegie and West Chester and raised campaign cash in Philadelphia.

Via ABC News:

“If he’s reelected we know exactly what the next four years will look like,” Ryan said. “We’ll have more of the same failed policies. More taxes, more spending, more debts, and four more years of these disastrous energy policies. Look, gas prices are more than double what they were four years ago, who knows what they’re going to be if he got four more years.”
Ryan often hits his Democratic opponents on their energy policy, but his remarks Saturday were more pointed, accusing the president of employing policies that would both prevent getting “people back to work and lower(ing) our energy prices.”
“He’ll keep his war on coal going,” Ryan said of Obama. “Over a hundred coal plants are scheduled to close costing us thousands of jobs…not only do these policies cost us jobs, not only do they mean that American energy dollars go to the Middle East they are keeping us from having a boon, they are keeping us from having jobs, they are keeping us from making our pay checks stretch farther.
He ended the attack by assuring the enthusiastic group of supporters his ticket would be victorious, noting Pennsylvania would help them get there.
“The good news is none of that’s going to happen because we’re going to win this election and we’re going to turn back on American energy,” Ryan said.

Battleground Watch reports: Mitt Romney’s Campaign, RNC Have 60+ Staffers In Pennsyvania, Planning More:

Now the official reinforcements are getting sent in:

The Romney campaign and the Republican National Committee are planning to send more than 60 staffers to Pennsylvania for the closing two weeks of the presidential election, a RNC official told The Huffington Post. The move is the clearest sign to date that Republicans view the Keystone State as in play this November, though it’s not entirely clear whether the staffing is being done as a head-fake for Democrats or out of general electoral optimism. GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s campaign had previously moved its Pennsylvania communications director to Virginia. That communications director was recently caught tweeting from Virginia even as vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan was appearing at a Pittsburgh-area rally.

Addendum: This move supplements the Old Line Staters (that’s Maryland for you out-of-towners) who are there already:

“In my opinion, any active Republican not currently working on a local campaign should be heading to Virginia or Pennsylvania,” said Chris Cavey, a longtime GOP leader in Maryland who is vice chair of Romney’s state campaign. “When it’s within the margin of error, you can’t say which door or set of doors … or which phone call it was that made the difference.” Both campaigns are exporting hundreds of Maryland volunteers to neighboring states each weekend. They travel on buses or carpool into critical precincts. They knock on doors, hand out campaign literature and staff telephone banks. Sometimes they are waved off by voters weary of the attention that living in a political battleground brings. Occasionally, initial encounters between strangers spark conversations that continue for weeks. With 16 days to go before the Nov. 6 election, such scenes are playing out across the country. In Alabama — where voters last chose a Democratic candidate for president in 1976 — the state Republican Party is organizing bus trips to Ohio and Florida, a spokeswoman said.

Also – Romney Campaign Town Hall Town Hall Event with John Bolton in Pittsburgh Tuesday (Oct 23) 8pm:

First Paul Ryan, now Conservative hero John Bolton? Something’s happening in Pennsylvania

You’re Invited to a Town Hall Event with Ambassador John Bolton, Former US Ambassador to the United Nations

When: Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

Doors Open 7:00 PM | Event Begins 8:00 PM

Where: Rashid Auditorium, 4th Floor, Hillman Center for Future-Generation Technologies, Carnegie Mellon University, 5000 Forbes Avenue in Pittsburgh, PA 15213


Americans For Prosperity comes through with more reinforcements: AFP plans to send five busloads of conservatives from New Jersey, New York and Maryland to fortify its ground game in Pennsylvania.

ROLL Call: Conservative Nonprofit Dispatches Volunteers to Canvass Battleground States:

This weekend, the powerful nonprofit, founded and funded by billionaire David Koch, is sending 160 Oklahoma activists to help mobilize voters in Colorado. Meanwhile, 180 canvassers from Utah, Idaho, Arizona, Oregon and California will converge on Nevada, another key swing state in the presidential race.

