Obama Also Caught Lying About ‘Abound Solar’ in Last Week’s KUSA Interview with Kyle Clark (Video)

Last Friday, a surprising act of random journalism occurred in Denver, Co, when the President was actually asked some tough questions by Kyle Clark of KUSA, an NBC affiliate.

While most of our attention has been on the answers he gave to Clark’s Benghazi questions, he also asked Obama a  question about Abound Solar, another solar company owned by big Obama donors that went belly up.

Via Erick Erickson of RedState:

The President, when asked about Abound Solar, told Kyle Clark,

“These loans that are given out by the Department of Energy for clean energy have created jobs all across the country.” … “Some of them have failed but the vast majority of them are pushing us forward into a clean energy direction.”

“These are decisions, by the way, that are made by the Department of Energy, they have nothing to do with politics,” President Obama said.

But of course, it had everything to do with politics. Everything this President does is politically motivated. According to emails obtained by Complete Colorado the White House was pressuring the Dept of Energy to move forward on the loan for Abound Solar.

Even more troubling, Complete Colorado also has internal Department of Energy emails that suggest the Department of Energy’s Credit Advisor had serious reservations about giving any money to Abound Energy. Previously, emails have surfaced from the credit advisor, Jim McCrea, in which he wrote, “All in all in the solar field, l think it is extremely easy to pick losers and l really do not know how to pick winners.”

Ben Howe of Red State and Revealing Politics made this video to help expose yet another burgeoning Obama scandal.

There’s much more on this including screenshots of the damning emails at RedState and  Complete Colorado.


Another Obama scandal is rearing its ugly head in the waning days of the 2012 campaign:

Matthew Boyle of The Daily Caller: ‘Highly confidential’ internal Treasury documents show Obama administration’s deep involvement in Delphi pension scandal

Internal Treasury Department documents described as “highly confidential” and obtained by The Daily Caller show a greater level of involvement in the Delphi pension scandal from senior officials in the Obama administration than has been previously acknowledged.

A July 2009 document prepared by the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) titled “Treasury Talking Points re: Delphi” shows coordination between high-level players inside the PBGC and Treasury Department. The document was an attachment to a July 7, 2009 email from PBGC’s Joseph House to Treasury’s Matthew Feldman, Oren Haker and Paul Nathanson.

The talking points show that the PBGC thought the “[v]ast majority of individual’s [sic] covered by Delphi [pension] Plans” were “career GM ‘brethren’ distinguishable only by the 1999 spin-out” of Delphi from its former parent company, General Motors.

Only those “brethren” who were union members, however, saw their pensions preserved in the 2009 auto bailout. Nonunion Delphi retirees lost theirs. (RELATED: TheDC’s complete coverage of the Delphi pension scandal)

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12 thoughts on “Obama Also Caught Lying About ‘Abound Solar’ in Last Week’s KUSA Interview with Kyle Clark (Video)

  1. I have to hand it to Kyle, he managed to ask some questions that no one else in the msm had the orbs to ask. Having said that though, I’d also suggest that Kyle use that same piece of tape for a audition and send it over to Roger Ailes for immediate review. I don’t think he has much of a future anywhere in the peacock establishment media.


  2. I disagree. I think he should stay right where he is. Or work go at one of the other alphabet networks where unbiased, hard hitting journalists are in short supply..


  3. Uh-huh. I wonder if Obamabots will ever get to the point that when anyone in the administration says “Absolutely not!”, they’ll realize the real answer is “Without question it’s true!”, or “We haven’t completed our investigation yet” actually means “We haven’t decided yet what strategy to use in denying the allegation.”

    Obviously, no one has briefed the Prez on what companies to avoid talking about, and certainly no one from his staff expected such questions from a reliable NBC cover team member.

    Obvious also is the fact that either Clark didn’t get the memo to go easy on our celeb prez, or he’s probably in danger of losing his job today.


  4. I dunno Deb, I don’t see how anyone anywhere near competent survives for any length of time, after exposing the incompetence of his cohorts. I’ll agree though that it would be fun to watch.


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