Video: Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer’s Sources Say Obama was in the Situation Room Watching Benghazi Attack – He Could Have Ordered an Intervention

Tony Shaffer  is a U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel who gained notoriety  for his claims about mishandled intelligence before the 9/11/01 attacks and for the censoring of his book, Operation Dark Heart.

He told Fox’s Judge Jeanine Pirro that his sources say Obama was one of the people in the room watching the Benghazi attack go down and it would have taken an order by the president to intervene.

“Do we know if the President watched this?” Pirro asked him.

Shaffer answered,  “According to my sources – yes –  he was one of those in the White House Situation room in real time, watching this. And the question becomes, what did the President do or not do in the moments he saw this unveiling….He and only he could issue a directive for Sec of Defense, Panetta to do something.”

Once again, Obama voted “present”.

It is known that Obama met with the Biden and Panetta in the White House at 5:00.   Col. Hunt says help was only 20 minutes away by jet and a couple of hours away by AC-130 gunships and special forces. He and Shaffer concluded that the decision not to intervene was political.

So no “gutsy call” to save these heroic Americans’ lives would be forthcoming because of political considerations?….

Pirro asked, “what is Ty Woods thinking as he’s calling for help and he has his laser on the mortars?”

Shaffer’s answer was heartbreaking. “He’s probably thinking about the fact that he’s given every last ounce of his strength  toward his country and is calling in the cavalry and his last thoughts were, ‘I thought they’d come.'”

Pirro made sure to stress that the CIA operatives in Benghazi were denied help – but were not denied help from the military.

Enough with the phoney “investigation” and “it wasn’t us, “it wasn’t us”,  “it wasn’t us” –  gosh, who could it be – guessing game. No “investigation” is necessary. The MSM could get to the bottom of this by simply asking the President a few pertinent questions.

But the ObaMedia doesn’t want the ugly truth to get out there. They already know it and they’re studiously avoiding its lethal implications.

Reporters are only granted a few minutes with the president, and one way Obama controls uncomfortable interviews is to launch into absurdly long answers that run out the clock.

And “run out the clock” over these next 10 days regarding the Libyan scandal is exactly what Obama and his media allies are up to.

The White House itself  is also being careful about not making news. This is why no statement was released denying the Fox News report. If the Administration issues a denial, the CorruptMedia will be forced to cover the denial, which in turn will call attention to the story.

You bet it’s a big, fat naked conspiracy between the Obama campaign and the media. This is nothing more than a replay of the John Edwards scandal, where the media ignored an extra-marital affair until Edwards’ chances at being elected president disappeared.

I could be wrong about one thing, though; my speculation that this is an “unspoken” conspiracy. After Fox News’s Jennifer Griffin dropped her bombshell, it’s not hard to imagine David Axelrod burning up a Bat Phone that connects directly to the JournOlist Hotline and denying the story completely — off the record, of course — you know, so that the denial won’t…make news.

This is what the American people are not allowed to know until after the election: Obama knew what was happening in Benghazi. He was watching it in real time in the Situation Room. When the calls came in for assistance, he said, “nope – too politically risky” and went to bed. He had a big fundraiser to go to the next day.

Meanwhile Ty Woods was giving every last ounce of his strength toward his country, and in his last unimaginably horrifying moments he despaired,  ‘I thought they’d come.’

Knowing this, on a scale of 1-10, how galling will the slobbering media’s rapturous swoon over the Gutsy Call movie (coming to TV just two days before the election!), be for you? Keep in mind, Obama had the same risk aversion mindset for that operation, which he cancelled on three separate occasions at the urging of Valerie Jarrett. By Obama’s own admission, he never makes a big decision without first consulting with Jarrett. Doesn’t this episode fit the pattern?

I do hope those Special Op Super PACs (who are on Obama’s Enemies List) have something fun planned to coincide with that movie debut.


Pat Caddell appearing with Ann Coulter in the next segment was apoplectic – barely able to contain his emotions as he described the media malpractice on this story. “None of them have any honor”, he said –  the President, Vice President, Sec of State and especially the media.


Via Jake Tapper, on Friday, it should be noted that the White House denied that the WH Situation room was streaming video of the attack in real time:

White House officials say there was no video stream available.

Deebow of Blackfive writes:

Delta Force could have rigged in-flight for a jump into the nearest DZ that would have gotten them into the fight to be followed by heavier forces from Italy.  AFRICOM SOF assets on the Horn Of Africa could have planned on the helo flight there, Fighter Jets, land or carrier based, could have been there early on and established a presence and put human eyes on what was happening.