The deployments mark the final stage of a $30 million effort to oust President Barack Obama and Democratic Senators, relying almost exclusively on issue advocacy advertisements, direct mail and other get-out-the-vote efforts.

Two weeks from now, AFP plans to send five busloads of conservatives from New Jersey, New York and Maryland to fortify its ground game in Pennsylvania. The group’s Georgia chapter has a crew of 200 lined up for Florida. Maryland also will send a team of 40 activists to neighboring Virginia during two separate weekend bus-ins. The weekend before the elections, the Arkansas state chapter expects to send two buses to the crucial battleground of Ohio.

Linked by Doug Ross, thanks!

Pix and Videos: Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally, Kansas City, 10/20/2012

Master of Ceremonies, Jack Cashill speaks to a crowd of about 150.

Stand Up for Religious Freedom rallies were held 12:00 pm all over the nation, today, to protest the unjust HHS mandate and other attacks on religious freedom coming from the federal government. Two other Stand Up Rallies were held earlier this year, on March 23 and June 8.

Speakers at the rally, one of many held around the country, urged those in attendance to vote against Obama to get rid of ObamaCare.

My husband and I attended the rally in Kansas City, KS on this beautiful crisp, Saturday afternoon and were pleased to see that KC conservative writer/editor Jack Cashill was the Master of Ceremonies.

Speaking at the Kansas City rally, today, were the Honorable Jeff Colyer, MD, LT Governor of Kansas, Jacob Turk, candidate for US Congress, 5th District – KCMO, Michael Schuttloffel, Director of the Kansas Catholic Conference, Rev. Mike Bronson – West Haven Baptist Church, Tonganoxie, KS, Bill Francis, Director of the Respect Life Office, Catholic Diocese of KCMO, Connie O’Brien – KS State Rep District 42, Rev. Stephen Hansen – Pastor, Coronation of Our Lady Catholic Church, Grandview, Mo, Steve Fitzgerald – candidate for KS State Senate, District 5, Laura Reilly, M.D., Mary Pilcher Cook – KS State Senate, District 10, Mary Kay Culp – Kansans for Life, and Rev. Shawn Tunink – Associate Pastor, Cure of Ars Catholic Church, Leawood, KS.

Left to right: Rev. Shawn Tunink, Jack Cashill, Mary Pilcher Cook,  Steve Fitzgerald, Bill Francis, Laura Reilly M.D., Rev. Mike Bronson, Connie O’Brien, Mary Kay Culp, Francis Slobodnik

Lt Governor of Kansas, Jeff Colyer, reminded the crowd of why so many our ancestors came to the United States – to escape religious persecution in their own lands.

Ron Kelsey, the Pro-Life Consultant for the Archdiocese read a statement from Archbishop Joseph Naumann condemning the HHS mandate:

Candidate for US Congress, 5th District – Mo,  Jacob Turk, implored pro-lifers to never give up fighting, no matter what happens in this election:

Director of the Kansas Catholic Conference, Michael Schuttloffel, spoke on the robust, expansive nature of religious freedom in this country that has been the envy of the world – ’til now:

Rev. Mike Bronson – West Haven Baptist Church assured Catholics that other Christians shared their dismay. Quoting the Southern Seminary President, he said incredulously, “we have reached the point where Christians may be called to actively defy the government of the United States. I can barely believe those words came out of my mouth.”

Bill Francis is the Director of the Respect Life Office for the Catholic diocese of Kansas City, MO: “We people of faith cannot be silent!”:

Kansas State Rep – Dist 42,  Connie O’Brien ran through a litany of assaults on our religious liberties, saying that “we have drifted a long way from what out founders envisioned.”

Reverend Stephen Hansen, Pastor of Coronation of Our Lady Church in Grandview, MO prayed, “God help us, and God help our country…..Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us.”

