Gallup: Romney +7 in Early Voting

I honestly thought that Democrats had the edge on early voting since they’ve been pushing it so hard.

But according to Gallup’s polling, Romney’s up 7:

Romney Leads Among Early Voters, Similar to His Likely Voter Lead

Thus far, early voters do not seem to be swaying the election toward either candidate.

Romney currently leads Obama 52% to 45% among voters who say they have already cast their ballots. However, that is comparable to Romney’s 51% to 46% lead among all likely voters in Gallup’s Oct. 22-28 tracking polling. At the same time, the race is tied at 49% among those who have not yet voted but still intend to vote early, suggesting these voters could cause the race to tighten. However, Romney leads 51% to 45% among the much larger group of voters who plan to vote on Election Day, Nov. 6.

In Pennsylvania, early voting is going very well for Romney, and by “very well” I mean, it’s a rout.


In 2008 the GOP edged the Democrats by just 2% in absentee returns. As of today the GOP’s lead is 18.8% — a 16.9% bump in a state Obama won by 10% in 2008. Republicans have turned in 55.2% of the absentee ballots to date while the Democrats have returned just 36.4%.

The Romney Victory team has been on the ground in Pennsylvania for months with over 60 staff and dozens of offices. We have made over 5 million volunteer voter contacts including over 1 million volunteer door knocks across Pennsylvania. That voter contact is paying off in the absentee ballot returns and clearly the President’s campaign sees it in their numbers. That’s why they are playing defense in the Keystone state as Governor Romney’s momentum allows us to expand the map.


Party 2008 AB Votes Cast 2012 AB Votes Cast Change
DEM 132,170 44.70% 42,013 36.42% -8.28%
REP 137,850 46.62% 63,717 55.24% +8.62%
TOTAL 295,659 +1.92% 115,346 +18.82% +16.90%

The Weekly Standard reported:

The bipartisan Battleground Poll, in its “vote election model,” is projecting that Mitt Romney will defeat President Obama 52 percent to 47 percent.  The poll also found that Romney has an even greater advantage among middle class voters, 52 percent to 45 percent.

While Obama can close the gap with a strong voter turnout effort, “reports from the field would indicate that not to be the case, and Mitt Romney may well be heading to a decisive victory,” says pollster Ed Goeas.

Should Romney win by 5 percentage points, it would increase Republican chances of gaining control of the Senate.  His coattails would help elect GOP Senate candidates in Virginia, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida.  “Republicans are now certain to hold the House,” Goeas said, “regardless of how the presidential race turns out.”

Our long, national nightmare is almost over.


John Nolte, Big Government: GALLUP: Romney Up 52-45% Among Early Voters:

Romney’s early voting lead in Gallup may not jive with the CorruptMedia narrative, but it does with actual early vote totals that have been released and show Romney’s early vote totals either beating Obama in swing states such as Colorado and Florida or chipping away at the President’s advantage in the others. For example, here’s what we know about Ohio’s early voting numbers, thus far:

But here is what we do know: 220,000 fewer Democrats have voted early in Ohio compared with 2008. And 30,000 more Republicans have cast their ballots compared with four years ago. That is a 250,000-vote net increase for a state Obama won by 260,000 votes in 2008.


Hat tip: Charles B.

Linked by Michelle Malkin, thanks!


5 thoughts on “Gallup: Romney +7 in Early Voting

  1. I think the election results are going to be stunning. Been twitting Mary Maudlin. She is impressed that I’m a retired AF Colonel. Don’t know why!!! She has the sense O is going to be impeached. Fingers crossed. Tom Kubiak. @dochunter on twitter. I’m impressed w/your blogspot. Keep it up, young lady. Tom

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