So Mr. President, when you say that you didn’t deny aid to those brave men in Benghazi, but that members of the US Military decided not to send aid to your personal representative under attack all on their own and you had no influence over that decision, then you are either derelict, incompetent, or a liar.

Either way, that means to me (and hopefuly soon, a whole mess of registered voters) you don’t deserve to be Commander in Chief.


Film Ladd: General Petraeus Should Speak Up

Information on the Benghazi disaster has been dripping out. The CIA released a statement yesterday – which I assume was under the direction of CIA Director General Petraeus – which is far too cleverly worded.

We can say with confidence that the Agency reacted quickly to aid our colleagues during that terrible evening in Benghazi. Moreover, no one at any level in the CIA told anybody not to help those in need; claims to the contrary are simply inaccurate. In fact, it is important to remember how many lives were saved by courageous Americans who put their own safety at risk that night-and that some of those selfless Americans gave their lives in the effort to rescue their comrades.

Ponder this sentence: “no one at any level in the CIA told anybody not to help those in need…” Which of course begs the question, who exactly did deny those three pleas for help, leading to the death of Ambassador Stevens?
A U.S. Ambassador is the equivalent of a four-star general. Our embassies are considered U.S. soil. This happened on 9-11. Who denied these requests? Everyone suspects that it was Obama. After all, Presidential permission would have been required to send a strike team into a sovereign nation.


Update via Instapundit.It’s just a comment on a forum, but has the ring of truth to me – I’ve seen this sort of thing play out before.Interesting Rumor Concerning General Carter Ham and Stand Down Order (Posted on 10/26/12 at 9:45 p.m.) I heard a story today from someone inside the military that I trust entirely. The story was in reference to General Ham that Panetta referenced in the quote below.

Read the whole thing. I’ve been thinking the same thing about Petraeus. And someone needs to find that General Ham and grill him.

Hat tip: Brian B.

Linked by Theo Spark, thanks!

13 thoughts on “Video: Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer’s Sources Say Obama was in the Situation Room Watching Benghazi Attack – He Could Have Ordered an Intervention

  1. CIA and Tripoli embassy resources (Doherty plus seven other US personnel AND 16 Libyan security forces) were sent from Tripoli to Benghazi in answer for the call for help. They arrived after the rescue team mounted by Woods had returned to the Annex and then helped fight off the terrorist attacking there. These people were likely under orders from Tripoli or Petraeus directly.
    Panetta claims Gen Ham was in agreement that no troops should be sent in due to lack of real time information. Then, Gen. Ham is relieved of his duty. Connect the dots and it can be reasonably assumed that Ham was not in agreement to abandon the people in Benghazi.
    Responsibility all falls on Obama and the political hack Sec. of Defense Panetta. Even Clinton will eventually be cleared primarily for having ordered more security weeks before – an order blocked by Obama.
    Top military personnel aware of what really happened should all resign then step forward to tell the truth of what transpired. For most that would be the only way they could speak against the Commander in Chief.


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  3. I saw a interview with Rep Jason Chaffetz who has been all over this nightmare from the beginning. He stated in that interview that he spent time and had a discussion with General Ham, Commander of AFRICOM and the General told him that he was never instructed to send in any resources. He said that Troops were pre positioned but there was never a order to send them in. Panetta and General Dress Blues held a joint news conference and claimed that he [General Ham] was part of the decision NOT to send in a Rescue Mission. According to Chaffetz and Ham, he wasn’t a part of it.

    We know that the President had a scheduled meeting with the VPOTUS and Leon Panetta at the White House exactly when the crap was hitting the fan. It’s also be safe to assume that some of POTUS advisers were present or within earshot or by phone, especially during a crisis. EVERYBODY who is SOMEBODY would’ve been advised of, or watching the entire nightmare unfolding.

    Here is my opinion how it unfolded: between VPOTUS, Panetta, General Dress Blues, Clapper, Jarrett, Brennan, Donilon, AxelRoid and perhaps a couple of others . . . . POTUS was given advice NOT to send Troops in, that it was too risky especially right before a election. They eventually all sat there and watched it unfold, except POTUS of course he turned in and shut the ringer off on the 3 am phone.

    Some of the very same people who advised POTUS not to go in after bin laden with solid intelligence. The “Guts” on this mission, [as it was on the bin laden mission] was on the ground in Libya only this time they were being slaughtered.


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  6. I’m sure neither Woods or Doherty thought for a moment, the military had deserted tem. They weren’t stupid, I’m betting they know the chain of command, the protocol, and who was to blame.


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