Steve Fitzpatrick, candidate for Kansas State Senate, Dist 5 gave a barn-burner of a speech, explaining how the country got to this point:   “We got here today because a majority of Catholics voted for those who are vehemently against our values, we got here today because Christians of every denomination were not registered to vote, or did not vote, or did not inform their consciences before they voted, we got here today because the church – the body of Christ on earth, did not instruct sufficiently, did not exhort sufficiently, did not inform sufficiently, did not stand up as the body of Christ is charged to do”….(yes, that’s me yelling wooo! loudly on the tape – that’s a real sore spot for me. Where are our leaders? Yukking it up with enemies of the church at the Al Smith Dinner — don’t get me started.)

Laura Reilly, MD an adult neurologist, wife, mother and US Navy Veteran warned the crowd that what she had to say might shock some people: “I think that we live at a time of great joy…. we are the salt of the earth – we are the light of the world, Matthew 5:13. ”

Mary Kay Culp of Kansas for Life had some closing words:

Finally, The Faith Band performed a lovely rendition of America The Beautiful:


Meanwhile, Sandra Fluke, the Patron Saint of free Birth Control Pills “took center stage” at a pro-Obama rally in Reno, Saturday:

10 people showed up to see her.

Sandra Fluke, the woman at the center of a media firestorm earlier this year after Rush Limbaugh called her a “slut,” spoke Saturday in front of about 10 people at the Sak ‘N Save in north Reno.The speech was part of a daylong effort by Democrats to get Northern Nevadans to the polls on the first day of early voting.

“About” 10 people. It may have been even less.

She did better in Carson City: About 12 people.

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Excellent choice of music at the beginning, I have to say….

Lee Doren: Who Wants to Kill Big Bird?!:

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Reason TV: Journalist Andrew Malcolm on Embracing New Media:

“I got a lot of antipathy [in the newsroom] when I got excited about online,” says veteran journalist Andrew Malcolm.

Reason magazine’s Nick Gillespie sat down with Malcolm at FreedomFest 2012 to discuss “legacy journalism” and the future of media. Andrew Malcolm is an online national politics columnist for Investors Business Daily.

Held each July in Las Vegas, FreedomFest is attended by around 2,000 limited-government enthusiasts and libertarians a year. Reason TV spoke with over two dozen speakers and attendees and will be releasing interviews over the coming weeks. For an ever-growing playlist, go here now:

Jacob Turk Explains How He Ended Up in Lee’s Summit, MO:

Remarks from Jacob Turk, candidate for US Congress in district 5 in Missouri, at a candidates forum at John Knox Village, a retirement community, in Lee’s Summit, Thursday afternoon, 10/11/12.

He introduced himself to the group by telling an amusing story about how he ended up in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. As a Marine soon to leave the service in December of 1977, he was given Thanksgiving leave, unexpectedly – and decided to surprise his parents in Indiana…

Trevor Loudon: An Urgent Message for America: Please Help This Go Viral:

I recorded this video a couple of weeks ago. It is my message to America. In it, I attempt to explain the global implications of the upcoming US elections.

This election is the most crucial in modern American history. It is not primarily about jobs and economics, it is about national security and, to be blunt, national survival.

America, and indeed the entire Western World, faces destruction if communist sympathizer Barack Obama is returned to office.

ChurchMilitantTV: Let The Persecution Begin:

I haven’t posted the videos of Obama and Romney yukking it up with the well heeled, Catholic swells at the Al Smith Dinner in NYC, because the whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth.  Michael Voris does an excellent job articulating much of what I found so abhorrent about the farce.

Writer/editor/producer, Jack Cashill Keynoted a pro life event I was proud to attend: Jack Cashill’s Mo Right to Life Benefit Banquet Keynote Speech, 10/05/12:

Part 1

Part 2


Just for sh*ts and giggles:

MRCTV: Obama Supporter: Mitt Romney Is a Communist